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A History of Modisia

Brief history of Modisia, formally of the Sovereignty of Enamoria, now within the Refuge of Medonia


[top]Founding of La Quista

Modisia was colonized under Kingdom of Daltina just before the great Daltina-Medonia rivalry preceding the Aelyrian entry into continental politics. Under a Royal Writ from King Davon, founder of the House of Maeve and ruler of Daltina, the isle was colonized by the fair and long-living half-elven Lady Leah of House Modisia. Duchess Leah oversaw the creation of an agrarian community and a small farming community grew alongside a modest fishing village that eventually merged into the single village of La Quista within a year of its founding.
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[top]Modisia under Daltina

In the early 8000s, the Isle was annexed by the Kingdom of Medonia but was lost and retaken over by The Kingdom of Daltina during the Medonia-Daltina War from 8335-8348 when the Daltinan naval fleet defeate the Medonian triremes. In 9106, however, the Kingdom of Aelyria invaded the Kingdom of Daltina and absorbed it into its growing Empire.

[top]Modisian Independence

Duchess Leah, still alive and well at this point, had a great deal of distaste for the Medonians and wanted to evade a take-over by either the Daltinan rivals or the Aelyrian Kingdom itself. Therefore the isle bartered for its freedom by paying an exorbitant amount of funds in 'reparations' for the war to Aelyria, and Leah and her half-brother, the human Adam, founded the Kingdom of Modisia. With its large aquaculture and agricultural exports to Medonia, the Modisians were able to build a large fortress then known as Castle Tearom, but later renamed to Leadan. Leah was named Queen of the Isle of Modisia and Adam her prince.

[top]Entry into the Empire

Under the Golden Age of the First Aelyrian Empire, Empress Michelle the Great inaugurated the Principle of Admission, wherein foreign powers wishing to seek unity with the Aelyrian Empire could petition the Imperial Senate for admittance - and consequently, avoid possible conquest at the hands of Emperor Constantine.

The Kingdom of Modisia, paranoid about a potential Aelyrian invasion, succumbed to Constantine's wit and charm and signed a treaty of non-aggression in 9242, paving the way for productive relations between the two Kingdoms. Aelyria gained a reputation of benevolence, fairness and enlightened society, much in part to the King's open gestures. Queen and Prince Adam oversaw the treaty negotiations that were fairly favorable to the small isle. Adam was named baron over La Quista and Leah would be declared Duchess Modisia, and named "Princess Leah Victoria" and have immunity within the Empire and La Quista would become private property of House Modisia. It was but a matter of years after Modisia's entry into the Aelyrian Empire that Princess Leah Victoria passed away and Baron Adam joined her nine years later.

[top]Recent Times

The Isle of Modisia enjoyed considerable isolation despite its close proximity to the shores of the Enamorian district. House Modisia retained political prominence throughout the Second and Third Empires and it was customary for the noble house to send amphorae of earth and water at every coronation of a new sovereign monarch to signify that it was willingly remaining a part of the Empire. Aside from a brief occupation of the isle by the Imperial Navy to use in combating the Pirates of Diana Sea in 9738-9, the Isle has had minimal contact with both the Imperial Government and the Enamorian Provincial government.

It has been largely isolated and its privacy treasured by its residents, and little news has emerged from the isle aside from the periodic shipments of cotton and exports of grain and fish.


  • Early 8000 Modisia settled and La Quista founded under The Kingdom of Daltina
  • Early 8000 Modisia annexed by Kingdom of Medonia
  • 8335-8348 - La Quista, formerly part of Medonia, is captured and and recolonized by the Kingdom of Daltina
  • 9106 Daltina invaded by Aelyra
  • 9115 - the Isle of Modisia gains independence and names itself the Kingdom of Modisia
  • 9242 - Constantine and the Kingdom of Modisia sign a treaty of non-aggression
  • 9260 - The Kingdom of Modisia is incorporated into the Aelyrian Empire
  • 9738-9 - the Imperial Navy occupies the Island of La Quista for the purpose of combating pirates in the Sea of Diana


Credit to Kaelon for much of the information, collated and written by Sarah

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