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A Guide to Wealth and Poverty

An OOC Guide to Wealth and Poverty in game.



When starting out in Aelyria, a new character is always given a Sterling Tier wealth ranking that determines their approximate income and corresponding buying power within the game. Rather than tracking exact numbers in currency, characters are instead only limited to buying and selling items that fall within their personal or business wealth tiers, leaving only extraordinary or rare items requiring moderation to acquire. Throughout their lives in the game, characters often fluctuate both up and down the wealth ranks based on their life events.
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[top]Ranking Mobility

Players are not stuck to one tier for the entire game but rather migrate up and down the tiers according to purchases made, jobs acquired and lost and wise or poor decision making. The rankings, as listed below, detail within-reach purchases that allow the character to continue to live comfortably with food and other baseline essentials without worrying about finances. Purchases over the character’s wealth tier, such as a Steel player trying to purchase an expensive sword, require moderation and may either not be possible or may find the character strapped for crowns afterwards to the point of moving down in wealth ranking.
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It should be noted that characters that adventure for a living may also be fitted into these rankings without necessarily holding down a permanent job. A small-time adventurer may collect enough loot and reward to be a Sterling player while someone that is constantly questing and find big treasure may turn out to be an Ardentium player.

[top]Personal Rankings

Personal wealth is the earning and purchasing power that an individual carries, based on their level of employment and/or other assets. The tier assigned to a player should be chosen in the User Profile settings and displayed underneath the account’s avatar.
Bronze Player (Tier 1): Bronze tier players make no money and cannot afford to buy much of anything. They are beggars, tramps that live hand-to-mouth, acquiring money based on whatever jobs they are able to pick up or through more nefarious methods. They are incapable of affording basic inn or tavern expenses and must make do with what is readily available to them either through prior purchase or what is environmentally present.

Sterling Player (Tier 2): Players at the sterling tier make a below-average wage. This allows them to afford low quality meals and living arrangements. The quality of the items that they can purchase, such as swords or pottery, are of lesser make and material. They can easily afford to stay at cheap inns during travel where fleas and straw piles aren't uncommon bed companions and sour wine and two-day old stew are the best things served. They could possibly afford a one-room fixer-upper home in a rundown section of town, but this is highly dependent on the city.
Note: All players start at the Sterling Tier.
Steel Player (Tier 3): Steel tier players are average earners, the common store clerk or legionnaire, for example. These players can afford to make baseline purchases without their purse suffering. Common items such as swords, clothing and jewelry are all affordable so long as the purchase is not extravagant. All materials used in the making of these purchasable items are of average to good quality with no frills and only minor customizations. Taverns and inns that supply decent, clean beds and good food are well within reach of steel players. Steel players can afford a small home, usually with one to three rooms depending on the city, of a comfortable quality.

Ardentium Player (Tier 4): Players at the ardentium tier are your above average earners, your burgeoning politicians and successful businessmen. These money generators can afford luxury items, such as crystal or porcelain, and may buy exceptional quality swords or clothing with extensive customization and ornamentation added to the item in question. They live comfortably without worry of financial distress and are able to make big purchases, such as a decent home and a lovely carriage pulled by matching horses, without so much as batting a lash.

Adamantite Player (Tier 5): These top tier characters are big earners that can afford almost anything they put their minds to buying. Whole herds of horses? Large manor houses with wide tracks of land? Both are no trouble for adamantite players! These characters tend to be the heavy-weight politicians and empire-renowned business gurus or even adventurers who have mastered the trick of finding the greatest, largest treasures on a near regular basis. Finances are not an issue for these players, who can spend frivolously without a care in the world.

[top]Business Rankings

When a business first starts out, the establishment is given a ranking that determines its placement in the city economy. This ranking help ascertain just how well a business is doing initially on a city level, then gradually on the scale of the entire province and then the game world as a whole. Like player wealth, business rankings can and will fluctuate depending on the amount of effort and time sunk into the business. Players that really drive their business will be rewarded while players that ignore the business will do poorly.
Tin Business (Tier 1): Those businesses deemed to be tin businesses are quickly losing money. They are failed businesses into which the owner did not put enough time or money, or perhaps an action of the business owner's is impacting the business's ability to thrive, such as angering a major and important local figure. These businesses have little to no customer influx and either very few people have even heard of the location or the reputation is so bad that people are avoiding associating with it.

