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A Guide to Spellbreaking

A brief collection of frequently asked questions as they relate to spellbreaking.
Further Reading: [wiki]Spellbreaking[/wiki], [wiki]A Primer to Magic[/wiki]
[h=2]FAQ: Spellbreakers and Arcana[/h]
How do Spellbreakers fit into the current system of arcana?
Spellbreakers are effectively magic-capable individuals with ties to the Material Plane, it is considered a metaphysical magic. Spellbreaking counts as a magic skill.

Spellbreakers do not manipulate essences directly. In order to gather arcanic contamination, they rely on methods and techniques employed by [wiki]alchemy[/wiki] or [wiki=Adjuration]adjuration[/wiki] to gather energy for reification. Imprinting/infusing also relies on external processes to shape and give purpose to the gathered energy. The main difference with Spellbreakers is the ability to manipulate material objects infused by [wiki]arcane contamination[/wiki]. By changing the properties of the ‘container’, they can indirectly affect the energy contained inside.

Spellbreakers do not need to be Amplified like normal mages. Their skill progression more closely mirrors a [wiki=A Primer to Trades]trade skill[/wiki] by improving through practice, dedication, and research.

Can I be a Spellbreaker and practice one of the eight Spheres of Arcana?
No. The strong ties to the [wiki]Material Plane[/wiki] prevents Spellbreakers from learning any other arcana skill.
Further Reading: [wiki]Alchemy[/wiki], [wiki]Adjuration[/wiki], [wiki]Arcane Contamination[/wiki], [wiki]Arcane Techniques[/wiki]
[h=2]FAQ: Basic Practices[/h]
What effects does the Soulstone Ritual have on a Spellbreaker’s abilities?
In general a [wiki]Soulstone[/wiki] Ritual will ‘skew’ a Spellbreaker towards the active abilities at the cost of reification. The magnitude and side effects of the ritual are left to GM discretion.

How many spells can a Spellbreaker alter (Bouncing, Destructive Reshaping, Spell Hijack. amd Dissolution)?
The process of altering another mage's spell requires the expenditure of a Spellbreaker’s vis equal to the amount of vis required to cast the original spell. Additional tampering requires vis equal to the original spell.

A Spellbreaker’s vis increases on a per-level basis like a standard mage.
[h=2]FAQ: More Advanced Matters[/h]
What happens if a Spellbreaker tries to Bounce a higher-level spell? (i.e. Professional Spellbreaker and Adept spell)
Stronger spells are more robust than their weaker counterparts. A Spellbreaker can still attempt to tamper with a spell, but the results are unpredictable. Exact details are up to GM discretion.
Further Reading: [wiki=A_Players_Guide_to_Moderation]A Guide to Moderation[/wiki]
How powerful are reified magical items?
As a general rule of thumb:
  • Novice – Small persistent effects best described as novelty/interesting but largely harmless. Novice-level creations generally require harvesting arcanic contamination from a level 1 site.
  • Professional – Small persistent effects of general usefulness. Professional-level creations generally require harvesting arcanic contamination from a level 2 site.
  • Artisan – Persistent effects roughly equal to an initiate-level spell. Artisan-level creations generally require harvesting arcanic contamination from a level 3 site.
  • Master – Persistent effects roughly equal to a journeyman-level spell. Master-level creations generally require harvesting arcanic contamination from a level 4 site.
  • Grandmaster – Persistent effects roughly equal to a adept-level spell. Grandmaster-level creations generally require harvesting arcanic contamination from a level 5 site.
How powerful is a Spellbreaker’s warping abilities?
In order to use their warping abilities, a Spellbreaker must be in close physical proximity (4-5 feet maximum) to an object. A Spellbreaker can only alter one material property of an object and can only alter objects to the maximum properties of its generally “type”. (i.e. a stone can become as soft as gypsum or as hard as diamond, but it will never be flammable) As a practitioner becomes more experienced, the rate at which they can alter a property and the overall affected mass increases.

Spellbreakers cannot warp extraplanar objects or materials like amindolite.

Below are sample warping times for a small object (i.e. a wooden cup).
  • Novice – Several minutes or more.
  • Professional – A few minutes.
  • Artisan – A few seconds.
  • Master – One or two seconds, can perform under duress.
  • Grandmaster – Instant
Going from a ‘average’ material to either extreme would take ~half the time.

How much arcanic activity is required to create a given level of arcanic contamination?
  • Incidental – By nature incidental sites of arcanic contamination are not possible. These reflect the ‘background noise’ of various processes in the Material Plane.
  • Persistent – A few low level spells for a temporary site, a location of repeated and prolonged incidental exposure for a permanent site.
  • Infused – Adept/Master level spell for a temporary site, a location of repeated and prolonged purposeful exposure.
  • Breached – Multiple Master level spells for a temporary site, a location of extreme power for a particular essence.
  • Catastrophic – Archmagi-level spells and effects for a temporary site, divine intervention for a permanent site.

Written by Noe.

[category]Guides[/category][category]Magic[/category][category]Metaphysical Magic[/category][category]Skills[/category]
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