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[Nexus Prime] Maximus Navire: An Exposition

This is a History of Maximus Navire. Great for Roleplay material, if required.
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Chapter 1
Pre-Nexus Period

On Childhood

Maximus earliest memories were of death and destruction. He remembered a band of giants and orcs wielding large branches, bows and axes. He remembered a branch the size of his mother's body width, smashing into his younger brother. He remembered an axe thrown at the back his father's open back. There was just so much blood...

Maximus escape from such wanton slaughter was largely due to his mother. He remembered her putting him into a large earthen jar, half filled with spices. He remembered her telling him to give up his dreams of flying and shift within to be safe. He remember an arrow piercing through the head of his mother, spilling her black blood into the jar. There was just so much blood...

Maximus peeped out of his safe haven many candlemarks after of silence and walking through the village. He remembered the many corpses of humans, dracons and elves laying where they were killed. He remembered the kitchens being filled with chopped up body parts. He remembered the village as red while he walked aimlessly within it for half a brightening in dispair. There was just so much blood...

In human guise, Maximus reached the gates of the village and saw a group of large humanoids and orcs in a distance... Young as he was, he knew all was lost. He remembered hearing shouts "Look! A survivor! And a child to boot!" He remembered one of the larger humanoids shifting into a black dracon. He remembered a hand offering out to take him. He remembered hope.

Growing Up
Maximus grew up in Port Alyxandrya, under the care of his foster father... The dracon who had found him. He was offered a home. He was offered education. He was offered sanctuary.

Good things were not meant to last. His foster fatherEraqrin Tempus was part of the legion and thus was called often for missions. It was in one of these missions, he was killed... killed because his blade broke. It was an honorable death, however. Maximus was still taken care of by his father's comrade and one of them even taught him the arcane art of Sorcery.

Like we said before, good things were not meant to last. Another war came and in this war, Maximus was drafted, not as legion, but as one of the wagoners for the supply line. Once again, Maximus was taken into the middle of the battlefield and after the war is over, the only thing in his mind was... There was just so much blood...

Aftermath of the War
Maximus found that many things had changed in Port Alyxandrya. He no longer had a home there and as he was near adulthood, he could also no longer depend on the help of the city. He gathered whatever little possession he had and headed from this Province of Sadness.

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2
Nexus Period before Era XXIV


Maximus found himself in Nexus Prime and with whatever he had, he purchased a small property, a small hovel for himself. Next would be on survival, and that meant work and he only had one experience in work. A wagoner. It was fortunate for Nexus Prime was a city of growing trade, and hard workers for delivery was always required. It was a city of mostly humans, however, thus he was worried of being bullied as a dracon.

Maximus had as idea. In the middle of the dark, he found entered the sewer (rather than at his own purchased home) and formed the vision of the guise man his father often changed himself into. At dawn, Maximus the Dracon was no more. Marcaida the down-trodden human emerged. Marcaida headed to the docks and requested for work, claiming he had returned from the war, lost all his possessions and needed some sort of work to even survive. He even lost his Visa and the gate guards had let him into the city as they recognised him. It was either his employer was naive enough to believe such barefaced lies OR his employer took pity the down on luck human OR maybe there was just so much to do and his employer would had hired Jorel to be one of his wagoner if Jorel were to apply for the job! Maximus believed it was the latter.

Life as Marcaida

Marcaida the wagoner had several friends, all fellow wagoners. They pushed raw materials throughout the city. They band up to brawl against wagoners, usually from other companies. They drink and get drank together. Marcaida found himself usually sleeping in some gutter or inside the warehouse of his current employer. Life went on for this young dracon, without any of his friends knowing his true race.

Life as Maximus

Maximus could not maintain his human shape forever and he knew he would need to maintain some kind of presence to keep his house. Once every few brightnening, he would have an day off from his work. He would shift back to his own form and wander the city with his longsword by his side. With whatever little crowns he had, he would spend it on meat and ale, giving a generally better impression than that of Marcaida. Those short period of time was good enough... for allowing the city to know Maximus the dracon was actually around and for him to keep his own draconic identity.

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Chapter 3
Nexus Period: Era XXIV

Life as Marcaida

[Work and Training] It was by chance that Maximus overheard a black smith requiring new apprentices for his shop and he took the chance and applied for it. The interview didn't go quite well, but as he displayed a little sorcery ability to save the smith's life, everything went uphill from there. Maximus began his new life, working and training under the weaponsmith. Maybe he could find out the secrets of making an unbreakable sword... Then people would not lose their fathers due to such events.

After much training with Master Graxa, he finally graduated to a full fledge apprentice, able to make weapons, simple metal tools and arrows.

[Adventure] He was tasked to deliver a blade to Vortex by his master, as a subtle reward for working harder than any of his employees had. This was the first time he left town and it was troublesome. New blade in hand, he left the city without any trouble. He knew entering the other city, Vortex would be a problem as his human guise and thus he shapeshift back to himself when he was a day away from Vortex, entered the city and shapeshifted back within some dark alley. All went well and he delivered to the customer. Maximus knew he had a lot of time to explore this city, for unknown to the smith (maybe he knew), he could easily GATE back to Nexus Prime in the blink of an eye, and thus he explored and the first thing he overheard was two farmers requesting for help. Together with Lady and Darius, they followed the farmers to see what was happening.

