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A Guide to Championship

A guide for devoted characters.



When a character becomes devoted to the worship of a singular deity, committing their entire life to the spread of their work and their message, they begin pursuing a "championship" status. Champions are player characters that have ascended past the call of normal worship and actively live a life that enables the deity to spread their agenda throughout the Material Plane. Typically, championship take a tremendous amount of roleplay to achieve, and requires the player to be incredibly devoted to the religion of their choice.
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Speaking from an out of character standpoint, a champion is a player who has demonstrated significant risk for the reward of honoring or fulfilling tasks and directives handed out to them by their deity. It is common that champions will be called for a specific purpose, and the moderator awarding the status should have a vague plan of what the player is being called to do because sometimes deities can have multiple champions related to their agenda on the Material plane or even to their aspects.

[top]Who can be a Champion?

Any player can pursue championship for a deity, regardless of their status in the game or the presence of other champions of that particular being. The only requirement of championship is that the player is actively involved in the agenda of the deity in question and that they are actively pursuing a close-knit relationship with that being's will upon the Material Plane.
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It is important to note that just because a player is actively pursuing the will of a particular deity does not mean they are "automatically a champion". Championship is a title awarded to a player after a long, very risk versus reward worthy display of devotion to the deity. Moderators, however, award other titles to players while they show their devotion if it is appropriate (i.e. "The Fist of Maj", "The Titan of Aslan", "The Serpent of Meephos", "The Hand of Kalendryas" etc.).


A player may only ever be the champion of one deity, as devotion to the agenda of one major being is a very intricate process. While the agendas of multiple deities may align (like Ioannes and Aslan, in some aspects), champions of another god may only find themselves assisting in the agenda of related deities. Players may switch championships to different deities but this requires the same amount of effort exhibited to reach the original champion status. Switching deities is often a lengthy process that involves many negative repercussions from the offended deity and starts the player back at the proverbial "bottom" in pursuit of the alternate being.

Should a player demonstrate qualities unbecoming of the champion of a particular god or planetar through extended roleplay, it is possible that the character will lose their championship. Deities have a very intolerant policy on worship of other gods or planetars and lack of action on directives players are given. While the degree of forgiveness a particular god or planetar wishes to display is different for each individual being, continued disrespect for their orders and tenants of their faith will result in termination of the championship status and revoking of all reasonable gifts bestowed.

It is important to note that this is not the only form that interaction with a deity can take, but is considered the most common route of interaction a player takes.

[top]Deity-Granted Abilities or Weaknesses

Though deities take little notice of those who pay them respects every week or pray every day, those that go beyond the tenants of faith are rewarded through a minor bestowal of the deity’s power, which may lead to the bestowal of further rewards. On the same token, should a player attract the negative attention of a deity through the course of their actions for their patron, it is possible to receive minor hindrances that are forced upon them by the attracted deity.

Whether it is a boon or a curse, deity bestowed powers, known in the moderation realm as Brands, can take any known form the moderator awarding them desires as long as they augment the player's physique, mental status or are in some way permanent. Items are not considered brands, though they may be awarded without a brand or in addition to them as appropriate. Gifts are not limited to “five gifts or augmentations of the player”, rather, the number of brands a character receives is a direct outward representation of the favor they hold with their patron. Brands, either as a boon or a curse, should represent something directly related to the god or planetar bestowing it and be related to the attribute affected.

[top]Brand Progression

There are five levels of brands regardless of whether or not the brand is favorable or unfavorable. While the significance and power of boon brands increase based on the number of brands received by the character, curse brands do not necessarily escalate in nature. Additionally, boons should follow a pattern, with each brand that follows the first escalating the original theme. Boons should never be wildly different from one another and will always be from the same deity. Curse brands may be from any deity and do not need to follow a particular pattern or theme.

For purposes of balancing, a character may only receive five positive brands and five negative brands. They may be delivered either by the deity herself, by a messenger or avatar of that deity or it may simply materialize in a mysterious or divine fashion, without any visitation whatsoever. There is no set pattern for when or how these brands are bestowed although divine visitations are a rare occurrence often regardless of a character's devotion.

Boon brands often follow a similar pattern. This does not mean that all players will receive brands that match the listing below. So long as the brand fits with the character's progression and is on a level with the power associated with the brand number, the brand may vary without consequence.

