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Maximus Navire July 5, 2017 05:53 PM

[Nexus Prime] Creating a new Persona: Seoni
Ioannes Era XXIV

Maximus noticed that people seemed to be interested in his own guise because he was a dracon. People notice his human guise of Marcaida because he was... well, no body really notice Marcaida unless they wanted a weapon. He noticed that people often notice the female kind.

There was another thing he remembered. How certain dracon was able to shift their scale colors.

At this very moment, it was Marcaida the human which stood inside a hovel under the name of Maximus Navire. He looked at his clothless body sighed. He could turn into a female, but he must have much research. The most important thing now was to change back.

After a excruciating 30 minutes, he looked turned back into Maximus and sighed again. There must be a way to shift faster and less painful... But first, he needed to see how a female body looked like and research on what kind of female look was most desirable. And to do that, he needed to hire a grethshkewhore in draconic... or he can just peep into the showers. He always wondered what was wrong with the non bestial female kind. Didn't they know a Dracon would not be attracted to their ugly bodies?

There was one way he could do it, changing scale colours and that was what he did. He looked at a cheap mirror he recently purchased and thought of the colour black. He stared at the mirror and started on the metamorphosis process... Turning all this scale black.

Icefyre July 7, 2017 10:40 AM

The mirror reflected his actual persona and this he looked at as he tried to change. The colours he had, were now changing. All becoming muted and darker, the process of colour change did not hurt as much as shapeshifting, but there was still a little bit of effort required. The over all colour change only took a tenth of a candlemark. It was now down to him to use this change of color to his advantage, if he could.

Maximus Navire July 7, 2017 11:26 AM

Maximus smiled at the colors changing. It took quite a while, but if he could make it faster, it had many applications. He willed it to be even darker and to make his blood red pupils and its surrounding area black as well. He would become the night, nay, even darker than that.

The next thing he decided to do was to head out into the darkening. To walk the night streets, sticking close to the wall, where it was usually the darkest. He decided to just walk normally and see what happened. Would the people notice him or they won't.

Once he was done with this exercise, he would return home and make a list of 'beautiful' humanoid attributes.

Icefyre July 8, 2017 04:47 AM

Ok, so the camouflage was set, the darkening was becoming a moving mass of dracon. Maximus moved into the darkening. The streets were not that busy. A few locals that knew the area were about, some were looking as though they were dressed for a darkening of fun. Many walked straight past any areas where Maximus located himself. To prove that he was truely part of the darkening he would have to look to put himself closer to the lamplight, and see if if really can become part of the surroundings. So far his idea was working.

The trouble started when he moved towards the lighter areas. It was obvious to those that were around that there was a dark shape moving. The initial idea may need some tweaking.

Maximus Navire July 8, 2017 01:34 PM

Maximus somewhat knew the black scale would not work well in a lighter area, but it worked in darker parts. He heard of stories of master moradens who could change their scale colors in the blink of an eye, acting very much like a chameleon. He wondered if he was talented enough to do that. Even if he was, it would be a long time before he could.

In his home, he sat down and listed down the attributes of what made a beautiful woman. The list of attributes were not of his own, but from what he observed of his drinking human/elf friends. They would wolf whistle whenever they saw such attributes, which he just followed for the fun of it... Part of acting a human.


Long hair...

Sharp features...

Almond shaped, black eyes...

Full lips...

High cheekbones...

Thinner eyelids...

A small beauty mole on to of the right cheeks...

Long pointed ears (elven)...

Tanner skin...

He imagined it all, carved the image of the face as deeply as possible into his mind and began to change. He knew what it would be like, bone shifting, scales turning into soft flash, facial features moving around. When he was done, he looked into the mirror.

Icefyre July 10, 2017 12:31 PM

oocomg like the new avatar! This is who you are going to look like? Wow, better learn how to beat off the guys ;-)

The changing was the part every dracon would get used to, but it still hurt. How does something rigid like a scale, become more maliable, soft, smooth, and in the case of the female of the human species, a different shape. There would be pain involved, but more importantly, there would be a point at which the fasade would need to be less than perfect, for no one individual was completely without some flaw. The use of a, some would call 'beauty spot', was a nice touch, and went some way to giving the new image a touch of reality. There were some touches that seemed right, the shape of the ears, for one had to give an elven appearance. The black eyes though when inspected seemed wrong. Elven eyes could have been a different colour. Choosing black eyes for the rest of the features didn't seem to fit. Everything else seemed to be ok though. Perhaps a quick change of the eye colour, and then to think of the body.

