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A Primer to Skills

Skills in Aelyria are many and varied, but there are some hard set rules in regards to how to level them up or progress them throughout the course of your character's story.

[h=2]Acquiring Knowledge[/h]
There is much to be known in the world of Aelyria and, depending upon your character's background, he or she may already know some of it. Persons who grow up around cities and towns benefit from public education; children attend a [wiki]Grammaticus[/wiki], where they learn to read, write, and reason. Usually children also learn a second language. Afterwards, young adults attend [wiki]Schola[/wiki], where they study history and literature, so that once they venture out in the world, they have a solid grasp of the story of their people and their kingdom.

Characters in Aelyria start out with this basic education and, so to increase what it is that they know, they will have to acquire knowledge. Knowledge can be obtained in a variety of ways: from reading in libraries to searching for relics. Most cities have a Universitas, an institution dedicated to academic pursuit. Characters may require knowledge in order to perform certain tasks; for example, to understand the origin of items, a character may want to study archaeology; to be able to command soldiers in war, an adventurer may need to attend a military academy. Lore identifies what your character knows and is helpful in determining what would be a realistic reaction for your character when encountering the random challenges and obstacles they face.

There is never a limit to what your character can know. However, there are certain reasonable limits as to what your character is skilled at doing.
Further Reading: [wiki=A Primer to Character Creation]Character Creation[/wiki], [wiki=A Primer to Starting Packages]Starting Packages[/wiki]
[h=2]Types of Skills and Knowledge[/h]
There are a variety of different types of skills and knowledges found throughout Aelyria.
Lore is a singular ability or knowledge that cannot be expanded on as a tiered skill. It is a one trick pony that includes academic knowledge or even unique traits that can be expanded upwardly or outwardly, not both, meaning your character may obtain more information, but cannot become more proficient or may become more proficient at the individual ability but does not learn more to expand upon it.
Further Information: [wiki]A Primer to Lore[/wiki]
[h=3]Racial Abilities[/h]
Racial abilities are those a character may start out with from the very beginning of their journey. Unlike trained skills these abilities are intuitive to the character's racial make-up. These racial quirks cannot be trained although a character can fine tune their ability overtime. Racial skills do not require experience points to demonstrate progression.
Further Reading: [wiki]A Primer to Lore[/wiki], [wiki=A Primer to Playable Races]Playable Races[/wiki], [wiki=A Primer to Companionship Races]Companionship Races[/wiki]
[h=3]Deity Granted Abilities[/h]
Abilities that are granted by a deity of any sort, be they a planetar or god, are acquired by your character through extensive play within the game. These skills are gained by the character's demonstration of faith and worship and are given most often as a reward for their service to the gifting deity. As such, these abilities may not be obtained from the outset of a character's journey. Deity granted abilities function much the same as racial abilities in that they may not be leveled up. Unlike racial abilities, these do not become finely honed by gaining experience points. Instead the ability is obtained as it is and the character may come to understand its use over time, but may not better it. The skill may only be added to or expanded upon by the will of the deity who initially granted it to them by further role-play. Because deity granted abilities may not be improved through level up progression, they also do not take up a slot in one of the Skill Limit paths detailed below.
Further Reading: [wiki]A Guide to Championship[/wiki], [wiki=A Primer to the Pantheon]Gods of Aelyria[/wiki]
There are a great number of things a character is considered to be able to do without any specific training or level of skill. These things include activities like swimming, horse riding, cooking and other common activities performed in daily life. Training in these skills can be sought out, but are not required to swim well enough to not drown or to cook a tasty meal for yourself or friends. Having a skill in something becomes necessary during times of adversity or where high competence is required, such as a professional environment or high pressure situation.

