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Straylor Leonard

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Ring [Terra] [Chapter I: “The King’s Bounty”] The Red Legion (Imperial PCs post here)

 Timestamp: Summer, Era XXII Post-Fractum in the Age of Heroes
From the Capital they sailed north toward their destiny ...

Whenever the Empire made a mess of things, its Stewards wiped for the Throne.

The summons reached every corner of the Eastern Realms within a fortnight. Printed by scribes of the highest caliber on papyrus and Imperial vellum, the official notices were issued to every commander and garrison. Its contents were secret to a select few but its directive was clear: send the bloodthirsty to Terramarique on the Crown’s errand. Mask it under some grand purpose or mission. Whatever the reason, or the cost, the rewards remained: gold for every thief, murderer, or rapist they killed. Wipe the island clean of its vilest criminals. The rest could be ...rehabilitated later on.

Magistrates quickly paroled troublemakers on condition that they be branded -- a price any man paid when given a sword and promised wealth. The Capital provided ships to sail the men from the mainland to Freeport, hundreds of hungry, eager creatures destined better fit for the fighting pits of Vortex and Secyclion than they were holding the banners of the Empire.

There were also knights and commissioned officers who joined the fray on assignment. These men brought their own squads, likely handpicked to include as many willing and capable swords. Rumors that Sir Veleraen of Caronis Keep, the legendary Count and Titan of Aslan inspired the hearts and minds of many legionnaires to volunteer. These soldiers were seasoned fighters to educated sons of minor lords. Others were older warriors who proudly defended their home and hearth. For this particularly group, the Imperial Navy provided a galley of significance rather than the merchant ships afforded to the mercenaries and thieves.

The twin ships started in Aelyria Prime and arranged to make port at major harbors along the way. The Primus Countryside and the southern cities sent deserters, horse thieves, and all manner of scum from their goals. From Jaedaxia and the townships along Libertas Bay came hardened Vagaran barbari who grew up on the fringes of the highlands hunting and surviving. Demios and the island cities of the east hosted dark-skinned mercenaries with curved swords and taloned gloves who were said to speak to dragons and ride giant spiders into battle. On their last stop in the mouth of Libertas Bay, they found mercenary hosts from Arium and more brave knights from Enamoria and Lauryl. Soon there was barely room enough left for this mismatched legion and the ships’ cargo. Soon enough, they would reach Freeport.

Secrets :

Welcome! By posting here, your character will arrive to Freeport with the Imperial Empire's reinforcements.
  • How you joined or found out is up to your storytelling and decision as a Player.
  • Any additional items, equipment, etc. must be mentioned in your opening posts and subject to approval based on your Wealth Tier, etc.
  • Please maintain a spoiler box (like this one) with your character’s current skills, gear, and equipment. You may use this space to keep track of your Vis and other details.
  • Posting will occur every 48 hours or sooner if everyone has posted.

Keep an eye on the Game Lobby as a reference point and a place to chat OOC.

Godspeed, everyone! Happy adventuring!

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Faust Kitrye'veresi
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He stood on the prow of the ship, one foot planted leisurely on the first rung of the guardrail that separated him from the frigid waters below. With his bracer-embound forearm draped casually across his thigh for balance, he leaned forward and continued to survey the vast expanse before him, a seemingly endless field of crystalline blue engilded by the suns’ glistening rays. The sight would have been enough to awe even the most seasoned of travelers, and the Baron of Vortex was not immune to its sublime influence either. Although he had seen the ocean kiss the horizon many a time during his voyages outside of Jaedaxia, very few scenes had ever been able to truly captivate him in the same way. Never did he tire of it.

Thus, it was somewhat disheartening to know that he would soon contribute to the pristine sea’s desecration. Blood, an enormous share of it, would stain the waters crimson. It would all be spilled for a just cause, but it would be the blood of both good and evil men alike that painted the strokes. With the memory of the Xet Invasion still fresh in his mind, it pained him to remember (much like he always did) that where one battle ended, another was always just beginning. How much longer would it be until peace finally covered the land, he wondered. Would there ever be a brightening that his children experienced when the world was not at war?

We’re almost there,” he said, aiming the comment over his shoulder at the young half-elf nearby him. “Remember to stay close. It’s going to be hard to tell friend from foe once we reach Freeport.” The Baron of Vortex withdrew his booted foot from the rail and straightened, allowing the folds of his ebony cloak to fall back into place around his slender frame. He turned slightly to regard his companion, Rhystlin D’Arnalda. Even a cursory glance at her sturdy figure revealed how far she had come since the early days when they had first met. A nostalgic smile formed along the corners of his lips as he recalled their initial training sessions. Indeed, she had certainly exceeded his expectations.

He offered her a reassuring nod before turning back in the direction of their destination. Despite his form appearing unequipped for the endeavor ahead because of his nondescript mantle, the Baron of Vortex was outfitted underneath in lightweight ardentium chainmail. A matching set of leggings were hidden beneath his black pants, and a pair of enchanted ardentium gloves covered his heavily-callused hands. From his sword belt hung two legendary blades, one forged from a shard of the Aethergem and the other born in the fiery furnace of a now-extinct Herozzal. The bejeweled pommels of the Lightblade and Soulseeker could be seen poking from his clasped cloak.