[top]Brand One

The first brands bestowed are often those that can be activated at the will of the character. These triggered brands are meant to inspire the newly branded character to go out and actively use the brand in the name of the deity whose attention they have caught.
Examples of initial brands: an aura of calm that, when triggered, soothes ruffled tempers around the character; an activated touch of decay that speeds up the ruin of whatever is handled; the ability to trigger want or desire in those around them.

[top]Brand Two

Second brands typically cast an aura over the character that cannot be controlled. These auras may not necessarily always be active but may instead be triggered by certain actions taken by the player.
Examples of second brands: whenever the character gives a command, those in hearing are motivated to obey; an aura of illness radiates from the character, weakening the immune systems of those in close proximity; an aura that intensifies the worst qualities in those around the character.

[top]Brand Three

A third brand received by a player risk often a physical manifestation on the character's person. These brands are meant to visually mark the potential champion, picking them out as favored by a particular god or goddess.
Examples of third brands: an emblem of a heart on the palm of the hand that illuminates and inspires strong feelings of love when someone is touched; gills along the neck of a human that, when submerged in water, allow the branded to breathe underwater; a brand that heals the flesh, replacing minor injuries with images that match the surrounding environment (vines and leaves; snow and ice; etc).
Characters that receive their third brand also become capable of bestowing brands upon other characters in the name of their deity. They can only grant first and second brands, either as a boon or a curse. Their deity may reject the brand, causing its impression upon a person to fail.
Moderation Note: Brands are subject to moderator approval. If a moderator does not feel as if the newly branded character should have received the mark then it can and should be denied.

[top]Brands Four and Five

The fourth and fifth brands received are varied, sometimes physically manifested, sometimes an aura and sometimes an attribute that can be used at will by the branded. Those who have managed to receive this much attention from their chosen deity are often gifted with strange and wondrous traits that enable them to truly endeavor to bring the agenda of the divine to the Material (or sometimes Aetherian or Aeternian) Planes.
Examples of fourth and fifth brands: the ability to actively increase the growth of nearby natural vegetation, inciting it to overwhelm humanoids or manmade structures in the vicinity; the ability to decipher or understand previously unknown languages, written or spoken; the ability to become like a succubus, gratuitously stalking the dreams of a chosen target.
Characters with fourth or fifth brands may grant a third brand to others, either as a boon or a curse. Just like bestowing a first or second brand, these brands are subject to the approval of the deity and may be rejected if the branded is not found suitable.

A character with a fifth brand may bestow the fourth mark but can never grant the fifth, which is often a highly personal brand achieved under great circumstances.
Moderation Note: Brands are subject to moderator approval. If a moderator does not feel as if the newly branded character should have received the mark then it can and should be denied.

[top]Curse Brands

Curse brands do not have to follow an escalated pattern and may be from any number of deities for any reason. The intensity of the brand should vary according to the severity of which the character has angered the god in question, although all brands should be meted out within reason. Curse brands will often run counterproductive to boon brands that the character has already received.
Examples of curse brands: suffering panic attacks in response to certain actions; the character feeling like they are drowning even when out of water; all metals becoming rusty when handled by the character.

Moderation Note: Players should be receiving an equal amount of curse brands to their boon brands. If they are doing the will of their god, then they are inevitably angering another god. No player should reach a third brand without a negative brand. If there is only one negative brand for a third brand then a second curse brand should be forthcoming.

[top]After Achieving Five Brands

Interaction between deities and players does not stop once the character reaches five brands. The amount of new power awarded by the brands, however, does. Deities may continue praising the accomplishments of their champions through removal of negative brands or through the gifting of items and artifacts as appropriate.
Further Reading: Religious Artifacts
Deities can retract their brands if it is deemed appropriate to do so. A positive brand may be retracted for failing miserably at a directed task or for lack of devotion and propagation of the deity's agenda on the material realm. A negative brand can be retracted if the character is successfully tempted away from their faith or if the awarding god or planetar feels an ally who has also branded the target needs to award a more potent level of branding to the offender.

[top]Moderation Limitations

Peer moderators must always receive permission prior to bestowing a brand, whether it is a boon or a curse, if they feel one to be merited. Staff moderators may grant them where they feel they are deserved.

Any brands delivered by Ioannes or Jorel, either positive or negative, must be approved through the Help Desk first.


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