Copper Business (Tier 2): Copper businesses are beginning to bleed money, customers are starting to talk poorly of the services available at this location and employees are not terribly committed to working at this location, either quitting or taking advantage of the business by stealing earned money or goods. If the owner of the business does not take measures to turn the business around they are in danger of losing all employees and customers and turning into a tin business.
Note: All businesses start out at Copper.
Silver Business (Tier 3): Silver businesses are neither earning money or losing money, but are breaking even. They can afford to keep a baseline staff to assist them, but their skills are low-tier or non-existent. They are not known around the city and have no reputation to speak of. Their cliental influx is limited and not necessarily loyal. Failure to put a lot of attention and time into the business may see these businesses failing or not going anywhere anytime fast.

Gold Business (Tier 4): Gold businesses are successful on a city level, known throughout a single given city as one of the best of its type in town. They have an advantage above other similar businesses in that its reputation often draws more clients to their doorsteps than others. Owners of gold businesses earn a decent or even common wage but may only afford to keep to a smaller, modestly skilled staff on hand. They do not have excess cash to burn but neither do they live hand-to-mouth. A common problem for gold businesses is getting too excited over success and over-spending on materials and employees.

Platinum Business (Tier 5): The businesses termed platinum are known throughout the province in which they are located, although some may be known just over the borders of neighboring provinces. They attract wealthy customers that are looking for the next up and comer or the best local to their area. The business owner can start to afford a somewhat larger staff with a decent set of skills to tap into. These businesses generate a comfortable money cushion without the owner having to worry about financial matters. However, a failure to step out of the box with their wares or getting their name out there may end in clients losing interest…and the business losing steam.

Aetherium Business (Tier 6): Aetherium businesses are rolling in money, attracting high-end and powerful customers with money to burn. They have an empire-wide reputation, which means that they draw attention from far corners of Aelyria. These businesses and the owners' names are household names in elite circles. Aetherium businesses draw in an excessive amount of money with which to support the owner, allowing them to support an extensive and exclusive staff. Money concerns are a concern of the past…unless there is a failure to handle high-maintenance cliental just right.

[top]Moderators’ Notes

All characters, with no exceptions, start out no higher than Sterling Tier but can voluntarily opt to start at Bronze. All businesses, with no exceptions, start out no higher than Copper level but can voluntarily opt to start at Tin. These tiers can then be moved upward or downward by force of in-game events and the character’s roleplay. They cannot be self-moderated; they must instead be proposed to a moderator and they will assign the appropriate rank. Highest-ranked individuals (Tier 5) and businesses (Tier 6) must be approved via the Help Desk.

Businesses must be ranked individually, even if they are considered a “chain”. The location of the business and the amount of time the player spends encouraging and working on the particular locale should be used to determine its individual ranking. Business locations that are ignored or inactive will be lowered. Improving a business’s tier should only be done if there is at minimum one completed thread supporting its interests. Business owners are not immune to conflict and issue, so interest and demand by other characters or the owner’s skill is not a direct indication of the business’s well-being. Instead, tiers should be assigned on the basis of the owner’s management and its reputation.

A moderator may reduce a character's ranking after a great expense is made, a job is lost or reduced (such as doing a poor job and being demoted), or a significant event has happened in the character's life that would see a reduction in funds (such as the theft of their belongings). Tier reductions should largely happen incrementally (a step down from Steel to Sterling), but can drop more dramatically if the situation is great enough to warrant it.

A moderator may increase a character's financial standings after a better job is secured or a large promotion received or a significant event has occurred that sees money suddenly flowing in to the character's wallet. These events might be, but are not limited to, a generous character giving them money, a significant treasure found on an adventure, or the character's business flourishing and doing well. Tier advancements should, like reductions, happen incrementally, moving from one tier to the next, and not jump suddenly three tiers upward except in very rare instances.


Written by Nimh.

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