It’s going to be chaotic,” he noted aloud, more so to himself rather than his younger half-elf companion. When word had reached his ears of the events transpiring on Terramarique, he had wasted no time in joining the force intent on quashing the prisoners. If the empire failed, the shores of Arium would be among the first to suffer. The people of the north –his people- had experienced far too much devastation already to stomach another fight of such magnitude, and therefore, he hoped that such an event would not come to pass. Fortunately, the sight of so many volunteers, soldiers, and adventurers alike sailing to Freeport on behalf of the empire was an encouraging one to behold.

Secrets :

  • Level 5 Long Sword
  • Level 4 Stealth
  • Level 3 Sorcery
  • Level 3 Short blades
  • Level 3 Unarmed Combat (Rhingorda)
  • Level 2 Wristbow

  • Ardentium Chainmail
  • Ardentium Leggings
  • Ardentium Gloves
  • Ardentium Mask
  • Demon Slayer Bracers (magical)
  • Ardentium Ring (enchanted with Advanced Healing spell)
  • The Lightblade (made from the Aethergem, formerly owned by Hannas Darkblade, can cut through anything)
  • Soulseeker (adamantite long sword)
  • Black Pants (magical pockets)
  • Quicksilver Boots (enchanted with speed-enhancing spell)
  • Obsidian Dagger (enchanted with Force Shield spell when drawn)
  • Wedding Ring (pretty)


Grandmaster Swordsman"Throughout Aelyria's history, there have been tales and stories of mythological warriors sometimes mistaken for blessed or divine entities. Godlike fighters, the Grandmasters are forever remembered for their valor and are known to break the physical limitations seemingly at will, capable of Masteries that lesser fighters can scarcely comprehend, let alone attempt. Often called one-man armies, Grandmasters are able to defeat countless lower-proficient fighters without much difficulty. Their physique is a testament to their life-long struggle to achieve this near-perfection; through enough conditioning and practice, a Grandmaster can withstand amazing amounts of physical pain and anguish. Incredibly fast and strong, their courage and valor enable them to seemingly perform miracles." - Arms Primer | Defender of MagicFaust can now sense any mage and their specific sphere within 100 yards. They do not have to cast or have any active spells/magic for this ability. - Charybdis | Glory of the Conqueror"The Aspect of Constantine infuses your words and actions; when you are engaged in armed or magical combat, commanding armies on the tactical battlefield, or planning a military stratagem for warfare, you will have a decisive advantage against a character of the same relative skill, all other influences being equal, and will be able to out-maneuver them." - Kaelon

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Barthelme was there. Also, he was probably not the half-elf whom Faust was talking to.

He had come, of course, on behalf of the Arkdün Asylum. Officially his mission was to observe the situation at the prison colony and report back on the possibility of dangerous lunatics reaching the mainland. Unofficially, Warden Fryer had drawn him aside to note that while Barthelme was forbidden to use his Mysticism on asylum grounds, in the outside world there was no such prohibition, and that there were certain former patients who must not under any circumstances be allowed off Terramarique.

The Arkdün Asylum was very much the stuff of nightmares. Hence Barthelme's choice of employment there! The very brightening he had started, he had been asked to fill out a will. Granted, not all of the inmates there were dangerous. Most were quite harmless. But many were not. Among the most extreme cases, the asylum housed deranged murderers who also happened to possess considerable skill in Arcana or other eldritch arts. And if the asylum could not contain them? The most extraordinarily dangerous inmates, who were found to have no hope of recovery? Sometimes they were put to death. But sometimes they were sent on to Terramarique.

This was it, then. There was no worse place in Telath to be sent. This was the final stop on the road that ended with Aeternia itself.

"Actually, it would go more like Terramarique, then Aeternia, the Umblat, Krypta, and then Velys. Right? So basically Velys would be the last stop, and not Aeternia or here. Aeternia might not even count as a stop at all! I mean, the Umblat just flows right past it, right?"

I... don't... actually care about the particulars, Usira. Terramarique is a uniquely vile place. That's all.

Aloud, Barthelme said nothing, of course. Only raised his spyglass to one eye to examine the island ahead.

Secrets :

Mystic: 3 (27/27 Vis)
Dagger: 1
Grafting: 1
Lore: Arcane Knowledge, 3XP
Nactau-rank Twisted


Fancy daggerHe refuses to call it "Bane of the Awoken."
Regular dagger
Barbari knife (in boot)
Clothes and cloak
5 brightenings food/water
1 Flashbang GrenadeA small metal orb with a cocking mechanism. When thrown with the cocking mechanism engaged, a blinding flash and smoke is released. The volume of smoke is enough to fill a medium-sized room. No actual damage is dealt, but the effect is disorienting to the senses and causes visual obfuscation to the area for some time.
Pinnacle Crystal
Serewood Crystal
Glinnaur (Magic glowing ring. It's basically a flashlight.)
Twisted dreamcatcher
Sand Viper leather jerkin
Giant Seagull Feather clothes (dyed brown, as per Barthelme's usual wardrobe)
"Medical" (i.e. Grafting) kit

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Shei'yein Neydremi
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From all four corners of the Empire, the empress’s call had been answered by thousands upon thousands of loyal men.

