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Dresden Bane is unknown and forgotten
*~Timestamp: 3rd Brightening in the 2nd Cycle in the Month of Ioannes~*

The horses had died and the wagon was left behind, Dresden was alone and had walked by foot for at least a brightening along the rocky mountain floor. Her clothes were sweat stained and torn, her feet were blistered and bleeding, but she had carried all the food and water needed to carry her to the high walls she had seen in the distance. It didn't matter where she was, she just needed to rest and collect herself to try and remember what had happened in the last couple of cycles. Everything was a blur and it hurt her head to think about it.

She took the last couple of steps up to the tall iron gates but was blocked by two spears crossed in front of her face. "Please show me your visa, and state the reason why you wish to enter the city of Vortex." A guard called out to her. So this was Vortex. Dresden had heard of Vortex and it's blasphemous dwellers who dipped their dark hands into the pools of Jorel to gain his power in animating the dead. What did it matter now, though? Dresden felt like a puppet of Jorel... and probably looked like it too.

The young kemite raised her head and guard and gave him a blank stare. "Please... I only..." She stopped, startled by her own voice. It rang like a bell now more. Now she even sounded like a demon of Jorel! She tried to clear her throat, but the smoke had caused to much damage... "...My name is K... I was attacked on my way here... I have no visa. I have nothing left but these rags." Her eyes began to water. Emotion she thought was lost with her parents was now back... She felt ashamed, but she was beyond caring. "Please, Let me enter the gates!

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Salamander is a benevolent Adventurer

Dresden was met by two guards wearing the traditional black and purple uniforms, a man and a woman. The man was human with black hair and blue eyes. He would have been handsome if it weren’t for the fact that the skin on his face was red due to eras of alcohol abuse. His uniform was wrinkled and dirty. The woman was a half elf. Her uniform was clean, and she was quite sober.

The man looked at Dresden, and as she explained that she had no visa, he grinned. “No visa”, he announced to his companion and nudged her. “We could pretend this one’s a barbari. Barbari can be enslaved. We could make a few quick crowns, Terren!”

The woman was shocked. “Jamison! We do not enslave people that are in need of help. You should go back to the guard house and lie down until you are sober again. I apologize for him”, she said to Dresden. “He has been having problems lately. If you want a new visa, you should visit the aedile. He is the one who issues new visas.”
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Dresden Bane is unknown and forgotten
Dresden's eyes were raw and red from crying and hurt when they widened at the sound of enslavement. Pigs! Is there no purity left on Telath? She thought to herself. Her voice was back to the sweet harmonic tone it once was before the attack... it made her angry to know she would never speak in such a sweet voice again.

The female guard shifted the atmosphere a bit when she explained that Jamison was just drunk and had problems... It was no excuse and Dresden still thought of him as a pig, but knowing that she could get a new visa eased the situation. A new beginning. Kayliin has died and can now be erased forever. She thought once again, but held no expression on her tear stained face. The young Kemite simply looked at Terren and gave her a slight nod. "...I thank you." Her voice was near a deep growl. It was off to the aedile's office. She didn't know the way, but what did it matter, she was so lost in her life right now that any chance of being found right now seemed hopeless.

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Gith Larazan is an upstanding Citizen

Timestamp: 15th of Ioannes, Summer, Era XV PF

For much of the way, traveling from Enamoria to Vortex, Gith went wearing nothing but his fur. Off the beaten path, and removed from any vestige of human civilization, the katta did away with the dress that had been imposed upon him by humanity. He stalked through the brush of the highlands, leaping over rocks and taking his fill of the land while casting an arcane eye occasionally to spot the location of water.

Unfettered by the cheap sackcloth robe he'd taken to wearing of late, he presented himself as he only ever needed to, with what he was born with, just as he was. Coming into his own as a product of divine eugenics, the emergence of a being of near perfection. A marriage of the past and future of the katta race. The Omnilion.

Eventually his stalking took him within sight of his destination, the dark city of Vortex. Here he hoped to further his education in sorcery in whatever low cost Arcane academy resided within it's walls. Eddies, his superiors and contemporaries at Stormhaven and Brightshadows derided such schools, as if they were any better. The supposed superiority of one school over another, it was all just politics and chest beating by the pig-blooded. All that really mattered was the mind of the mage learning. Nothing else.

Gith was mostly here for the sake of discretion, for his arcane evolution to further itself within the shadows, as far from the bureaucracy of the new Kingdom's Arcane institutions as was possible. And so, it wouldn't do to have the guards accost him. Doubtless the goons would prove more corrupt than the thieves they chased on a daily basis, and try to extort something from him.

The night before Gith was to enter, he cast a vision spell, to scout out the area before the wall, and after it, trying to find an optimal position through which to relocate. Eventually through his scrying, he found an alcove on the other side of the great wall, far from any entrances or byways where his teleportation might be noticed. Once he was satisfied that there was no better position to emerge from, he climbed into a tree, and slept amidst the boughs.

