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[Nexus Prime] Stalking the Streets

Jim walked briskly down one of the main streets of Nexus Prime. He was a new guy in town, one of probably many, having arrived a good few brightenings ago from Centripax.

There wasn't anything special about him, from the look. He wore a blue, quilted doublet over a white shirt, brown leather slacks and some hiking boots. Also a cloak, which had pockets to hold his belongings.

He wasn't quite sure where he was going right now, just casting his glances about. Taking in the local businesses. You know, just doing some window shopping.

He approached a nearby resident, or who he presumed was a resident, "Excuse me, mister. Name's Jim. Can you point me to the nearest tavern?"
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oocLet me know if this is a 'Closed' Thread. I will exit out. Cheers! By the way, Welcome Barber!

Marcaida. It was the name of the human Maximus the dracon was disguised as. He rarely walked the streets of Nexus Prime as his own self. He was really bored this brightening and was on his way to a tavern when he overheard someone else looking for a tavern. He guessed that person must either be a out of towner or had never come to this part of the city before.

Marcaida looked around and saw a human asking for directions. He did not have the local feel to him alright. "Serale Jim! Name's Marcaida. Couldn't help but overhearing you are looking for the nearest tavern. Going there myself, I can lead the way if you like me to."
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