The Prince’s agents had written that the southern cities had sent thieves; that the east had sent barbari; that the islands had sent dragonspeakers, and the central plains had sent legions of steel and gold.

The Principality of Free Ziel had sent nothing. Word had circulated from the Garden that the Prince had disapproved of the endeavor, bearing an impassioned plea to his people not to sacrifice themselves for the sake of an Empire that had abandoned them in their time of need. From the Garden, those words had trickled through the automaton of society – to the wealthy Central district, to Malian Kame, and to the drinking taverns populated by the very dregs of society.

Yet, a fine balance had to be struck. In word, if not in deed, the elven prince had cast his fates to the crown. The time of masks was over. The war against the Empire would continue only in the dark – in the light, they were fragile allies. And so, the elf himself had come in his full regalia, silently putting his own life on the line. In times of sacrifice, a leader did not lead from the rear. Clad in an ornate set of white steel, gilded with gold and engraved with depictions of ancient battles, he stood by the prow, watching silently as the waves cascaded before him.

Lapping upon one another, they cascaded like the sands of time.

The smoke trailed from his fingers as he thought upon this, looking up only as he heard a familiar voice.

Faust Kitrye’veresi.
The Baron of Vortex had stood alongside the City of Free Ziel in its time of need, and the Godslayer had witnessed the divine aptitude of this man first-hand. Together, they had conspired for power to rival the solidarity of the Empire itself. The dark elf, like the other members of the quadrumvirate, had harbored his reservations as the Godslayer spoke of his plans in the darkened chambers of Primus Gaudeo. But there had been an interest there – a burning fervor to save his people from the yoke of hidden oppression. A flame, no matter how slight, could be fed. Nurtured.

Casting a glance towards the Baron, he approached, a nod offered as greeting.

First Sword under Aetheria. It’s been too long.”

Secrets :


Any always-on effects


Firearms (2)
Pole (2)
Bladed (3) -- Eight Blade Wingstance Style Specialization
Unarmed (2)
Alchemy (2)
Gunsmithing (2)
Animal Handling (2)
Mysticism (5)
Sorcery (X) -- Cypher, casts using Mysticism proficiency, 2 shapings

MAIN GEAR (Alternate gear available through Spatial Pocket)
Flintlocks, Seven Commandments (Silenced/Imperceivable Shot/Magic undetectable)
Flintlocks, Flame-Pressure
Blunderbuss, Iron
Sinslay Stasis, First of the Zodiac Blades (Skillsteal 50 foot radius, Clarity breaker on command 50 foot radius)
Various blunderbuss/flintlock ammo and poison coatings (Dargonon's Deception, Forgefire)
Elven Drop Steel Amulet, 'Mindshield Embrace' (Psi Immunity on command)
Spiritia Chains Nirvana/Revival (Various effects; enhanced strength, speed, reflexes, invis on command, arcane detection, spell dispel, auto dispel, psionic shock on command, manipulatable subplane thought on command)
Armored Dracoscale Coat, 'Alabaster Relic' (L5 Spirit Rage, Protection vs. Missiles)
White Steel Gothic Plate Armor
Amulet of the All-Seeing Eye (360, infrared, sonar, telescopic vision on demand)
Tarot of the Blind God (Summons psionic energy vs. neural connections; spell dispel)
Vox Iron Bracelet (Intra-provincial communications relay)
Water & Stuff
Camp Supplies & Stuff


Power Overwhelming (Unlimited/renewable reagent)
Demi-Plane Teleportation (Leave material plane to Underworld, stop time in outside world, take/buffer actions in subplane).
Time Disruption - Casting Time (Increase/decrease casting time of any spell by up to 1000%, next spell of same level has decreased/increase casting time of same %)
Time Disruption - Magnitude (Increase/decrease power of spell by up to 1000%, next spell of same level has reduced effect by same %)
Time Disruption - Duration (Increase/decrease duration of any spell by up to 1000%, next spell of same level has decreased/increase duration of same %)
Pale Shrouded (Cannot be detected as a magic user by magic users of equal or lower level)
Benevolence (Aedaan brand, prompts benevolence; when performing benevolent acts, observers will adore, praise, and worship)
Underworld Redux (Colorful underworld, potential spell variance/volatility when cast using demi-plane)
Glory of Conqueror (Suceeds in tied circumstances vs. arms/arcana of equal relative skill)




[ Character Information Repository | Grimoire of Spells and Techniques | Secrets of Foresight ]
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Red Rep is Appreciated over Green

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Rhystlin is a glorious SuperheroRhystlin is a glorious SuperheroRhystlin is a glorious SuperheroRhystlin is a glorious SuperheroRhystlin is a glorious SuperheroRhystlin is a glorious Superhero
As her commander looked out to sea alongside her, the half elf was adjusting the straps on one of her bracers, her slim fingers working deftly at the clasps that held it tightly to her arm. She could not help but steal glances upwards toward the water as she worked, having not caught sight of the sea in this way in many, many eras. It was a breathtaking sight that she wished she could witness under more positive circumstances, a sight made tainted by the thought that murderers and rapists prowled those shimmering waves. She frowned at the view and turned back to her work.