The next morning, he donned his brown robe of sackcloth, and crept toward the wall of the city, where he was to relocate. A few moments of concentration, arcane intercourse between he and the plane of force, and he pulled some mana into this world. Immediately he began shaping the spell that would send him to the other side of the wall. An evocation to encompass the whole of his being with force essence, and then abjuration to move him from outside his position near the wall, to within that alcove he'd spotted the night before.

The relocation spell worked easily enough for the short distance, and soon Gith found himself strolling through the streets of Vortex, keeping an eye out for the academy he'd come here to visit.
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Niven is a glorious SuperheroNiven is a glorious SuperheroNiven is a glorious SuperheroNiven is a glorious Superhero

23rd of Imperios, Summer, Era XV

Never so happy to see gates to a city, Niven practically dragged Juno behind her as she ran to the gates. The poor dog's legs barely kept up with her. Niven slowed as she approached the guards and stopped to dust herself off and smooth her hair. It had been a while since she'd seen a mirror and she looked forward to sleeping on a bed. Niven looked at Juno. "Sit," She commanded and the dog looked at her blankly. "SIT!" She said again more firmly and the dog lowered his bottom. Niven gave him a pat.

Stepping up to the guards she handed the one on her right her Visa. "Niven Soleil and Juno, here seeking accommodations and perhaps permanent residency."

The guard looked at her visa and back at her. Niven furrowed her brow, unsure for a moment if he was going to let her in. Finally he nodded and waved her in, handing her back her visa. Niven stored it away and flashed the guard a smile.

"Thanks!" she said. She gave Juno's leash a tug, told him "Come," and made her way through the iron gates, Juno at her heels.


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Velas Scythe is unknown and forgotten
The gates seemed to be an infinity away in Velas' eyes as he approached. Could he really have managed to have escaped his captors as easily as he seemed to have? Sure, they'd be sending out scouts after him. It would be no easy task for them to track down a Moraden Dracon, but the tall dragon-spawn had no doubt that they'd manage, given enough time and effort. After all, they specialized in such things and slaves did not usually manage to remain free for very long.

A light rain trickled down and Velas cursed softly to himself, wishing he had more substantial clothing than the loin cloth he now wore. He hadn't even bothered to shapeshift into a different form, as he was sure his lack of clothing would betray him moreso than any form he may choose to take. All he had was a visa that he had managed to procure from a guard that he persuaded to take his side and a small bag full of crowns and banknotes that he had scrounged up over the years, stolen from his slavemasters. Yet another reason they would probably put him to the sword if they discovered him, he supposed. But while he may belong to the draconic race known as the chained ones, it was not his destiny to be caged.

Stepping up to the gates, he wordlessly handed over his visa to the guards, still coasting on the euphoria of a succesful escape. They examined it disinterestedly and handed it back. As they did, one of them commented "Get some clothes or you'll catch your death out here."

Smiling warmly at the guard, Velas thought to himself "You're more right than you know."
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Gar is unknown and forgotten
35th Brightening of Imperos, Era XV PF, Dawn -Summer-

Gar had been traveled directly from Arakmat to Vortex. After a short visit he would make his way directly to Arconis. He was not accustomed to the weather of Vortex as he spent the previous season and half of the current in Arakmat. Once he reached the gate he reached into his pocket and pulled out his Visa. He pulled it out and offered it to the guards.

The guards had seen the half-orc walking up the road in the moonlight. The guards stood at attention as the 6'3 280 pound half-orc walked up to them and the visa was offered. He guards inspected the Visa and nodded to the Half-Orc. "You might want to get a jacket or two before you freeze to death." the said as they handed his visa back.

Gar was cold and he didn't care that everyone knew. When the guards made a remark about buying a jacket Gar just grunted and said "Thanks for the words of wisdom." He then waited for the gates to raise then he would walk into the city.
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Mixie Shadowmuffin is a glorious SuperheroMixie Shadowmuffin is a glorious SuperheroMixie Shadowmuffin is a glorious SuperheroMixie Shadowmuffin is a glorious Superhero

Imperios 35, season of Summer.

Mixie moved quietly among the shadows of the early morning, and was quite close to the guards before they noticed her, so that they quickly pointed their spears at her when they did notice.

Mixie gave them a cold look through half-closed eyes. "I am Mixie Shadowmuffin. I have a visa." She displayed her documents.

"Why do you come to Vortex," the guards asked.

Mixie did not like going through gates, and this question always annoyed her. Why did they always ask it? Did they not understand that a person bent on harming the city would lie? What answer could she give that they would find interesting or vital for them to know?

