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Argon Shatterskin
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Argon Shatterskin is a famous HeroArgon Shatterskin is a famous Hero
Argon Shatterskin

Relevant details:

Blonde hair, usually long and seldom well cut or styled. The beard, however, is immaculate with two braids each side of the moustache. He has a disproportionately large right arm as opposed to his left. Argon will typically be carrying a spiked wooden shield, sterling quality, an axe, sterling quality, a stoneaxe (family heirloom), throwing axes, leather cap and a bag filled with various rations and minor trinkets of little import.

His height and weight aside from that was nothing out of the ordinary. A stocky build like the rest of his family, he was of the height 4'2'' tall. By spring Era XXVI Argon now sported ikos runes on his larger right arm. These are generally kept hidden due to the adverse effects runes can have on others

Jobs: freelance caravan guard. In between adventuring Argon seeks employment as a caravan guard using his reputation to secure contract price.

Current Finance tier: Sterling

Typically will wear traveller's cloak when travelling with a green tunic underneath. Otherwise just the green tunic. Wears brown trousers and a belt.

Carries a backpack for clothing and other incidental requirements (food in the form of bark, water etc.)

Poor quality axe purchased within the means of sterling rank finances

Family heirloom: He might find it one day. The stoneaxe of his Grandfather Stoneaxe Shatterskin is out there somewhere, waiting to be found.

Money = sterling tier

Basic Skills:

Axe fighting -> starting skill

Known runes: brittle, sharp, long

XP sources
1XP point

+2 xp A hole in the hill

+1 In the gut
+2 Starting package

Frigid River Thread:
Very strong Right arm
Can eat bark for sustenance

Evolution spell appears to allow resistance to black fog? (testing in game required)

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Argon Shatterskin
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Join Date: Jan 2014
Location: Wanderer
Posts: 1,112
Wealth Tier: Sterling
Argon Shatterskin is a famous HeroArgon Shatterskin is a famous Hero
Chronological order of threads starting ERA XXVI:

XXVI first part of Ponutis Dear great grandson once removed - Argon starts a mission to follow up on his own legacy - the stoneaxe. He meets a host of strange persons along the way as he tries to get to the dwarflands and follow up on a cryptic message from his long time friend Z'kron. He also becomes a member of the amateur volcanologists' society.

Early Ponutis Some People Find Vault Like There Is a Reward For It (Tali, Vree)
- Argon ignores a shadowelf as he stumbles into a new job

Ponutis An alchemical hunt - traveling with Rhyton and Calednon they seek from a list of alchemical ingredients. The hunt for mythical creatures begins

Ponutis Lauryl first hunt
- shadowstrays are terrorising people near Melodia. Argon teams up with a monster hunter to put a stop to it. However, the hunt took a less lethal twist along the way

Melora Roadhouse near ZA
- Argon gets drunk with Z'kron as they try to find a gift for a new member of the Kha'serith Family but get distracted trying to reunite a platytank with its family.

MeloraCarmena Ruins
- Argon drags Z'kron along with him as they meet a bunch of other adventurers which had heard a number of rumours concerning the riches and daring adventure that may be found deep within the ruins of Carmena Temple.

Early Cryxatum Hole in the hill
- Argon is separated from his friend my circumstance. Curiousity gets the better of him as he travels to another city for a better prospect of work. He finds the secrets of Ikos buried within a non-descript hill

Aperitus [ziel arca] Governor's office
- Argon meets Silucha, governing of Moonstone who is definitely not what Argon expected and accepts a job to track own a person of interest.

Aperitus [Malice aka Temperance]Inspector Shatterskin is on the case!(pm if wishing to join
- Argon tracks the person of interest he had been tasked to do by Silucha. Argon tries to impress the low life mercenaries of Temperance. Hilarity abounds

late Aperitus[Port Alyxandrya] The Talyx, to investigate the past (closed)
- Argon plans a trek into Sheria to find answers on 'what is empire?' and 'can it be saved?' and once again drags Z'kron with him. THey are joined by a gnome naed Declay and a half-dracon named Terebis. THey are given a secret route into Sheria and a mission of mercy to save an old man's son

late Aperitus during Previous threadIn the Gut in Port Alyxandrya [Argon and guest]
- Argon, high on the idea of being a hero and drunk on ale slaughters a bunch of people beating up another for money, then slaughters that person for looting corpses. Argon is a hero.

Summer [Somewhere near to the dolwoods] You are being crystal clear
- Argon gets perilously close to the dangers of the Dolwoods - won't somebody fix this already?

Summer? [ZA] Execute: Handshake Protocols Execute: Execute: Execute
This will be edited later to provide better context. For now this is to make it easier for me to keep track of the order of events
- Argon accepts another Government job in moonstone -> time to find out what is wrong in Chapsborg. Why does it always have to be swampy?
CiR here

Ikonomancer, axeman, wall painter in rouge. A 'hero'
Known runes: Brittle, Long, Sharp - each of these are tattoed upon the right oversized arm

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