She spoke little more than necessary during the last few candlemarks of their journey. The danger of what she faced was not lost on her, but she was also adrift in that sensation of calm before the storm, the moment of silence that settled over her before a battle she knew to be just around the bend. She had just completed the finishing touches on her armor by the time Faust spoke to her, and she looked up - back towards the sea - as she considered his words. He was right, of course. The place would be a storm of blood and chaos, and she feared that if they were separated, it would take quite some time for them to converge again.

She returned his nod before he turned back around, feeling a sense of pride that she'd be fighting alongside the Baron. Putting her skills toward a cause like this one, working with those with worthy goals was something she had always wanted. It had been half an era since she had first begun, and it seemed her journey was still just beginning. But now her efforts were slowly coalescing, and here she stood as one of the first lines of defense against those who would threaten her homeland. She would not stand by any longer - not as she had done with the initial Xet incursion. She would fight here and make a difference, or she would die in the very effort of it.

She was about to say something when an elven figure in regalia fit for royalty approached and addressed her commander with familiarity. Her remark immediately forgotten, she instead wondered whether the two before her were well acquainted. She straightened her posture and stood a stride behind and to the side of Faust, inspecting the new arrival but turning her gaze away shortly afterwards.

She would be there, should the Baron have need of her, otherwise she was content to stand by silently as the two conversed amongst themselves.

Secrets :

• L2 Short sword/dagger
• L1 Sorcery
• L1 Bow
• L1 Throwing Daggers
• L1 Woodworking (for fletching, etc)

• Basic tracking
• Basic wildlife survival
• Basic first aid

• 1 steel short sword + sword breaker dagger at hips
• 1 plain short bow + quiver of arrows
• 1 steel dagger in boot
• small utility knife sheathed at belt
• armor: leather armor reinforced with padded leather on right arm and leg. Bracer on the left arm.

• Pack with camping equipment and rations.

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Kael Kael Kael Kael
It was not the empire or their empress that found the young Vagaran standing upon the deck this brightening. There were few he’d go to battle with. Those he’d go to war, numbered even less. One such individual stood nearby. Kael shadowed the unmasked elf. When it was first revealed they were going to assist the empire Kael simply stared incredulously. However, he was oathsworn to the elf. With that shared bond Kael would stand before any threat with blade in hand. Without so much as a second thought.

When the elf started to move it did not escape his notice. Kael would shadow him from a short distance. Far enough away so as to not get in Shei’yein’s way but close enough to rush to his aid if needed. As he spoke to another, Kael lean forward against the haft of his spear for support. He had seen Faust in action once before among the streets of Ziel Aerca. While not a single word had passed between them, Kael respected the elf for his skill with the blade. In truth, when it came to strength words were not required.

He made an effort to stay close enough to Shei’yein to react to any threats that could possibly present itself. With how tightly packed everyone was on the ship he didn't want to stray too far away. Kael was by no means ignorant to the power the elf wielded. He knew full well that Shei'yein required no protection. Even so he took his job very seriously.

His silver hair had been tied back at the base of his neck. Kael was only 21 eras but he looked much older. Exposure to the magics the elf once possessed had an unexpected effect. Despite his appearance, the young Vagaran was still capable as ever. His round black shield had been slung over his left shoulder. It bumped against his pack when he shifted into a more comfortable position.

Secrets :

Weapons: Dwarven Steel Bastard Sword, Chromatic Destroyer, Steel Short Sword, Elven Steel Dagger x2, Light Crossbow with bolts, Hand Axe, Short Spear
Armor: Leather/Chain Armor, Elven Steel Medium Round Shield
Provisions: (Rations, Water, Rope, Torches, Tinder Box, Camp Supplies,etc)

Bladed Weapons: L3
Polearm/Shield: L1
SpellBreaking: L1

Health and Vis
Health: Excellent Health
SB - Vis: 2/3

Secret Skills
No Heart?

Living Enchantment(Renders Kael completely immune to conventional spells that affect the Mind (Control/Illusions not direct damage such as Psionic Shock); to Adept level (3). Primarily this is in regards to Mysticism, but will affect specific spells of other Spheres such as Necromancy's 'Fear' based weaves.)

Red Rep is preferred
"An oath is a sacred thing. One should not be made lightly and once made never broken" - Kael
"Do what must be done. Do not hesitate. Show no mercy"
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Having been a part of the Imperial Legion at one point and risen to the rank of Kestor Imperatis (now retired), Veleraen still had some friends in the army who provided him with information on the goings on of the Empire. They were few and far between nowadays with the army having lost many during the Xetan war but this news was hard not to come by in the Titan's line of work.

