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A Brief History of Trelore

Trelore's history as narrated by Olin Feanor, Historian to His Majesty, King Elvárond


[top]The Beginning: Ke'trala

Long ago when the world was new, the Three-Faced Ioannes created Ancient Aelyrians from the magical Sands of Life. Archon Phedos, whose task it was to guard the gods' magics, enlisted the greatest of these creations, a young Aelyrian who would later be known as Diana, to steal a single grain from the Sands of Life. From this grain, Archon Phedos created the Ke'trala, the First Elves, later to be known as the Mother Race of all elves. He intended them to be his personal helpers, blessing them with magical ability and affinity towards nature. They lived there in Aetheria with their master, serving him wholly, even as other gods rushed to create their own races. The Ke'trala engaged in long battles in the name of Phedos until several bands of elves were marooned on the mortal plane, on lands separated from the Ancient Aelyrians' own land by a vast body of water.
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Legend has it that their reverence for nature made them close to Carmelya's own Heart, and She aided these lost elves as they learned to survive on the mortal plane. During the Great Onslaught of the cyraxian horde of Aeternia, the elves protected Her fiercely, and, for their heroics, She went before Judgement to gain them pardon for deserting their duties in Aetheria.

The Ke'trala were granted permission by Ioannes to remain, free, on their new lands. The holy stories say that the remaining elves came down to Telath; none remained in Aetheria. Their decision to abandon Aetheria for a mortal life meant that the elves would ever be able to return to their former home in the heavens, even when they died. Although some modern day poets and philosophers ponder this "fall" from Aetheria, it is known that even though they were cast down by their creator, Phedos, and his own creator, Ioannes, they fell into Carmelya's Embrace. Nature Incarnate loved them as her own adopted sons and daughters and cared for them even as they cared for the nature around them. The Ke'trala did not regret their decision.


The elves of the modern Aelyrian Empire may divide themselves into two major lines: Sylrosian and Medonian. However, interbreeding has been so rampant during the past five generations that one can hardly tell a difference anymore. Medonian elves originally had paler, light-blue skin due to a curious mix of Thëlyri and Quel'anthasan. Sylrosian elves had more Sylvyn and Quel'anthasan heritage. The Sylrosian elves were the first colonizing force sent many thousands of eras ago, and the Medonian elves were the second. A third, scattered wave of adventurous Treloreans of all races but the Juive'len braved the high seas to settle in various locations in the land that was now the Kingdom of Aelyria. Some modern-day elves can trace their Trelorean heritage easily to their grandparents or great-grandparents who ventured with the third wave, arriving shortly before the magical barrier was erected. Most Aelyrian elves have to look further back among the leaves of their family tree to find their colonist ancestors, who were most likely part of the Sylrosians or Medonians. Because the third wave had little contact with one another, they were not seen as a unified group and do not share any particular traits.

[top]Corruption of the Ke'trala

Once the Ke'trala had made their home on the mortal plane, dark gods of Aeternia were able to tempt and twist them. Meephos and Haya had not been able to do so before for a simple reason: the evil gods could not enter the heavenly realm of Aetheria. Despite the belief of the esh'lahier and vysstichi, the dark gods did not succeed in corrupting a full half of the Ke'trala. At first, it was a scant few, but evil can be beautiful, and not everyone can resist temptation. Soon their numbers swelled and they retreated to K'Terak.

The Esh'lahier of K'Terak sent colonists to the Medonian Continent and founded several underground cities during the time the Trelorean colonists were also making new homes on the great northern continent. No word ever returned to K'Terak, and so the ages continued with K'Terak being largely ignorant of the developments in the Kingdom of Aelyria, later known as the Aelyrian Empire. After the Esh'lahier colonization forces were never heard from, the more tempered Esh'lahier were overthrown and exiled to Trelore or sent fleeing to the seas by the aggressive Vysstichi. The Vysstichi then plunged their entire continent into perpetual darkness through a dark ritual to their god, Xenarius, the Planetar of the Wilds who hates Carmelya with a passion. Then, the Vysstichi Legions went to war against Trelore, intent upon conquering the entire Greater Elfish Basin as their own.

[top]The Realm of Trelore

The Realm of Trelore was founded as a true union of separate nations when the sacred city of Carmelyana was destroyed by the invading Vysstichi. The Kingdom of Quel'anthas called together a High Council of the Elfish Nations and formed the Alliance of Trelore, which raised an Allied Army to drive the K'Terak Legions back to their islands. The largest battle took place on the isle of Tur, wherein Queen Savalarixx of K'Terak and King Elvárond of Quel'anthas engaged in magical combat while their troops overwhelmed each other. The exchange was so immense that it opened a trans-dimensional gateway on the isle to the Planes, wherein Srennius, the Planetar of Peace, interceded and declared an end to the war, forcing the armies to retreat. Srennius then placed an army of Sphynxes on the island of Tur, which hold sway there to this day, but this has not kept K'Terak and Trelore from plotting maritime excursions, and so the sea became militarized amidst a new era of aggression.



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