Maximus Navire July 10, 2017 01:17 PM

oocWas thinking of another character, but this avatar looks very alike

Maximus looked at himself and felt his own face. The eyes was a not right. He closed his eyes and concentrated on a shade of green.

He looked again at the mirror and would keep changing the shade until it looked sea-green. Once done, it was time to look at his body. A female elf did a lean body which was slightly to the muscular side, with a slight belly, and he doubted any females had what humans friends of his called. 'A manhood.'

This time, he sat there thinking about the few times he was with his friends in the local pub looking for "entertainment." He did not had any reason to do so, to spend his money for such matter, but he supposed it was a human thing to do. Now, he was glad, although his memory was a little hazy.

Maximus remembered that his friends always preferred ladies with who were shapely, flat stomach, wider hip and larger chest. Who were not muscular around the limbs, but a little softer. He can't actually remember how the body should truly look like, but he guessed it was better to try now. The worst case scenario, it was time to look for "entertainment" with his human friends again.

The dracon in a beautiful elven lady face and bits of Marcaida's body began shifting once again. The pain was horrible, as usual, but he got used to it. He imagined what he wanted, as best as possible, remembering to shrinking his manhood down. He was unsure whether he could reverse it inward, but for now, the body was going to be more important. He was going to be in clothes the whole time anyway...

Icefyre July 10, 2017 04:49 PM

More pain, in fact lots of it, as his body had to go through many motions, chest increasing in size, but not too much, as elves were more slender, and would look wrong if too top heavy. Stomach would be trim and lean sides forming the classical tight mid torso, which then led to wider hips, but not too wide, for if too wide would cause issues in motion. Legs were thinner than a dracons, and more athletic. Even forming the skin hurt. But eventually, after reshaping his body, a completely different individual stood before him in the mirror. Standing naked in front of the mirror the female human form in front of him, did not seem to be him, but a new persona that he could use, unless he wanted to make changes? After all he was going to have to remember each construct of this new person, so he better get it right now.

Maximus Navire July 10, 2017 05:32 PM

Maximus stared at the reflection in front of him and gasped. It did not looked anything like Marcaida or even himself. He was sure it was a female, but he wondered how attractive was he. Time for a test drive, figuratively speaking.

He took some time to memorise his new feature and body shape before finding for some clothes to wear. It was a simple dressed which he had bought a few brightening ago as Marcaida, claiming it was a gift to a lady friend. The dress was simple grey, but if he did not lace the top properly, it would generously reveal much of his bosom. He bundled up his hair as a pony tail and decided it was time... then he paused. The tattoos! How can he forget about it.... But there was not much time. He decided if he wanted tattoo, it was a simple issue of changing his skin color, nothing much.

Maximus wore a cloak over her body, looked at his reflection and said. "Time to go." It was lucky he did that, for he jumped at the voice. It was the voice of Marcaida. Wasting no time, he would spend 10 minutes or so adjusting his throat to mimic a more feminine voice. He could get a perfect voice next time.

Once ready, he headed out to the nearby tavern where he knew some of his friend's hanged out every darkening. As he neared the tavern, he would bundle up his cloak and step into the tavern, making sure he notice what was the generally feedback by the tavern folks, especially his friends.

oocMy new persona lookalike is in my CIR. The dressing is like the avatar though

Icefyre July 12, 2017 02:11 PM

oocok, is it wrong I fancy you like that ;-) jk

The walk to the tavern had no real problems, as the cloak covered more of this new persona, than it revealed. The true test was at the tavern. It wasn't a 'well to do' establishment, situated on a street that the most high would have passed with their noses in their pompadour to ensue tha stench of the lower persons didn't affect their senses.
The tavern was relatively full, with only a few spaces around certain tables. It was loud, it was 'boisterous', and it was where Maximus had decided to try out his new form. On entering there were a few turned heads that looked the new comer up and down. Some, too far into their cups, just made crude attempts at a smile in the direction of the lady, others looked, wantonly, at her.