Veleraen prepared and soon himself and his knighthood marched to Prime's docks to greet the galleon that the Imperial Navy had so generously donated to their cause. Having heard of the breakout and the subsequent slaughter, Veleraen had no real choice but to attend to the matter as he could not allow the possibility of a mass mob of criminals running the prison colony, much less escaping back into the confines of the kingdom again.

They had come prepared, with carts pulled by horses filled with supplies and equipment for the voyage and the task at hand. Just over fifteen knights in all and all of their weaponry and equipment were loaded on along with Veleraen's personal cache. "Let's get this loaded quickly, brothers and sisters." The Titan grabbed a large wooden crate along with a few sealed casks of water as they were not foolish enough to bring a taste of the spirits on board for fear that drunken sailors made for poor bed mates and even poorer combatants. Luckily their ship harboured the more favourable knights and men of the empire.

The Titan of Aslan had come for war, as he normally did in such dire times. He wore and carried most of his implements of war, as he could afford to bear such weight unlike most soldiers. Covered in scars from wars past, his faintly glowing eyes looked upon the limited options of where he was to stay on deck. Since he was too large, he set all of his belongings on the top deck of the galleon in a position where he wasn't inconveniencing too many of the sailors. This was also good because it was where he could keep an eye on it at all times. Hakan flew up to one of the top masts where he could get a better view of things as men and women passed by

As soon as they were all loaded, Veleraen relieved himself of his armour and weaponry and piled it neatly where it would not be disturbed by the rest of his belongings. They had time to arm themselves before they neared Terramarique and he wasn't going to spend the entire trip covered in steel, as it didn't tend to end well if one was to try to swim with all of one's armour upon their person.

"Before we arrive, I want you to mark your armour, in this;" Veleraen grabbed a large steel bucket that had a tight lid upon it. In it was a golden paint that he had grabbed while they were in Aelyria Prime. It wasn't anything fancy but it would do the trick.

One by one, Veleraen dipped his left hand in the paint and pressed a hand print onto the chest section of the hauberks that the knights of Verus Fides wore. It created a rather large, golden like hand print that was visible on the battlefield so that they wouldn't try to cut one another down. "This way I know who is who." He looked to each of them and nodded solemnly as the Chains of Aslan pulsed around his form with each breath he took.

"With Honour, we defend, we fight, we shed our blood together, brothers and sisters. May Aslan guide us to victory."

Secrets :

  • Level 5 Halberd
  • Level 2 Greatsword
  • Level 2 Dual Wield Axe
  • Level 2 Zinn'ka (Zan Zu)
  • Level 2 Spellbreaker
  • Level 2 Javelin
  • Level 1 Tyrannoid Riding (Weeeeee!!!)


Veleraen's equipment
  • Chains of Aslan - Holy artifact (Worn at all times)
  • Ran'Kor - Amindolite halberd (Indestructible, see SoF)
  • "Honour" - Greatsword
  • 2 giant sized daggers
  • 2 Half-moon, giant sized hand axes
  • Set of high grade steel chain mail with breastplate (with red triange) - Magical has special properties imbued upon it (See SoF)
  • Steel greaves & gauntlets
  • Elven steel helm with aslanite markings on it
  • 12x, 8 foot steel-tipped javelins in large quiver.
  • 4x Giant-sized throwing tomahawks w/ chest bandoleer for all four.
  • 1x Dwarven steel kite shield (8 feet by 5 feet) with customized scabbard on the inside of the shield to store a giant sized dagger
  • Small red magical gem given to him by Archon Orestan (See SoF).
  • Tent, lots of food/water for the journey there and back, general traveling supplies (flint, tinder, etc).
  • Hakan, Giant golden eagle, bond mate.

Knighthood Equipment (For each knight) - See link to full Knighthood roster & abilities
  • Each have 1 weapon for each skill they possess (ie. 1 dagger for dagger skill etc).
  • Have one set of armour for each of them:
  • 25 Chain Hauberks - High grade steel
  • 25 Barute Helms - High grade steel
  • 25 sets of Vambraces - High grade steel
  • 25 sets of Pauldrons - High grade steel
  • 25 sets of Greaves - High grade steel
  • 25, 6 foot spears - High grade steel
  • Full pack of survival supplies, arrows for bows, etc.

Aslan's Chosen


RL Update (May 2019) - Am finishing up a couple of threads and then retiring for the foreseeable future. I will still lurk but after this, I'm done.

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At the very moment that Theldor saw the bounty offering in the imperial vellum, he knew it was a task for him. It was true that he was not in his best shape, but he thought that the best way to help the Empire would be, once again, fighting against those criminals that had been kept in prison for a very good reason. In the name of the safety of the population. The reward was just an extra.

Before setting off, Theldor asked an Aslangradi smith to work with his Elephant Turtle Caparace to make a Bony Plate Armor Setif I can afford it that would mimic high quality steel plate armor but would have half its weight because of its organic material. He also asked the smith to repairif I can afford it the Rusty Ancient Sword he had found in the western borderlands some time ago. He bought a sheathif I can afford it for the sword and hung it from his waist. Appart from this, he would carry his concealed dagger, sheathed in his boot.

