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Ruslan Pyotrovich is unknown and forgotten

  Timestamp: Summer of XXV

Ruslan Pyotrovich could feel the warm summer breeze tickle his groomed mustache and traditional hairstyle known as Chub, that featured a lock of black hair sprouting from the top forefront of his otherwise closely fresh shaven head. He rubbed a heavily calloused hand across the baldness, wiping the sweat from his head and out from his eyes while stepped onto the gang plank that lead down to the busy piers of Nexus Prime's docks. It has been a long time since Rus had set foot on the mainland and with each step he took down the plank was another step closer to the long waited and hard endured freedom that he had waited a decade and a half for.

Fifteen years of hard labor he had served on the prison colony of Terramarique. A night of hard drinking and youthful idiocy brought him at odds with a Aslangradi Noble that ended tragically in the nobleman's death. Ruslan had escaped the noose, fully believing that mercy was brought upon him but he was learned quickly that there were fates worse than death. Slave laboring in the salt mines was a living hell in its own rights, where the noose was just a dream of mercy that one fancied day in and day out.

His feet had landed on the pier, his own body swallowed by the mob of bustling that made up for the day's work of the docks. A overwhelming sensation of joy fell upon him, tears slowly swelled on the harden craggy face of his as he finally felt freedom. He breathed in deeply, the smell of ocean, fish, unwashed bodies and the distinct smell of civilization was a breath of fresh air for him. He drank it all in as he moved with the flow of traffic. Even from the pier he could see in the far far distance, the misty shape of the Great Mountains. A sight he thought he would never see again.

He reached solid land and dropped to his knees, bending forward and placed his dried cracked lips un hesitantly to the worn dirt trampled ground. Ruslan embraced the ground in a kiss that one would of reserved for a romantic partner. He could feel the troubled gazed from those around him, but he cared not. He was a free man and this was his first act of freedom.

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Ruslan Pyotrovich is unknown and forgotten
"Vstavay!" A deep harsh voice from the left of Ruslan commanded him to get up in the Cossack native tongue. He had not heard the words of his people since the day he was sentenced to the prison colony and such was honey to his ears. Oh how he had missed his people of the steppes.

Ruslan rose as ordered and turned towards the speaker. His words may have been honey to his ears, but his appearance was quite the opposite. He new he should of recognized the voice, but it had been so long. The man that the deep harsh voice belonged to, was a elderly human male. White in his beard and bushy eyebrows that shaded his fierce brown eyes. His scalp was covered with a fleece hat, known as a japkin, with a two inch thick fur and a single feather pluming from the front. The man's top knot tailing down the left side of his face and over his shoulder. He was a man no taller than Rus, thin lean features but he held himself with martial confidence and rightfully he should.

"Adnik(Sergeant)?" Ruslan's words whisped with genuine surprise. Back before he was a prisoner, this man was his sergeant in the Cossack Calvary. Be more exact, he was the training sergeant that was meant to chisel the young men of the steppes into the infamous fighting force that the Cossack were known to be.

"Neit! I Khopmir(Captain) Ivan Romanovich now,......Prizak(Private) Pyotrovich!" The Captain's words were as sharp as the curve bladed sword that was sheathed off his hip. Ruslan was now getting the full picture. The truth why this man of his past was here and now. Rus had served his prison sentence to dthe fullest but he still owed the Cossacks a life sentence of military servitude. Ivan was here to make sure that he didn't decide to run from his honor bound duty. "You come vith me now!" the captain ordered, his gaze watching to see how the newly freed man would respond.

There was only one response that could be had. Fifteen years and Ruslan's eternal duty had escaped his mind till now. The truth was, he did not know what he was going to do with his freedom anyways and now he at the very least had a path to take. "Da Sirrr!" He straighten to attention and gave the captain the best salute he could offer.
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Ruslan Pyotrovich is unknown and forgotten

The elderly Cossack rubbed his beard instead of returning the would be soldier's salute. "Come!' He growled, dismissing the gesture and twisting on his heels to take lead. Captain Romanovich would swath through the crowded docks with Ruslan closely in tow. He would peak over his shoulder to make sure that he was still following, but there were no more words exchanged.

Soon the two would find themselves on the other side of the city at the gates of the local barracks that housed the local garrison or Legionnaires and the town guard. They had passed by a few taverns and a brothel, establishments that the ex convict would of given a arm and leg to visit instead of the barracks. But he knew that Ivan would have nothing of it and if insisted upon, it probably would of been more than just a arm or leg that would be sacrificed.

The Captain talked to the Legionnaire stationed at the gate, showing the imperial his visa before the door was opened. In Arium the Cossacks were awarded the same privileges as the legion and local forces. All brothers in arms and no loyal soldier would be turned away from the barracks. So this was where they were going to spend the night. Certainly not what he had planned for he wished to be a few beakers of ale deep and sharing the bed with what ever whore he could afford.

Romanovich could sense the disappointment in the younger man. "Drink and stupidity got you in trouble last time!" He shrewdly reminded Ruslan of his shamed past. "You vere taken before i kould make man out of you. Vill not happen again!"

Ruslan hung his head and nodded in agreement. He followed the old man in and wasn't long before they had found empty bunks to call home for the night.
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