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Oolou is a benevolent Adventurer



A human girl, 15 ordinations old, long blonde hair, grey/green eyes, average build.
Can look older than she is - which actually is the case due to the temporary speeding up of ageing some eras ago.

An initiate druid - taught so far by grandmother (now deceased)

She owns little of worth:a hunting knife; grandmother's necklace of a blank silver disk pendant on a thin ribbon - sentimental value; hand me down clothes.
Some waterskins and rope. A back pack.

She follows Materna, as influenced by her grandmother who told her about the First Mother.

Oolou grew up on a farm, living with family (aunt, uncle, cousins), to the north west of Aelyria Prime.
In recent eras she worked on the family farm, general stuff. No pay, but family provided what she needed and occasional presents or gift of money.

She's considering looking for a starting job in the city of Prime. But is having too much fun adventuring for now.

A free spirit, who wears her heart on her sleeve. Impulsive. Social. Has yet to be burned by life.

Stolen as a baby.


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Oolou is a benevolent Adventurer
As I want Oolou's heritage and history to be open to discovery during her adventures, I'm going to use a familiar device of "stolen child". She currently lives with people whom she has been told are her cousins, uncle and aunt, and that her parents died when she was young.

What actually happened is ... uncle and aunt have seven sons. The aunt has always yearned for a daughter. When her eighth son died within hours of being born, the aunt became understandably depressed. After a year, the uncle wanted to help his wife, unable to bear seeing her so sad and lifeless. Together they travelled to a major temple devoted to Carmelya to worship the goddess and pray for another child - perhaps this was at a time of a particular religious festival? As they left the temple they saw a group of baby carriages with babies asleep in the warmth of the sunshine. Whoever was watching them, if anyone, was not present. Whether madness seized the man or desperation drove him, he picked up one of the babies and walked on, his wife following. No one stopped them and they continued on to home.

On returning to the farm on the outskirts of Prime, they gave thanks to the goddess for her gift of a child. They created a story that she was their niece, that her parents were travelling and had asked them to take care of her. With the tragedy in *pick a province where a tragedy occured about 12 eras ago* , they took the opportunity to say that the parents of Oolou had died.

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