He set sail in the nearest stop, Libertas Bay, with the fiercest ariumite mercenaries and the bravest knigts. And the most influencial politicians. He waved at Faust, who was surrounded by acquaintances, and dipped his hand in Veleraen's bucket to mark himself with the golden paint.

"May Aslan guide us to victory", he repeated, smiling at the Titan. "It is a honor for me to fight at your said", he said sincerely. "Finally the western and the eastern churches join their forces in the name of Aslan, isn't it wonderful?"

Secrets :

Vis: 27/27.

  • Bony plate armour set.
  • Ancient sword sheathed in his waist.
  • Concealed dagger, sheathed in his boot.

  • Elementalism/Thaumaturgy III.
  • Bladed weapons II.
  • Chef III.
  • Unarmed combat II.
  • Thrown weapons I.
  • Painting I.

Abilities: Tribute to the Empire, First Aid, Meditation, ...


Roasted hill rider au chocolat Status: Retired
SoF - House (Arconis)

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Faengwen Tash
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Faengwen Tash is a glorious SuperheroFaengwen Tash is a glorious SuperheroFaengwen Tash is a glorious SuperheroFaengwen Tash is a glorious SuperheroFaengwen Tash is a glorious Superhero
Could you fall, if you were not high to begin with?

Faen had quit the Legions-- the yoke of authority did not fit her, nor did the mundanity of a soldier's life. She’d had illusions of what military life would be like-- battles, orders, and most of all, moving up in the ranks. Faen was a woman of ideas, someone who thought on her feet and often did just what she thought was best, and damn the consequences. She had the mind of a tactician and a leader, but not a soldier.

And yet she found herself among them once again, but as an outsider. Battle was in her blood -- she was a soldier’s daughter, and yet she was alone here, sitting on the aft deck, trying and mostly succeeding in keeping her most recent meal down. So far she’d done pretty well. For someone who loved a thrill, Faen did not enjoy the ocean. The thought of fathomless depths below, and nothing but some wood and tar and nails keeping her from those depths was something she attempted not to dwell on, made difficult by the nightmares which she woke gasping from, clawing towards the surface of the icy water she was inhaling.

She rarely slept now, and was constantly cleaning her armor and gear in preparation, as well as meeting the men who seemed so loosely affiliated that Faen smelled opportunity. Perhaps these men needed to believe in something.

Behind them lay the continent, where her aimless life had brought her to Ziel Aerca, and the lush Gardens of intrigue, and there the rumors reached her. She owed the city no allegiance, other than as a place she currently called home, a place that she could be herself without comments or exclusions based on her race, or her attitude. Ziel Aerca was okay in her book, and she would go though the Prince of Free Ziel had begged his people not to put their lives in jeopardy but went himself as a representative of the Empire. She followed in the Prince’s wake. He could be noble-- Faen would do the dirty work.

It was going to be chaos. There had to be other un-attached headhunters who had gotten swept up in the Legion’s summons as she had-- and it was time to find them. She approached anyone not wearing a uniform, and those with brands, or wary looks, those who camped alone. In short, those like her who were outside, even trapped on the boat with the insiders. It was a long journey-- plenty of time. She met them, talked to them, endeared herself gruffly, in her own way, and shared wine. She learned names and listened to their stories, and as she became began to spread a rumor among those who were only loosely affiliated with the Empire, who came to fight for whatever reason: coercion, gold, or redemption.

There was a Prince aboard, who ruled a free city in the Gracelands. He begged his people not to fight and lay down their lives, and went in their stead-- but his valor isolated him. She, a veteran of the Xet invasion and a capable soldier whose skill and intelligence the Legions had ignored, would fight for him, and for a city of freedom. They would be stronger together. And if that didn’t work…. well, having a prince’s favor wasn’t a bad thing.

She started these rumors slowly, as bits and pieces that she dropped in conversation, as she made her brightening and darkening rounds. She smiled and joked with men, she told war stories. It was manipulation, pure and simple. Make them feel like they had something to fight for, some reward of glory and gratitude-- though no promises were ever made directly from her mouth, and when pressed she could say she’d never even spoken to this Prince, just hailed from his city, a lone adventurer looking for gold and to do her duty. She didn’t want friends though, she wanted allies. She needed to be known among these men, so they might come to her and fight with her when they reached the shores of Freeport.

Their journey was coming to an end. If the rumor had taken off, it might catch the Prince of Free Ziel’s attention, and Faen might have some allies in her headhunting. If not-- well, Faen was used to going things alone. She had her gear. She was ready.

