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A Guide to Starting Packages

An OOC Guide on Starting Packages for new characters.



New characters may choose to begin with more than just an empty, blank slate. During the process of Character Creation, players may customize the initial knowledge, skills, abilities, and possessions to start their character with. This collection of skills and items is known as a Starting Package, and can be individualized to fit with the particular and individual character concept of the player.
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All new characters start out with the following:
Sterling Tier Finances
1 Plain Weapon
1 Deed to a One-Room Hovel
1 Level One Starter Skill
1 Starter Job
1 Family Heirloom
1 Visa
Characters are under no obligation to start with any of these items, including a weapon, home, skill, job, heirloom, or visa, and may instead simply eliminate these from the starting package.


Characters automatically start with Sterling Tier finances. However, new characters may opt to start at the lower, impoverished Bronze Tier if they so desire.
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Plain weapons may be basic, non-exotic weapons such as (but not limited to) a sword, dagger, staff, axe, or other. The material should be iron or steel for bladed weapons and non-exotic wood types for staffs or bows and arrows. These weapons will not have a lot of detail or adornment.


A starting house is typically a one room hovel wherein all facilities are much like a studio apartment: your cooking, living and sleeping spaces are all in one shared space. Every city varies in terms of the building materials used for the structure, with stone prominent in areas such as Arium and wood more prominent in the forested region of Centripax. Please read the local city information prior to describing your dwelling so that it fits with the rest of the city atmosphere.
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[top]Starting Skills

Players may start their character out with a level one in any singular skill of their choice, be it magic, trades or combat in nature. Characters also begin with the prerequisite amount of experience points for that Basic level.
Further Reading: A Primer to Skills

[top]Starting Jobs

Starter jobs are entry-level positions with low-paying wages. Some examples of starter jobs include clerk positions in store fronts or a thief without much experience or practical knowledge. When in doubt, please communicate with a moderator to ascertain whether or not your selected job works.
Further Reading: A Players' Guide to Moderation

[top]Family Heirlooms

Family heirlooms are many and varied. However, these items hold sentimental value to the character alone and may not be sold or exchanged. Examples of heirlooms may be an old book or a piece of jewelry.


An Aelyrian Visa is an identifying piece of paper with a character's name, birth brightening, race and distinguishing features. It carries an official seal on it to confirm its authenticity. Visas are used in the game to separate out citizens from barbarians and is commonly used to buy or sell property or confirm identity at a gate. Characters wishing to start as barbarians in the empire may forgo starting with a visa.
Further Reading: Citizenship in Aelyria, Imperial Visa


Written by Nimh.

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