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A Guide to End of Thread Rewards

An out-of-character (OOC) guide to end of thread rewards. These guidelines are designed to assist moderators and players in understanding what kind of out of character rewards are given out at the end of a thread and why they are given out.
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[top]Gaining Materials

At the end of a moderated thread a character may receive a material point (MP). MP is a way of marking the free time a character has between threads. Threads geared specifically towards crafting may earn characters more than one MP at the moderatorís discretion. MP cannot be traded between characters.

[top]Tracking Material Points

Characters are expected to keep track of their own material points and their usage, once they have been expended there are no refunds.

[top]Using Material Points

Material points are a way of marking the free time and resources a character has, but it is different from wealth. A MP is intended to be used to allow characters to craft items and gather resources between threads, these items or resources should fit an approximation of a typical product for your skill level, items that are difficult for your character to produce should still be role-played.

Even if you have several skills that might be applicable to using material points, you cannot use more than one at a time.
e.g. Malbus is a sorcerer and gained an MP after a thread, between threads he uses it to imbue a simple Starburst spell. Heidi Goldskull gets one MP, because she is a first level weaver she uses it to weave a basket she gives to Malbus the next time they meet, she might have used it to make a sword with her second level blacksmithing but canít because she used it on weaving already.

[top]Enhancing Material Points

Unlike experience points, material points are tied into the fiction surrounding your character and their possessions may enhance what you get out of a MP. A character who is a blacksmith and owns a forge will get more out of their MP than a character who is just a blacksmith, a character who owns several forges and has several NPCs working under them would get even more out of their MP if applied to this.
e.g. Malbus has spent the last few threads setting up a magic laboratory to work in, and can now spend the one MP he got to make three imbuements. Carl Rufus Rumbagger owns a vineyard, and spends the MP he got to make it produce a batch of wine he can sell in his next thread. Heidi Goldskull still hasnít got a forge of her own so she continues to make just the one sword with her MP.

[top]Gaining Experience

At the end of a thread a moderator may award experience points to a player for goals that have been achieved by the player character in a particular skill. Peer moderators are encouraged to let staff know what the player characters have done that merit awarding experience through the Peer Moderation Desk, but it is ultimately up to the staff in question what experience is awarded.

There is no limit to the amount of experience gained throughout a thread, but player characters may not gain more than one experience per experience qualifier per thread.
e.g. Malbus has sought out the archsorceror's tomb and teleported the bricks away to gain access, he gets one experience point for seeking out new arcane knowledge, and one experience point for imaginative use of his sorcery skill, for a grand total of two experience points. Heidi Goldskull has defeated a rogue giant lizard and brought down a paladin of the light with her skill at maces, she gets one experience point for fighting a worthy opponent, even though there were two opponents.

[top]Experience Qualifiers

Experience in any skill is awarded when the player character uses their skill to overcome a problem in an imaginative, unexpected, or otherwise surprising way.

[top]Combat Skills

Experience in combat skills is awarded when the player character faces a worthy opponent in battle.
e.g. a warrior fighting a drake, a staunch defender holding a bridge at all costs, an archer stalking and killing a gryphon.

[top]Magic Skills

Experience in magic skills is awarded when the player character seeks out new knowledge or understanding of their magic skill.
e.g. a sorcerer conducting an arcane experiment, an adjurator seeking out lost knowledge, a druid deepening their connection with the natural world, a thaumaturge strengthening their connection with the ethereal planes.

[top]Trade Skills

Experience in trade skills is awarded when deepening one's understanding or creating something new.
e.g. an alchemist seeking out new reagents, a smith finding an old sage to learn from, a tailor creating a pair of trousers from the skin of a gryphon.

[top]Vocational Skills

Experience in vocational skills is awarded when applying the skill to a difficult problem.
e.g. a thief overcoming a difficult lock, a healer trying to give aid to someone very ill, a ranger guiding someone through a forest.

[top]Additional Ways of Gaining Experience

Joining guilds, faiths, and factions in character may give a player character additional experience qualifiers as long as they are members of these factions and holding true to their tenets. These are judged on a case-by-case basis and players are obligated to keep track of these themselves.
e.g. a paladin may gain experience for rooting out heretics, a sword dancer may gain experience by killing someone with elegant violence, a priest may gain experience by using their skill to please their god, a member of an assassin's guild may gain experience by killing without being seen.

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