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Scroll [Exposition - Closing] Aftermath

Threllius de Lylles II, First Minister, Imperial Viceroy, Prince of Lysandria, and wearer of entirely too many hats suppressed a yawn as he reviewed the latest dispatches under lamplight, sitting at the paperwork-beladen desk in his office at the hour of the wolf.

Just one last one to read before bed, he privately mused as he unsealed a missive marked with the Eye of Imperial Intelligence.

* * *

The survey of Solace Isle and its surroundings as well as interviews of participants in the battle have been completed. Imperial Intelligence makes these conclusions on the following subjects:


The Xet "Sunbase", Katara, was successfully infiltrated as per Her Majesty's plan of action. Multiple teams were sent, not only to sabotage the Katara, but to obtain and examine technology found onboard. These teams performed above and beyond their mission parameters and brought down the vessel while giving us an immense wealth of data on how it functioned and even how it was constructed (cf. "Special Report #38372: Analyzing the Malinconico Findings").

Deprived of its systems, and with more-than-superficial damage done to Katara's superstructure, Katara's disposition is obvious: it fell. The results of this are covered in the next section of this report. Casualties among those dispatched to Katara were minimal and even below expectations; the recall system devised by the Princess Dowager and the Ikeraelites was universally successful in its use for the Katara-assigned contingents.


The stopgap ground forces by and large were not as successful as their counterparts in the air. Evacuation of civilians was hindered by Xet forces, and attempts at salvaging something functional from the Imperial Shipyards were met with failure. Given the timetable for these actions, it is the opinion of Imperial Intelligence that this result was more or less unavoidable; Her Majesty's stratagem was contingent on an obvious lack of preparation in these regards, and if Solace Isle had been hardened as a target it is considered likely that Katara would have either held back from direct action, or, even worse, may have been deployed to more fragile civilian centers in the Empire, with no means to defend.

The fall of the Katara has the obvious result: Solace Isle, while merely inhospitable before, is now virtually uninhabitable. On impact, the Katara shattered into three large segments and several smaller fragments, and these are now scattered across the isle. Those Xetan crew and soldiery who survived this have gone to ground, and it is a near certainty that given the supply of corpses of those who did not survive, as well as the legendary Xetan omnivoracity, they will survive for some time to come there. Sentinels have been posted to monitor activity and ensure what forces do remain on Solace do not leave its vicinity.


The unanticipated collateral damage of this operation, the town of Paxia once again lies in ruin. It is anticipated that the impact crater of the Katara's weapon will eventually fill, turning the remnants of this thrice-doomed town into a small inland sea.

It is the belief of Intelligence that this should have not been wholly unforeseen, but no stratagem that would not countervent our objectives while preserving Paxia can be projected. Paxia is thus classified as an acceptable loss. Intelligence's recommendation is that a fourth attempt to rebuild the town not be considered; the Gods are obviously against it.


Operations in Harmon and Arbad could have gone better, but enough damage was inflicted to impact Xet air superiority and deny Katara reinforcement. In conjunction with political developments inside the Xet sphere (see below for more on that) this has curtailed the Xet will to retaliate.


Imperial Intelligence must here issue its objection to the veil of secrecy on the assassination of Vikrius Kumarius. Blinding the Empire's eyes when we are aiming to compile a complete picture of the situation is not ideal in our estimation, and so we again throw ourselves at the mercy of Her Majesty and beseech that she provide the necessary context of this matter before long so that it may be properly analyzed and reported.

It is without dispute that Vikrius Kumarius did not leave the encounter at Solace Isle alive. What has come as a surprise is that he apparently had brought most of the voices (and muscle) in his ruling faction with him. Following the events at Solace, a faction within the Xet called the Gerousia have reemerged and seized de facto command of the Alliance; it is known that this faction ruled the Alliance during the many years of detente prior to the current hostilities. The Gerousia show no sign of allocating any more forces to their invasion of the Empire, instead focusing on an internal purge of the remaining hostiles in their own territory. Given their traditional disdain for normalized diplomacy, it is not expected that they will be signing any peace treaties any time soon, however.

No data on encounters with the individuals designated as "Apostate Weapons" has been provided. This may or may not relate with Her Majesty's silence on the matter of Vikrius Kumarius, but we simply do not have the data.


All-in-all, our most important objective was achieved at Solace Isle: a defeat of the Xet so devastating that they would be unwilling to further prosecute war against the Empire. We have hobbled their capability for reprisal while also gaining insight into their unique armaments. Besides official full interdiction of Solace Isle, no allocation of resources to once again rebuild Paxia, and a request to her Majesty to unseal to Intelligence the data on the encounter with Vikrius Kumarius, we have no further recommendations or requests to make, and consider this case closed.
* * *

Threllius finally let loose the suppressed yawn that even his frown could not contain. Intelligence was obviously upset that Her Imperial Majesty had not divulged the details of the part of the operation she had personally spearheaded, but what could he say?

That nobody had seen Her Majesty since this incident, and that she might as well have vanished alongside Vikrius?

The Empire needed to redouble its efforts and focus on rebuilding and restoration. Further distractions were the very last thing they needed at this point. And so, as the head of Her Majesty's government, Threllius made the decisions he had to make. For the Empire. That Rhysatra rarely left seclusion would at least allow him to buy some time to figure out where she had gone off to. Possibly even when she had gone off to, as well, but such thinking this late at night could only lead to headaches.

Incinerating the dispatch, Threllius grabbed the small bundle of letters he had been preparing for the post, stood, and left to deposit the mail and finally -- just maybe -- go get some sleep. With the real situation as it was, nightmares held little the faze him anymore.
His Most Imperial Excellency, First Minister of the Imperial Court, Imperial Viceroy, Prince of Lysandria, Threllius de Lylles II
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OOC Notes:

The core of Xet Invasion is concluded. Katara has been neutralized, although this has resulted in its crashing into Solace Isle. The following location notes should thus be made:

Solace Isle is now a zone of peril. Anything taking place here henceforth must absolutely involve moderation. Assets and NPCs here should be considered lost/MIA; for those whose only assets were on Solace, a wealth rank reduction of one level (not to drop below Sterling) has occurred, but you may assume Imperial aid in resettling humbly elsewhere (sorry, there are still a lot of refugees whose dispositions aren't resolved either).

Paxia is gone. Interested players may make attempts to do with the legacy of the place what they will, but after three razings the Imperial government is rather done supporting its reconstruction.

Certain characters (player and non-player) have received titles and positions resulting from involvement in legs of the journey leading up to this scenario, as well as the scenario itself. A couple of these are belated legacies of certain promises made during Succession Crisis.

And as for what has gone on with Vikrius and Rhysatra? Well, somebody else will be moderating that leg of things and eventually we'll know what happened there. =)
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