"I am tired and hungry from wandering the windy ways, and would like in a bed and eat food at an inn." Silently, she passed into the city.
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Viskyia Crow is a benevolent Adventurer

TS: Mid-Imperos, Summer, XV (pf)

Viskyia rode up quietly to the gates of Vortex. She handed the guards her Visa and quietly spoke a few words. "I'm here for some shopping and to visit a friend." She said quietly, took back her visa, and pocketed it in her belt pouch. Then she rode through after they gave her the go ahead. She'd stay at the Golden Dragon overnight, and hopefully conclude her business in just a brightening or two.
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Ashandra Gha'Nalis is a glorious SuperheroAshandra Gha'Nalis is a glorious SuperheroAshandra Gha'Nalis is a glorious Superhero
Fifth Cycle of Kalendryas, Morning

Ashandra quickly fished her visa from inside the woven, loose bag she wore hanging from her left shoulder, head bowed as she searched rather frantically for it. Eventually she brought it up with a bright smile, presenting it to the guard as though it were some sort of prized treasure.

And really, it was, for without it much was barred to her. "Just passing through on my way to Demios." She informed the guard, smile still firmly in place, thought it seemed not at all forced. Accepting her visa back, she tucked it away carefully before continuing on past the guards and into the city of Vortex proper.
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Ashandra Gha'Nalis
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Ae'den Cyriaca is a benevolent Adventurer
3rd cycle of Kalendryas,
in the Season of Winter,
Era 2 of the Celestine Mandate,
Era XVI Post Fractum.

It was a pain he thought, he being Ae'den as he walked into the dark city. He was here for many reasons but none that the guards would care for, he had his blade in plain sight but he doubt they would take it and if they did or wanted to he would kill them. He gave them the Visa and told them he was there to look around. Nothing big, nothing small and in the end they would forget him before they left there postions.


[Shadow] Andrea left the family... the only way you leave the family is in a coffin'... and from the looks of all that Walkin' she's been doing... well Ae'den's got work to do
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Teepo is unknown and forgotten
1st cycle of Melora

Teepo stood in line patiently, apathetically casting his gaze up and down the line. He was taken aback by the sheer diversity, and how each individuals aura suggested a particular background. Each had a life story that easily explained their business. As he mused, it became his turn to display his visa to the impatient guards.
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Teepo is unknown and forgotten
He slid his visa out from under his robe. The guard studied it briefly, then waved him on through. Now his journey may begin.
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Straylor Leonard is a glorious SuperheroStraylor Leonard is a glorious SuperheroStraylor Leonard is a glorious SuperheroStraylor Leonard is a glorious SuperheroStraylor Leonard is a glorious SuperheroStraylor Leonard is a glorious SuperheroStraylor Leonard is a glorious SuperheroStraylor Leonard is a glorious SuperheroStraylor Leonard is a glorious SuperheroStraylor Leonard is a glorious SuperheroStraylor Leonard is a glorious Superhero

Timestamp: the Second Cycle of Kalendryas, Winter Era XVI Post Fractum.

A rider wearing the dough colored uniform of the Trysvale Constabulary arrived the dark gates of the city just after dawn. The road from the Carmelyn was harsh and it took him several stops just to get over the pass between the two provinces. But the letter he was delivering was crucial. Between Thanes, it seemed.

Showing his Royal Visa identifying the young man as a Marckley Tabson, he was soon allowed within the city. "Just delivering a message" he said in low tones. The guards shrugged and moved to let him inside without any problem. Why should there be? Messengers were a common sight ever since the War started. Who knew what those politicians and their playthings were up to? Who cared?

With that, Marckley made for the Thanal Mansion in hopes of finishing this little trip as soon as possible.
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Gruumsh Kragorach is unknown and forgotten
Timestamp: Tenth Brightening of Immanis, Era XVI PF


Even the winds rushing in from the great mountains did little to drown out the giant’s rumbling tones. Clad in the skins of great beasts and with a war-axe the size of a small person slung across his back, Gruumsh was tingling in excitement after his cycle-and-a-half trek to the dark city. His eyes fixated upon the gates, clearly salivating at the promise of the comforts of civilization and, more specifically, the cool, inebriating touch of ale to whet his tongue.

Snow whipped around in torrents, each flake sizzling softly as it came into contact with his weakened inner radiance aura, which kept him toasty enough to actually want ice-cold brew in this weather. His right hand reached beneath his shimmering cloak to retrieve his visa, though in this weather, he figured that nobody would be asking why he would want to get indoors…

“Ere’ ya go lad. It’ll be good ter’ refill mah’ stock-o’-brew after bravin’ this weather fer’ a cycle, eh?”

The guard barely took a look at the visa, handing it back almost immediately, envious of the elementalist’s obvious comfort as compared to his own yet full-heartedly agreeing with the jist of the statement.

“Aye, take care. It’s Aeternia out there…”

Gruumsh nodded his head, took back his visa and sauntered off to the closest pub…
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