A person can be considered to be at Level 0, or Unskilled, in all things when referring to skill reference material.
[h=3]Combat Skills[/h]
Citizens and adventurers enter Aelyria with a fundamental ability to defend themselves modestly. However, against the foes and beasts of the world, this tends to be rather futile. So to be able to successfully defeat monsters, a character must be trained in the art of combat. Guilds and armies, militia and societies readily accept and train recruits in the use of various weapons, and acquiring the skills to use these weapons is necessary in order to engage in armed combat. Sometimes, unarmed combat as well can be an effective discipline against the dangers of the world.
Further Reading: [wiki]A Primer to Combat[/wiki]
[h=3]Magic Skills[/h]
In the world of Aelyria, certain individuals may gain supernatural abilities to affect the [wiki]Material Plane[/wiki], whether by casting spells or drawing metaphysical beings into physical substance. Such abilities, generically labeled as magic, open the individual to a wide array of powerful talents and skills. However, all magic has a cost. Learning a magical ability always alters the individual in some way, thus leaving them unable to learn any additional magical skills.
Further Reading: [wiki]A Primer to Magic[/wiki]
[h=3]Trade Skills[/h]
Artisans and craftsmen throughout the world hone and perfect their skills at producing items of their handiwork. Characters in Aelyria often aspire to learn how to perform these trade skills to create products of value and power; ordinarily, an aspiring tradesman will first undergo an apprenticeship to learn the basics of his craft, and then afterwards head out into the world to make a living for himself until he is ready to claim mastery over the trade. Merchants and businessmen often rely upon the crafters that inhabit the realms, and embarking on creating these items and mastering these trades is often very beneficial.
Further Reading: [wiki]A Primer to Trades[/wiki]
[h=2]Skill Experience and Advancement[/h]
Information on how to advance skills in Aelyria.[h=3]Naming Conventions[/h]
The three types of skills--Combat, Magic, and Trades--are both learned and practiced, and when they are used and trained, the practitioner progresses in proficiency. In Aelyria, there are five levels of proficiency across the skills:
These titles are generally acknowledged to be the public recognition of a person's accomplishment in the skill, but some skills may have specialized titles more reflective of the skill's history, culture, and tradition.
[h=3]Training and Practice[/h]
There are two steps to progressing through the levels of proficiency: first, learning the essentials (both theory and abilities) of the skill; and, secondly, practicing the abilities. Together, both training and practicing, can yield experience (see below). Practitioners of a craft can usually teach others the theory and abilities behind their skill set, but the student must put those ideas into practice in order to get the benefit of progression.
In order to advance through proficiencies, a character must obtain experience. Experience is acquired by applying the skill through practice and use. Threads in which these skills are applied can be awarded experience by a Game Master. Experience is awarded as experience points. These points are specific to the skill being learned and applied, and as your character collects experience points, he or she may advance and progress through proficiency levels for that particular skill. Moderators can award experience and are asked to follow this basic guideline:
1 Point. Standard Progression contributing towards acquisition of knowledge, skills, and abilities for the proficiency.

2 Points. Phenomenal Progression containing a display of considerable creative ingenuity and setting a high standard for proficiency.
While some learning and practicing the skill can often only yield one point for significant progress, earning two points is a matter of routinely focusing on that skill over the course of weeks and months for the character. Two points may also be rewarded to a character if they prosper under extreme conditions or in moments of brilliance. As a character acquires these points and they accumulate, he or she may be able to advance and progress to the next level of proficiency. This is commonly called a "Level Up Thread."
[h=3]Leveling Up[/h]
An adventure or encounter that tests your character's skills and abilities is considered a pivotal moment that may advance your skill another level should you be successful in overcoming the challenges and risks. These level-ups may be done within any thread your character is actively involved in so long as you meet a challenge worthy of the advanced level and you meet the total experience points needed for the next level.

Here is a list of the levels and the experience required to hold that level:

[table=head]Level|Total Exp

Level advancement is awarded at a moderator's discretion and the request may be turned down if the thread is not found suitable.
Further Reading: [wiki=A_Guide_to_End_of_Thread_Rewards]End of Thread Rewards[/wiki], [wiki]A Guide to Leveling Up[/wiki]
[h=3]Who Can Moderate What?[/h]
Level 1 through Level 2 threads can be earned through the course of a thread simply by acquiring the pre-requisite amount of experience points without having a designated level-up thread. Alternatively, the player may request moderation for the learning of these skills. Any moderator or peer-moderator may handle Level 1 through Level 2 threads.

Level 3 through Level 4 threads can be moderated by any moderator or a peer moderator. These may not be self-moderated.

Level 5 threads may be moderated by any moderator ranking above Adept or by a peer moderator. These threads can only be ran after gaining permission from the Management Team via the Peer Moderation Desk.
Further Reading: [wiki]Volunteering in Aelyria[/wiki]
[h=3]Skill Limits[/h]
Most characters have certain basic limits as to how much they are capable of being skilled at doing. These skill limits require tough choices by players to decide in what their characters will specialize. The limitations also reflect the reality that citizens and adventurers have a limited amount of focus and discipline.

Characters may possess up to a total of 8 leveled skills. This does not include random experience points awarded from moderators that do not relate to the skills identified by the character as the core 8 (for example, 'crowd surfing' or 'stubbornness'). This also does not include experience points awarded in lore (for example, 'wilderness survival' or 'seduction').

In those 8 skills, a character may advance to 1 level 5 skill with the remaining 7 allowed to advance up to level 4.

The breakdown appears as follows: 5/4/4/4/4/4/4/4

[category]Primers[/category][category]Skills[/category][category]Trade Skills[/category][category]Magic[/category][category]Combat[/category][category]New Players[/category][category]Starting the Game[/category]
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