Maximus' friends were at a table closer to the bar. As she approached, they noticed her. One of them approached the lady, that was Maximus, and stopped her in her tracks, making a big show of looking the lady over, and certainly paying far to much attention to a couple of things that were on display. The friend was practically drooling.

"Serale M'lady. Perhaps you would allow me to buy you a drink", with this he moved closure, and put his arm around the ladies waist resting his hand on her hip. Moving, and maybe making Maximus move towards the bar.

Maximus Navire July 12, 2017 02:41 PM

oocThat's the plan. To get humans to like her.

It worked! One of his friends was doing his 'I'm irresistible routine', reserved only for female he thought was most beautiful. It worked!

As Marcaida, to fit in, he had learned several of such 'seduction' methods. They were quite fun to use, but he didn't like to be at the receiving end. He remembered a move used by other females to reject them before and he was at the receiving end of that move, more than once.

"Get your hands off me." He, or rather, she said hotly as she grabbed his friend's hand, twisted it and with her other hand, gave him a solid slap. "Told him that we should meet in the Tea House instead."

He knew there was a chance that they would try to stop him, her from leaving... but it was more likely his other friends would laugh at Mr Irresistible. If nothing prevented him... her from leaving, Maximus would stomp off, back to her... his home. This gender-cross thing was confusing.

Icefyre July 13, 2017 12:34 PM

The slap reverberated through the bar causing many of the clientele to stop whet they were doing and watch would happen next. For a split moment there was silence, and then laughter started. It was sort of infectious, as the laugh caught from one person to the next. The one boy he be not laughing was the one that Maximus had hit. He was now becoming angry. Maximus was already in the process of leaving. As he left the inn, there was a sound of the door opening and closing again. If he was to turn he would see that his friend, and another had exited the inn and they were now making their way, with some purpose directly to Maximus. It doesn't look like they want to play nice.

"Think you can slap me girl? Wait till I get hold of you!". The friends of Maximus were in reaching distance. The other reach out to grab her.

Maximus Navire July 13, 2017 01:17 PM

Inwardly, Maximus sighed. His friends had drank more than expected this brightening. They usually let go of such slaps with a laugh and would seek a new target.

When his hand was grabbed, Maximus stared hard at his 'opponent'. "How dare you grab me, Mistress Seoni of the Great Jaedaexian Academy of Magic!" He spoke in a fairly loud voice. It was a spur of moment thing. Maxmius randomly said a name and title, hopefully it will back them off. Otherwise, he need to take a little more drastic action.

If the threat did not work, Maximus would continue glaring while he dipped into his vis to create mana. Then he weave it into the variant of the star of force, instead of a blade of energy, he wanted a ball of energy. He would release it forcefully at the offending arm.

Icefyre July 13, 2017 04:49 PM

There was a name! It seemed to fit. The other words seemed to make the one that had grabbed her halt for a small moment. He wasn't sure whether to carry on. The other male was just as stumped for their next move he was looking around to see what attention the words from Seoni had created. There were a couple of little groups around the inn that suddenly stopped and looked at what was about to transpire. Either they were going to see someone get a rather nasty injury, or they wouldn't mind seeing a lady, 'entertained'. This was the gutter, and things like this were not unusual.

The first male who still had a hold of Seoni's hand, didn't release. He noticed those that were watching, just as everyone else did. He wasn't going to lose face, especially to a women. The threat of the magic didn't occur to him. He needed to prove he was a badass, and so he pulled. The spell was released. It certainly was effective as it hit the male in the chest knocking him off his feet and into a bench against the wall of the building opposite.

The other male now definitely took note, and backed off.

There were a few sniggers, and quiet laughs, directed at the pair coming from the others that were watching.

Perhaps better to make an exit

Maximus Navire July 14, 2017 04:00 AM

Now with a name, Seoni made sharp turn so that the hems of her cloak would flare. She did not know how well the effect was and noted that she needed to practice this move. She then remembered a move used by a lady, a mistress of a rich man. The lady was throwing a tantrum at not getting her way. Seoni tighten her facial expression and stomped off, ensuring that every of her step was loud.

Inwardly, Maximus grinned. He had found a personality for Seoni. A arrogant, high handed personality, one totally opposite from Marcaida.

If no one followed her, she would pull up her cloak to cover her features and walked home in a round about fashion.

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