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A Players' Guide to Moderation

An OOC Players' Guide to the moderation available during gameplay.



While players write for their single character, creating, developing, and maintaining the narrative around the player character (PC) is the responsibility of the thread’s moderator. This includes creating and playing non-player characters (NPCs) and the environment and determining the success or failure of a character’s actions and decisions. Nearly all threads in Aelyria are moderated in some way. Players are encouraged to apply to join the game staff should they have the interest and desire.
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[top]What is Moderation?

In Aelyria, players are responsible for writing and developing only their particular characters. They can determine the thoughts, speech, reactions, and actions of this character and must write their posts solely from the perspective of their player character. Trying to do the same for the character's environment or other player characters is called "bunnying", and is not allowed.

Inevitably all threads in game will require the PC to interact in some way with the environment around them, whether geographical, physical, with other characters, or other non-player characters. Controlling these and managing the overall narrative of the thread is called moderation. Volunteer moderators fill many different staff roles but they all work together to create the stage on which the player characters might act. They are responsible for determining any advantages or disadvantages earned by the characters' roleplay, such as experience or relationships or assets, as well as creating a cohesive game-narrative by controlling details such as environment and absolute timestamp of the thread.
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The most common ways to request moderation is through the Matchmaker forum or directly from a moderator whose office thread is posted in the Personal Offices forum.
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[top]Types of Moderation

There are four types of moderation available for threads in the game.
Exposition: This involves the player writing both their character’s actions as well as the environment’s in a single-author narrative. These are the least common threads and can only be used for scenes which are meant to deepen and explain the character but in which no advantages, experience, material, relational, or otherwise, can be gained.

Collaborative Moderation: This occurs when the players already involved in the thread take the role of moderator, too. They will write both their character and the surrounding environment for themselves and for the other players. This dual-role can be filled by one or multiple players. Advantages such as experience can be gained in these types of threads, but only by requesting permission prior to starting the thread and then approval by a staff member at the thread's conclusion.

Peer Moderation: In these threads, a third-party player is asked to step into the role of moderator while still using their player account. This player’s character is not involved or participating in the thread in any way. Their sole responsibility is controlling the environment, any NPCs, and determining the success or failure of the players’ actions. To gain any advantages, the modplan for the thread must be approved before starting and its results at its conclusion by a volunteer.

Volunteer Moderation: In these threads, a third-party volunteer is asked to play the role of moderator. The thread can have one or multiple player characters. The volunteer will use their staff account to play any NPCs, the environment, and to determine the success or failure of the players’ actions. Many levels of staff members may approve the contents of the thread while actively moderating them. This is the most common type of moderated thread.

[top]Moderation Staff Ranks

The staff of Aelyria is made up entirely of volunteers. Their different roles are determined by their department(s), but all are necessary to maintain the overall game. Specifically, moderators are the lifeblood of Aelyria's story-driven gameplay. Moderators are responsible for creating and facilitating the scenarios player characters tell their stories in. Moderators must balance rewards and opportunities with the risks and setbacks that together weave the tale of Aelyria's characters.

A moderator's rank determines both their level of responsibility as well as their ability to moderate or approve higher intensity threads. The ranks of Adept, Master, and Director may moderate any level of thread and handle approving any advantages earned by players therein. Master and Director may also approve advantages in threads that have been collaboratively- or peer-moderated.
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[top]Volunteering in Aelyria

All moderators in Aelyria are entirely volunteers. Players and members interested in becoming a volunteer contributor to the site are highly welcomed to apply to whatever department and/or role suits their interest, as the game’s welfare is directly dependent on the contributions of its participants.
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Staff role descriptions originally written by Jacob.

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