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A Guide to Volunteering in Aelyria

While there are many ways to contribute in Aelyria, our volunteers are the most integral to Aelyria's continuing functioning. Volunteers provide core support in moderating and developing the world of Aelyria and work to provide the game with a rich and rewarding experience.


[top]Volunteer Departments

Aelyria's volunteer model is designed to permit volunteers to assist where their competence, expertise, and inclination allows them to. Part of this is in having volunteers belong to one or more departments that fit their active contributions. These department archetypes are:

Moderation is the lifeblood of Aelyria's story-driven gameplay. Moderators are responsible for creating and facilitating the scenarios player characters tell their stories in. Moderators must balance rewards and opportunities with the risks and setbacks that together weave the tale of Aelyria's characters.
Aelyria's world is rich and intertwined with an immense amount of background materials involved. Lorekeepers are those tasked with the duty of keeping it all straight. Archivists and coordinators, the Lorekeepers work with other volunteers to track events and changes in Aelyria's world.
Aelyria's world functions because it is the product of a coherent and balanced ecosystem of lore and rule sets. Developers work to ensure this balance while sprucing up old content and creating new content. Rather than track the minute details of ongoing storylines, Developers work on the framework that the Lore operates inside.
Handling duties outside those of the other archetypes, Custodians handle out of character details not falling inside the realms of moderation, lorekeeping, and game balance. Custodians assist players with technical site issues and provide guidance as they can.

[top]Volunteer Classes

Aelyria's volunteers are classified according to the level of responsibility and access their have. Volunteer classes are earned through competence, consistency, and ability to handle the heavier workloads of a given class. Volunteers are encouraged to find and situate themselves at a class that best allows them to contribute while still playing in Aelyria.

Adepts are the mainstay volunteers of Aelyria. The responsibility and time commitments are relatively low for Adepts as they are expected and permitted to handle their own tasks. Adepts do not handle approvals for others, freeing their hands to focus on their own projects.
Masters are experienced volunteers with a wider range of responsibility. In addition to handling their own personal projects, Masters can and are expected to handle approvals for non-volunteer contributions. (Note: Masters do not oversee Adepts; Master is a class of expanded responsibility, not superior responsibility.)
Directors are the executive management of Aelyria. Given broad site access and overseeing the "big picture" of Aelyria, the Directors lead and manage Aelyria's volunteer team.
Admin & The Creator
Admins handle site tasks that involve high-level forum access, such as adding new sub-forums, activating volunteer accounts, or resolving issues with Companions accounts. They assist the Directors in handling concerns in their respective spheres of responsibility. The Creator is the site's supreme admin.

[top]Joining Our Volunteer Program

Applicants create a ticket in the Help Desk and provide their responses from the Volunteer Application. This is then evaluated by the Directors, who may ask additional questions in handling your application. Application denials will provide details on areas of work to be addressed before your application can be evaluated again.

Members are appointed as volunteers at the Adept class level to begin with. Additional classes are handled through informal application and are not handled through this process.

[top]Class Application

Classes beyond Adept are achieved through application or appointment. Each of these classes has a different associated process with different requirements.

An Adept wishing to step up to Master may file their intention with the Directors in the Help Desk. As part of this, the Adept must present a "Masterpiece", a project or work created in their capacity as a member of a department. This Masterpiece should represent their best effort to date and will be an integral part of the evaluation. Additionally, Directors will be looking to ensure applicants can meet the responsibilities of a Master in time and discretion and will ask questions and check activity histories to confirm this.
Directors are appointed very rarely and the process is largely informal. There is no set rule for appointment to Directorship beyond the unanimous acclamation of all current Directors. Approaching Directors about this is extremely discouraged.
Admins are appointed at the sole discretion of The Creator.
Master applications are handled on a monthly schedule, with official reassignment and re-classification occurring at the beginning of the month. Masterpieces must be filed at least seven days before the end of the month to provide adequate time for evaluation. Masterpieces (and thus applications) filed after this may be pushed into the following month's queue.

If you are informed you are eligible for Mastership but feel you cannot fulfill the responsibilities adequately, or simply prefer a lower key position in our program, you may decline without prejudice.

[top]Demotion and Retirement

Real life happens. If the workload of your current class and/or department load is too much to handle, it is in everybody's best interest for you to step back to a more manageable level of volunteer activity. Simply file a Help Desk Ticket and we will accommodate your needs without prejudice. Stepping back up later may be discussed with the Directors when appropriate as well.
Sometimes it is necessary to step away from the game for a while. As with the self-regrade, you need to file a Help Desk Ticket to inform the Directors you are stepping down. You are encouraged to see to the final disposition on your projects before stepping down. If handled appropriately, this is a process without prejudice and you will be welcome to rejoin as a volunteer at a later time. (Special Note: simply vanishing will negatively impact future prospects. Be courteous, be kind, and please be responsible in stepping down. We really do understand.)
We hold our volunteers to a certain level of activity, decorum, and responsibility. If at any point these are in question, you may be sanctioned and either demoted or forcibly retired. Being sanctioned does impact your future prospects in the program but it can be worked through if you address the problems leading to it in the first place. If you have ongoing issues, you are encouraged to speak to them with your fellow volunteers and work through them, not ignore them. Spotty activity, lack of decorum, and irresponsibility impact the experience of everybody, volunteer and player alike, and must be addressed seriously.

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