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A Guide to Death in Aelyria

An OOC guide to what happens after a character dies in Aelyria.


[top]The Laws of Death

Death in Aelyria is a permanent affair. Once your character has been determined as dead, you must cease posting in other threads with that character regardless of where they sit in your character’s timeline. This means that threads that take place prior to the death scene shall be discontinued. Your character is now dead and will not be coming back, making the continuation of old threads moot.

No new threads may be started under the dead account, either on any of the in-character game boards. Characters may not lobby for resurrection or to come back as a ghost—these requests will be denied regardless of intention.

Individuals that experience character death may start a new character and begin their journey anew in Aelyria. In acknowledgment for the hard work put into their now deceased character, those whose characters have died may begin with a Succession Character, or a character that starts out with an advanced starting package to help get them going on a new path.

[top]Succession Characters

Once a character has died, the player may be allowed to start a new character that is given the advantage of starting out with a more advanced starting package. This option is available to people whose deceased characters have hit over one hundred posts. People who have less than one hundred posts must use the traditional starting package when starting a new character. The succession starting package may apply to only one character started after the deceased character’s end and may not be extended to any others.
Further Reading: Character Creation, Starting Packages

[top]Succession Package

All succession characters start out with the following:

Half (Up to 48) Former Character’s Experience Points Distributed Over and Up to 8 Skills
Steel Tier Finances
Copper Tier Business or One Established Job
Social or Business Connections
1 Weapon
1 Deed to a Three Room Home
1 Family Heirloom
1 Visa

Characters are under no obligation to start with any of these items, including connections, job or business, home, weapon, heirloom or visa, and may simply eliminate these from the starting package.

[top]Halved Experience Points

New characters may begin with half of the experience earned by the deceased character up to 48 points. These points may be distributed across up to eight skills as desired. None of these skills will surpass level 2 in ability even with additional experience points placed under them; all characters must still have threads for levels 3 through 5 played out in character on the boards.
Further Reading: A Primer to Skills


Succession characters automatically start with Steel Tier finances, however you may opt to start at any tier lower than steel (Sterling or Bronze) if desired. Characters may not begin any higher than Steel under any circumstances.
Further Reading: A Guide to Wealth and Poverty

[top]Business or Job

Characters may begin with either an already established Copper Tier business or an established job in a city of their choice, but not both. An established job may be a well-valued employee of a local well-to-do business, an actor that no longer needs to struggle to find work or maybe a veteran guard in the local constabulary.
Further Reading: A Guide to Wealth and Poverty

[top]Social Connections

Connections of a social or business nature should be firmly established with a Game Master familiar with the area your character is starting out. Connections should not be extravagant—no succession character will start out with ties to the queen or those of a similar rank, for instance. Examples of appropriate business ties for a budding businessman might have close ties to local wealthy merchants. Social ties appropriate to a succession character might include wealthy socialites for a wannabe social climber.


Succession characters may begin with a weapon suitable to their wealth tier. At the Steel Tier these include weapons of average to good quality without any frills and only minor customizations. Weapons below this tier are of lesser make and material.


A starting home for a succession character may be up to three rooms in size. These homes have modest furnishings and a small amount of decor. Every city varies in terms of the building materials used for the structure, with stone prominent in areas such as Arium and wood more prominent in the forested region of Centripax. Please read the local city information prior to describing your dwelling so that it fits with the rest of the city atmosphere.
Further Reading: A Primer to Geography

[top]Family Heirlooms

Family heirlooms are many and varied. However, these items hold sentimental value to the character alone and may not be sold or exchanged. Examples of heirlooms may be an old book or a piece of jewelry.


An Aelyrian Visa is an identifying piece of paper with a character's name, birth brightening, race and distinguishing features. It carries an official seal on it to confirm its authenticity. Visas are used in the game to separate out citizens from barbarians and is commonly used to buy or sell property or confirm identity at a gate. Characters wishing to start as barbarians in the empire may forgo starting with a visa.
Further Reading: Citizenship in Aelyria, Imperial Visa

[top]On Ghosts and Resurrection Quests

Characters may not return to the Material Plane as ghosts under any circumstances. These phenomenons are reserved to non-player characters controlled by moderators. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

While characters may not embark on their own quests for resurrection, in-character friends of your now deceased character may endeavor to resurrect you. Should this be attempted, you may not presume victory or sit around with the expectation of this being a realistic option; resurrections are extremely rare and difficult to secure. Should the resurrection prove successful you will be given the option by the moderator to pick up your old character again, but not until then.

Resurrection quests require the submission of a moderation plan to the Help Desk by the moderator for approval.

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