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A Guide to Character Creation

An OOC Guide to Character Creation.

Aelyria is the original play-by-post creative experience on the Internet. The message forums and bulletin boards allow players to immerse themselves in a unique fantasy world. Here, characters can explore, quest, and adventure in a fairy tale of magic, romance, mystery, and intrigue. They may be heroes or villains, commoners or kings, forge alliances and friendships or compete with foes and rivals across a vast landscape dotted by ruined castles, thriving cities, monsters, brigands, friendly spirits, spellcraft, and warring gods.
Further Reading: [wiki]About Aelyria[/wiki]
[h=2]Character Name[/h]
Joining Aelyria is both free and easy. The first step is the creation of an account which you will use to represent your character in the game world. The registration process is quick and will require you to create a unique User Name. This should be the name of the character which you wish to create. While this name is limited only by your imagination, it is suggested that you consider your character’s gender, race, and background to design a name that will fit into your concept.
Avoid chatroom handles. “PowerMonger885” does not fit into the fantasy environment in-game and is not appropriate.

Avoid familiar names. Lancelot or Daenerys are too well-known to be properly adopted to our atmosphere.

Avoid titles, such as Sir, Miss, or Lord. These must be earned in-game.
Try asking advice in the Questions Forum if you are having difficulty. If you ever wish to change your character’s name, you may request such in the Help Desk. After registering, you will receive a confirmation e-mail to the address provided. Once activated, your account is ready to use. Take a moment to visit our Welcome Forum and introduce yourself to the community.
[h=2]Character Specifics[/h]
Both males and females excel equally in the world of Aelyria. Some begin as children, others aged elderly, and many any of the ages in between. You will need to select the gender and [wiki=Age Race Chart]age[/wiki] (it is often best to be approximate) for your character, as well as its specific race.
Further Reading: [wiki]Age Race Chart[/wiki]
There are many sentient races in the world, each with their own sets of traits and abilities. Some have distinct cultures; others are amalgams of their local geographical areas. All races listed as [wiki=A Primer to Playable Races]playable[/wiki] are available for anyone to play. Users with a Companionship Subscription may also create characters from races listed as [wiki=A Primer to Companionship Races]Companions Races[/wiki]. Choosing a race will help you decide the physical appearance and description for your character. Basics such as eye and hair color, height, weight, and noticeable scars will help other characters respond to yours appropriately.
Further Reading: [wiki]A Primer to Playable Races[/wiki], [wiki]A Primer to Companionship Races[/wiki]
Including some basic history about your character, such as parents' names and status and any traumatic, life-defining events will help you further define your character's personality. It is best to be vague here too; additional details can always be filled in later as your knowledge of the game world grows. You will also need to decide whether your character is a [wiki=citizenship in Aelyria]citizen of Aelyria[/wiki], either born or naturalized, or a [wiki]barbari[/wiki]. Citizens are afforded all political rights and protections in the Empire; barbari have none and may be enslaved or summarily executed. All of these facts should be recorded in a Character Sheet kept in the Character Forum, which you can continue to add to and update as your character grows and evolves.
Further Reading: [wiki]A Guide to Character Sheets[/wiki], [wiki]Citizenship in Aelyria[/wiki], [wiki]Barbari[/wiki]
[h=2]Starting Package[/h]
Characters may begin with nothing or they may instead have some material possessions and abilities, assumed to have been gained in their lives previous to their creation. The limits on these items and talents are called [wiki=A Primer to Starting Packages]starting packages[/wiki], all of which are customizable. Included in the character’s starting package is the ability to begin with a single Initiate-level skill, be it in [wiki=a primer to combat]Arms[/wiki], [wiki=a primer to trades]Trade[/wiki], or [wiki=a primer to magic]Magic[/wiki]. As characters are roleplayed, these [wiki=A Primer to Skills]skills[/wiki] may evolve, enhance, and alter the way they interact with the game world.

Please be sure to list all chosen items and abilities from your starting package in your [wiki=a guide to character sheets]Character Sheet[/wiki] so that you, other players, and moderators can keep track of what your character currently owns or knows. These lists should be continually updated as your character is roleplayed and changes.
Further Reading: [wiki]A Guide to Starting Packages[/wiki], [wiki]A Primer to Skills[/wiki]
You are now ready to make your first post! First, review the [wiki=A Primer to Geography]map[/wiki] to decide where geographically your character might be. Then, find the corresponding forum in game. Start a new thread there using the announcement at the top of the forum to [wiki=A Primer to Time]timestamp[/wiki] your thread in the appropriate season and year, and begin your adventure!
Further Information: [wiki]A Primer to Geography[/wiki], [wiki]A Primer to Time[/wiki]
Threads in Aelyria are almost always interactive, whether between player characters or through [wiki=A Players' Guide to Moderation]moderation[/wiki], or both. Moderation involves a third-party [wiki=A_Players_Guide_to_Moderation]staff member[/wiki] that will create environments, roleplay non-player characters, and determine the results of players' outcomes in threads. Should you wish to advertise your new character to potential moderators or to meet and interact with other characters, please visit our Matchmaker Forum to introduce your new character and request such.
Further Reading: [wiki]A Players' Guide to Moderation[/wiki]
Please note: each player is allowed one (1) active character at a time. Companionship allows players to have multiple accounts active simultaneously. Should you ever wish to stop playing a character, simply put "Retired" and the date in its signature and then you may begin a new character.

Happy playing!
Credit goes to Kaelon, Ragman, and Jacob for previous guides.

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