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A Primer to Playable Races

Within the Aelyrian Empire there are a number of different races with distinctive appearances and traits. Many of these races can be chosen by players when creating their character for Aelyria, though some require a Companionship Subscription. In this Playable Race Primer you will find a brief overview of all the races within Aelyria that can be played without a subscription, and for more information on an individual race or subrace you will find more detailed pages linked within.

For the races that can be played with a subscription: [wiki]A Primer to Companionship Races[/wiki]

Humans are most common and dominant people within the Empire. Three words best exemplify the strength of Humans: diversity, ingenuity and adaptability. No other race has as many beliefs practiced or as many professions worked, few races match their ability to think creatively, and no race has proven to adapt to change as well as Humanity.

Mature Humans generally stand between 5' to 6'5", with extremes at either end of the scale possible. Their skins range from pale through to rich dark browns (almost black) and eyes are usually a variant of brown but green and blues are not uncommon. Hair ranges from almost white through to black with reds, brown and blonde being common shades. The hair may be straight, wavy or curled. Men are physically larger and physically stronger than Women, though this is also variable.
Further reading: [wiki]Humans[/wiki]
Elves are the oldest of the mortal races within Aelyria. They are long-lived, graceful and regal to behold. They are widely admired, sometimes feared, and invariably respected. Though the sub-races of the Elven people are highly varied in their physical appearances, they have a few things in common. They are all willowy and lithe creatures and are typified by long, pointed ears and angular facial features. Compared to humans they are shorter, with less strength but greater agility.
Further Reading: [wiki]Elves[/wiki]
Medonian and Sylrosian Elves
Light Born elves have pale skin with eyes are usually a variant of brown but green and blues are not uncommon. Hair ranges from almost white through to black with reds, brown and blonde being common shades.
Further reading: [wiki]Medonian and Sylrosian Elves[/wiki]
Dark Elves are classified by their ebony skin, with hair mostly white in colour, silver is also common. Their eyes are always red or florescent in colour. Unlike the other elven subraces, the female Vysstichi are taller and heavier then their male counterparts.
Further reading: [wiki]Vysstichi[/wiki]
The Shadow Elves have skin deathly pale, devoid of coloration, with eye color in the ranging between the browns, greys, and golds with blue and violet uncommon. Hair is always blanched and light, ranging from completely colorless and white to greys and silvers to a very faint blonde.
Further reading: [wiki]Esh'lahier[/wiki]
More commonly known as the Sea Elves, they are typified by blue-green tinge to their pale skin, with the green colour often extending to hair colour though hair ranging from black to blonde is also not uncommon with red never occurring. Eye colour ranges from browns to greens and blues as well, though the whites of their eyes are an inky black.
Further reading: [wiki]Thëlyri[/wiki]
The Fae races are extremely varied but are considered to be the small or miniature races of the Empire. They may or may not be winged, but are considered magical in nature and have a general affinity to arcana.
Further Reading: [wiki]Fae-Folk[/wiki]
The average Faerie is long lived, and small, standing between six inches to a full foot. Their bodies are lithe and svelte. Their wings are in the shape of butterfly wings with the range of colours and patterns endless. Eyes vary with any colour including metallic, other than yellow, and hair ranges from blacks, browns, reds and blondes, with blue and greens uncommon.
Further reading: [wiki]Faeries[/wiki]
Pixies being the smallest of all the fae races, standing four to eight inches, with males tending to be the taller of the two.. Their wings are similar to that of a dragonfly, and colours range from transparent to a brilliant chromatic colors. The color of a pixies skin ranges from very pale to a deep tan, whilst their hair color ranges from a platinum blond to a deep rich chestnut brown. Their eye colors range from pale blues, violets, greens and browns.
Further reading: [wiki]Pixies[/wiki]
Gnomes are a diminutive humanoid race, averaging between 1 foot to 2 feet tall. Gnomes essentially look like small humans, though they have larger noses and slightly pointed and hairy ears.
Further reading: [wiki]Gnomes[/wiki]
Cether or Halflings are a miniature folk. They measure on the average between the height of 2’ to 3’6”. Their hair and eye colours are similar to those of humans, though violet eye colour is uncommon.
Further reading: [wiki]Cether[/wiki]
Dwarves inhabit mostly mountainous regions, though they tend to live side-by-side with humans in human towns and cities. They are short of stature, strong and notoriously bearded. The average dwarf is four feet tall and about two hundred and twenty-five pounds. This mass of muscle makes them, on average, slower then other races, but incredibly strong and tough, and dwarves are renown for their iron constitutions.
Further reading: [wiki]Dwarves[/wiki]
Giants are the tallest, largest and strongest race to be found within the Aelyrian Empire. They usually stand between nine and sixteen feet in height, Giantesses usually being slightly smaller than their male counterparts. Their skin is usually anywhere from dark brown and may have various greyish tints and appears stony. A Giant’s other features are very similar to humans, though larger in size.
Further reading: [wiki]Giants[/wiki]
Orcs are a race of fierce warriors. Constantly raiding and invading each other and all neighbors, orcs live for the glory of war and the thrill of combat. The individual orc is a natural fighter, who acquires combat skills quickly, and whose natural strength gives him an advantage over members of other races. They are the largest of the goblinoid races, with sallow or dark skin, thick hides, clawed hands, broad flat faces with pug noses, powerful jaws, fangs and jutting brows. Unusually females are larger than males but this is due more to nutritional rather than genetic factors. The Orc build is ape-like with short bowed legs and over long arms and broad muscular shoulders, which give them great muscular power.
Further reading: [wiki]Orcs[/wiki]
[h=2]Bestial Races[/h]
There are a number of bestial races within Aelyria that take on the physical features and traits of animals. These races include those based of canine, feline, rodent and reptile and lizard species, with some others included.

The Dorin race, is a sentient anthropomorphic canine species found within Aelyria. Dorin average in height from 5' up to 7' tall. Their body type is nearly always husky and muscular, with little to no extraneous fat, making them strong and resistant to the elements, excellent for long journeys within harmful environments.
Further reading: [wiki]Dorin[/wiki]
The Katta race, is a sentient anthropomorphic feline species found within Aelyria. Size, height, build, and fur coloring among the katta changes with whatever ethnic group they come from. The common feline ancestry is evident across the entire race. Their bodies are covered in a layer of fur, with facial features similar to that of cats.
Further reading: [wiki]Katta[/wiki]
The Lutran race, is a sentient anthropomorphic ottor species found within Aelyria.
Further reading: [wiki]Lutran[/wiki]
The Rodenti race, is a sentient anthropomorphic rodent species found within Aelyria.
Further reading: [wiki]Rodenti[/wiki]
The Saurid race, is a sentient anthropomorphic lizard species found within Aelyria. The average height of the saurid as a race ranges from six and a half to seven feet when bipedal, the females having a tendency to be slightly bigger. Scales cover the majority of their bodies and tails
Further reading: [wiki]Saurid[/wiki]
Dracons are a race of humanoids with reptilian features. Possessed of an extensive lifespan, several very useful racial abilities. In terms of weight and height, dracons tend to be comparable to humans, with the addition of wings and a tail. Their wingspan is usually roughly twice their height. From head to toe they are covered completely in scales.
Further reading: [wiki]Dracons[/wiki]
Humanoid creatures that are able to both live on sea and land, they are considered ugly in appearance, much of their body covered in pearlescent fish scales.
Further reading: [wiki]Mer[/wiki]
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