Secrets :

L1 Bladed weapons
L2 Unarmed (Nysta)

Brawling Knife
Wire reinforced net
Leather and iron bolas (thrown weapons used for tangling fleeing prey)
Blunt, nail studded club

Legionnaire structure and combat formations

Chainmail shirt
Medium leather armor: cuirass, pauldrons, bracers, tassets
Fingerless leather gloves
Reinforced riding boots with a heavy sole
Horned helm of the Bahamut (not enchanted but “radiates power”)

Pants and shirts and a jacket and stuff

Rope. Lots of rope.
Rations and water
Wine (to share with other legion affiliated mercs)
Comb and personal hygiene effects
Light bedroll and blanket

Gray Hand ~ Residence
Rep red or green as actions merit.

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Fenystra Ilsynthi
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Having no true Imperial allegiance to get herself on the fancy ship, besides some tenuous connection to Sancta Nova's constabulary, Fenystra found herself on the second ship, filled with cutthroats, mercenaries and miscreants. But if this was a necessity to get to the island of Terramarique then so be it. It helped of course that she could stay well away from the ship's occupants by flying alongside the ship. And when her wings tired, she would find a high point and rest there. And of course the fact that she'd only been on the ship on the last leg of its journey from Libertas Bay meant she didn't have to deal with a lot of stuff either.

As she glided alongside the ship she thought of her decision to come to the island. She'd heard the talk of grand rewards for killing the criminals on the island who had escaped. But monetary gain wasn't why the Juive'lea wanted to take up arms. No, she had asked about this Terramarique and learned that the worst of the Empire who weren't executed for some reason were sent here. Thieves, murderers… and rapists. And considering the people she shared a ship with the inmates on Terramarique had to be the worst indeed. Fenystra could not allow any of these people to make it to the mainland. She would not allow it. And although she had never wanted to use her weapons in anything but self-defense, she would draw blood to defend people from the worst of humanity.

Noting the island coming into view, Fenystra made her way back to the ship, where she landed on top of the mainmast to rest her wings, while still keeping an eye out for early trouble. And she'd make less of a tempting target than if she were flying. She'd just have to find even more cover if any arrows started flying.

Secrets :

Level 1 Minor Magic (Glamour)

Leather armour shirt and skirt which covers her upper legs, all plated with sheets of metal
Leather bracers with small sheets of metal on the outside
Twin longdaggers
Yew Longbow
Glaive with crossguard
Assorted clothing

Fenystra is a Juive'len Elf, so she has wings, green ones, in case that isn't entirely clear.
Common Thought Elven
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Aerys Nardaquilli
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Aerys Nardaquilli is a glorious SuperheroAerys Nardaquilli is a glorious SuperheroAerys Nardaquilli is a glorious SuperheroAerys Nardaquilli is a glorious Superhero
It all happened so fast for the poor Aerys, as he just followed the call, ending up on a ship with people of various ages and races. However, they all had one thing in common, they were all so impressive, so omnipresent, that the young half-vysstichi could almost put a bet on it that he was like air to least a fly, something they wouldn't even look at if they had to, but he didn't care, he was there just for the fun of it, the thrills and excitement of a possible adventure simply called at him, compelled him to slip through the men and women who walked onto the most imposing of the ships that left the harbor.

Looking around, the young man's mouth fell open in amazement. He recognized a few of the people that were on the boat, not because he knew them personally, but because he remembered some of their exploits as they were told in the Aelyrian Herald or simply by rumors and tales told by adventurers that came to his town and drank alongside him in the tavern, telling the young Aerys about the deeds they had seen others do.

There was the Baron of Vortex, his Emminence Faust Kitrye'veresi, a man who had singlehandedly changed the image of the Vysstichi race for the better, doing that which even the greatest of elder houses could not do: he became a noble in the Aelyrian peerage, he became a hero, a legend and even a god to those budding young Vysstichis living all around Aelyria and even though if Aerys himself was 'just' a halfblood, he was more than proud of his heritage now, though sad that his mother could not see the man who stood so proudly and prominently at the prow of the ship.

There was also the giant Titan of Aslan, someone who could not be overlooked and who was in every way the Baron of Vortex' equal, with his own exploits being evenly numerous and evenly legendary. Another person who peaked Aerys interest was the woman near Faust, she seemed so untouchable and so stern that Aerys was glad his mother was not around to see her, for if she was still alive, her inborn matriarchism would've told him to seek out a woman like her, someone who could take him down a notch or two without even flinching.

There were others as well, a heavily armored man who he thought to have seen at least once from a distance in Ziel Aerca and then there was that mysterious man, who in elegance equalled Faust for sure, but somehow had this mysterious air about him that it actually managed to make Aerys avoid looking at him for to long.

With a sigh, the young half elf just leaned on the rail of the deck, breathing in the salty ocean air, while checking the pockets of his vest to make sure he had taken his notebook with him.

Secrets :

Items: Notebook and pencil
Lore: Military strategy
Skills: not a single damn thing xD

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Tyr Soradir
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It was an easy decision. He was always ready to pick up his sword for a good cause. Before he knew it he was already on the ship heading away from his home. Of course the actual task was going to be much more difficult than the decision to take it. Oh well, there was no turning back now.

Looking around at all the cutthroats and ne'er-do-wells, he tried to find a corner he could sit quietly in and ready himself for the oncoming battle. Once he was settled he sighed. He should have brought a book.