At the end of the adventure, they killed a bear, intimidated some farmers and earn their rewards. Before they parted, he hinted himself as a dracon to his evil kindred spirit, Darius.

[Personal] Maximus decided it was time to get a Visa for Marcaida Doughmaker, to make him a real person. He got his friends together and his new employee. After a stressful few moments, the Aedile bought his lies and issue a visa under the name of Marcaida Doughmaker.

A human was reborn to the empire!

[Personal] After the adventures in Centripax, Maximus decided it was time to move on. Nexus Prime had been a nice enough place to stay, fulfilling his basic needs of food and drinks, feeling safe, and even enjoying time with friends. After the adventure with Darius and the mercenary group, he felt it was no longer enough. He desired to realize his own potential, to gain fame and glory. Something he knew he could not do in Nexus Prime. He decided to move to Melodia to try his luck as a blacksmith there. He hoped the gods would smile on his new venture.

Life as Maximus

[Personal] He decided to use his magical art to give him a little more advantage. He would imbue his ring with the spell of Deflect and his sword with the spell of Force Bolt. Will he succeed? Find out more here

At the end of all his hard work, he had finally created a magical ring that could hold 2 charges of Deflect. All was well.

[Adventure] On one of his off brightening, he found a abjurator and a faerie who were willing to call the spirits of his late fathers out. If it really work, they could do some mischief in town. What might happen?

He learnt that spirits were both real and dangerous. Furthermore, they spent a bit of time to prank his ex-employer, although how successful, only time will tell. In any case, they parted their ways without saying farewell. Maximus believe they will meet again one fine brightening.

[Adventure] He had worked hard and finally received a few brightenings of leave to rest his aching arms and wings. Taking his normal form, he was walking aimlessly when he noticed Ser Blacken and Daffydd around a campfire. Where would this event take him?

An unexpected turn of events. After bonking an old opportunist, killing an Ilyctopus and drinking elephant ingested coffee beer, he was asked to go on a quest to find out why Ilyctopi are appearing.

[Adventure] After a darkening of heavy drinking with his two new friends, Blacken and Daffydd, they met with a Professor to go on a quest"]scientific task.[/URL] To find out why Ilyctopi are appearing were appearing all over Arium.

Personal Maximus was just traveling around randomly and met with a Katta named Maahes. Nothing really happened. They chatted, shared a meal, had a run and swam until it was time for the suns to go to bed. It might lead to something else, but he doubt it was not going to be good in the long run. Maahes was an aspiring Paladin while Maximus... Well, the dracon was just aspiring to survive, whatever it takes.

It was an unexpected twist of event. After the meeting, they went on a swim and he agreed to repair Maahes' old blade.

[Adventure] With the persona of Seoni created, he needed a new skill. Maximus was a draconic sorcerer. Marcaida was an honest blacksmith. He decided Seoni was going to be a beautiful flame controller. His initial search for someone to unbind him further led him into a tavern, which led him to an old man. He had promised in return for the tutor-ledge, he would forget the old man name and help him remove the hunters who wanted to kill the old man. What would happen? Only time would tell.

[Adventure]A Colosseum battle! How exciting it would be, especially when he was going to join as a competitor. Everyone would get a prize, but only the top three would gain something more. He did not hope to be the first, but with luck and alliances, he wouldn't mind just taking the third place.

[Adventure] It was really expected! Darius' letter found him in Melodia. His buddy wanted him to seek out some island and laid some sort of claims to it. It intrigued him, even though his business just started in Melodia. Trusting this was a better opportunity, he took a few cycles, claiming family emergency to seek out Darius and discover what was really going on.

Life as Seoni

[Personal] Maximus had decided his shapeshifting skill required some training. He believe it might be a good idea to create a new identity. A female identity as females tends to give people a little more advantage. It was just the way it is. He wonder how well can he make himself a she. After many brightenings of trial and error, Maximus finally created a new persona. Seoni Isabella, a female elf. It was time to flesh her out.

An unexpected development from her taking a new form, Maximus discovered ways to speed up his change, change his scale colors only and caused his changes to be less painful.


A letter came to Maximus, inviting him to escort a man to ZA for a lot of money. He thought it was a good idea to test out his new form as Seoni and met the man in her female seemings. There, he found out that Darius was also recruited. It was a simple mission, or so she thought.

In the end, Seoni and Darius found out they were tricked by their hirer and during the journey, they decimated an entire village.

[Adventure] After the mission to escort a man to ZA (see above for full details), Seoni and Darius made their way back to Nexus Prime. Along the way back, they met up with a female giant name Jen, and they were all recruited into a mercenary group to help fight against some bandits held out in Bellewood. How would this play out?

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