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A Guide to Character Sheets

How to create and maintain a character sheet



Character sheets (commonly referred to as a CIR, or Character Information Repository) are used to maintain a record of your character's knowledge, skills, abilities, and possessions as he or she travels and adventures in the world of Aelyria. Each character is required to maintain a character sheet but only certain information is required to be put into it so that moderators can properly moderate and reward the character's efforts.
Further Reading: Character Creation

[top]Included Information

All character sheets must include the character's basic appearance, their skill training, experience they have earned in those skills and major possessions, such as houses, horses and important weaponry. All other information is generally unnecessary but players may include as much additional information as they like. Other tidbits often included are the character's background or history and a timeline of their threads. Some individuals even list personal spells or achievements and even friendships or enemies gained over the course of play.
Further Reading: A Primer to Skills, A Guide to Leveling Up, A Guide to Wealth and Poverty, A Primer to Playable Races

[top]Titling Your Sheet

You should always list the Title of your character sheet as your character's name. Please note that you cannot edit this title once you post it, so adding in words you plan to edit out is not possible. For example, WIP or In Development will always be a part of your title. Just stick with your character's name--just about all character sheets are a work in progress so we don't expect them to be perfect and shiny from the moment that you post yours.

[top]How to Link Your Sheet to Your Name

You can link your character sheet to your name where it appears next to posts by visiting the User CP > Edit Your Details and entering the full URL of your character sheet in the appropriate field at the bottom of the page. Once you save that information, anyone that clicks on your name next to a post will be able to access that link in the dropdown menu that appears.

[top]Blank Character Sheet

Here is an easy copy/paste template for a quick character sheet. This sample CIR has a lot of information on it, so try not to feel overwhelmed. Feel free to mix and match colors, fonts and add in your own images. Delete the stuff you don't want or add even more things in. You can also change labels like 'personality' to read something more custom to your PC.

Name: Your PC's Name Here
Race: Fill this in with your character's race [Further Reading: A Primer to Playable Races]
Age: Fill this in with your character's age [Further Reading: A Primer to Ageing by Race]
Location: Fill this in with a city name and/or house link [Further Reading: A Primer to Geography]

Wealth Tier: Fill this in with your character's wealth tier. Change it as your character gets richer or poorer.
Further Reading: A Guide to Wealth and Poverty
Physical Description:
Fill this in with what your PC looks like. This might include height, hair color, eye color, skin tone and possibly weight, if relevant. If your character has a distinct style, go ahead and describe it.

Fill This in with your PC's likes, dislikes, and mannerisms.

Fill this in with your character's history. It can be as short or complicated as you wish.

  • Every PC gets to start with one basic starting skill
  • Add more skills as you earn them
Further Reading: A Primer to Skills, A Guide to Starting Packages
Experience Earned:
  • Fill This in with XP you earn; if you start with a basic skill, you start with 2 xp in that skill
  • Add a new line for each new type of XP
Further Reading: A Guide to Leveling Up
Major Possessions:
  • Fill this in with your starting character equipment
  • Add more lines as you buy stuff or earn it in quests

Fluid Time Log:
List all the threads with links included as you get involved
Further Reading: A Primer to Time

[top]Example Character Sheets


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