Secrets :

Initiate Sorcerer

Steel Longsword
Steel Dagger
Black Leather Armor

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Martellus is a glorious SuperheroMartellus is a glorious SuperheroMartellus is a glorious SuperheroMartellus is a glorious Superhero
It was a simple, brutal calling, and like so many others Martellus was there to take part. He wasn't the most skilled warrior but he hoped to provide what help he could against the threat posed by these criminals.

He was at once excited and nervous to enter Freeport; the job was going to be dangerous, which suited his limited talents well enough. He'd have to keep his wits about him and his friends nearby but he would probably be fine if he kept organised and fought smart. For now though they were just waiting to get there.

He saw a few familiar faces among allies on the boat. Veleraen was here, not bad for morale in Marty's book. He could swear he had noticed Faengwen around on the ship too; he hadn't seen her in a long time.

He also found Rhystlin with some important-looking Elves. Marty went to stand with Farsteel, hoping that if there were squads to be formed he might join the prospective mercenary captain. "Serale, you guys."

He squinted at the Vysstichi a bit. "Uh...?" Could it be the renowned commander Faust? Participating in this job alongside them? The Dracon's jaw hung slightly open; he realised he might actually have the chance before him to meet Faust Kitrye'veresi. But quite typically he couldn't think of anything to say.

Secrets :
  • Level 2/Veteran Bladed Weapons (longsword)
  • Level 2/Journeyman Necromancy

  • Fighting with a shield

  • Longsword, slight corrosive effect (alchemical)
  • Machete
  • Dagger
  • Kite shield

  • Medium plate-armour
  • Charcoal-grey cloak

Other equipment
  • Rations, water
  • Exploration things (spyglass, lantern, compass, bedroll)

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Ulfgar Wulfson
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Ulfgar Wulfson is a famous HeroUlfgar Wulfson is a famous Hero
Bodies of water, and by extension vessels that plied their routes, made dwarves uncomfortable. As a race, they were not considered swimmers. In truth they were considered sinkers; their biological make up lent them a density that caused them to be devoid of any buoyancy whatsoever and as such dwarves, as a rule, did not swim or enjoy activities that required them to be on, in or around water. Ulfgar, in this regard, was a typical representative of his race and stood close to the main mast of the vessel, lips pursed tightly and eyes narrowed as he focused on the horizon and not the salt water death that surrounded him.

And if the promise of certain death if he was tossed overboard was not enough, Ulfgar was surrounded by elves. Or at least five or six from what he had gathered. Two males – one dark, one light – spoke to each other near the prow whilst another stood on deck using a spyglass to examine the island to which they were headed. There was also a Giant – some famous warrior type – with his retinue and a Dracon. The grog had made things easier, but it was human made and not that fine. At least there was one familiar face, Rhystlin, though her attention was with the dark elf and Ulfgar was unsure if she’d even recall who he was after their trip to Riparia. Nevertheless, she was a fine companion then, despite possessing pointed ears and would likely prove to be a fine companion in this endeavor. This small boon was a positive nugget in what had so far been a rotten assignment.

The assignment had come from so high up the command chain he couldn’t even discern who had issued it. Despite being relatively new to the Veldar, Ulfgar had managed to prove to be a dependable and capable soldier. Though nominally a member of the infantry he had been employed on a number of occasions by the military intelligence division (the trip to Riparia foremost amongst them) to undertake fact finding missions where a more robust nature was preferential to specialist skills in subterfuge, this, he construed, was because he had a mind like a steel trap and was not fragile enough to fall down dead if put under duress. He had therefore found his person on a ship bound for Terramarique with the remit to act in accordance with Veldar regulations as their representative but little else.

”Will be interestin’.” was his only comment as he eyed the distant island.

Secrets :
  • Level 1 Axe
  • Level 1 Crossbow

Weapons and Armor
  • Axe
  • Crossbow
  • Dagger
  • Scalemail Hauberk and Bracers
  • Helmet
  • Round Shield

  • Veldar infantry uniform
  • Bear skin cloak

Other equipment
  • Rations, water
  • Veldar field equipment

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Rickith Lanza

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Rickith found himself on the less fancy ship, making his way into the cargo hold where most of the cuttthroats, and others were that were made of mercenaries, as well as people hired on by the legions to take on this mission. He himself had volunteered for it, and with him he brought his trusty spear, and the clothes on his back. He was fairly adept with the spear, definitely a veteran, and was more than capable of handling himself when it came to combat. The gadgeteering dragoon was ready for anything to assist the legions, and hopefully something useful would come out of it...

Secrets :
Skills: L2 Gadgeteering
L2 Spear
L1 Alchemy

Items: Spear, Clothes on his back

"Do you feel cold and lost in desperation?
You build up hope, but failure’s all you’ve known
Remember all the sadness and frustration
And let it go. Let it go" - Linkin Park, Iridescent
Status: In the process of moving to my grandpa's with my husband, posting will be slow, many apologies to the people i'm in threads with. After October 5th it should return to normal speeds.
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