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Scroll [OOC] Final Rosters

Here are the final assignments, group letter assignments are arbitrary (I have internal names for the groups and when the scenario's over I may even let you know them all). No group arrangements have been made since the original except for the addition of a group for the Waiting List:

Group A - Moderated by: Jacob
  • Shei'yein Neydremi
  • Sliucha Sindosa
  • Celeb'rilith Thamion
Group B - Moderated by: Jacob
  • Barthelme
  • Tiarela Iceglitter
  • Sima Amarael
Group C - Moderated by: Jacob
  • Straylor Leonard
  • Gaktak Elentirr
  • Aelwynd Marr
  • Isil Telperion
Group D - Moderated by: Jacob
  • Quilantes Zil'aven
  • Ein'nasar Mythranthil
  • Silverianna
  • Theldor
Group E - Moderated by: Maddyn
  • Tiyribi Andares
  • Veleraen
  • Nell L'Evienne
  • Octavia
Group F - Moderated by: Maddyn
  • Ko'Riel Tel'Sei
  • Dara Hakim
  • Noe
  • Shiro Shimizu
Group G - Moderated by: Shalafi
  • Klue Malinconico
  • Hay'aan Malinconico
  • Annael Gundisalvus
Group H - Moderated by: Mimesis
  • Eclair Izumi
  • Iori McKenzie
  • Morphane
Group I - Moderated by: Indefinite
  • Lua Gil'dae
  • Lyna Gil'dae
  • Wiz Gil'dae
  • Dascylia Lioplea
Group J - Moderated by: Indefinite
  • Vaishen Vadei
  • Porta
  • Willow Treme
  • Jade Alanon
Group K - Moderated by: Indefinite
  • Faengwen Tash
  • Svein
  • Dalia
Group L - Moderated by: Shalafi
  • Martellus
  • Kour'el Kha'Serith
  • Golash
Group M - Moderated by: Amalthea
  • Alexis Sapientia
  • Igrainne Birch
  • Chrysannia Syl'lithar
  • Verlaine
Group N - Moderated by: Mimesis
  • Faust Kitrye'veresi
  • Serion D'rinishad
  • Roscarnis de Lylles
  • Amber Brightwing
Group O - Moderated by: Amalthea
  • Blacken
  • Diamea
  • Lyr Tlansson
  • Fenystra Ilsynthi
Group P - Moderated by: Amalthea
  • Bladewyn Imaire
  • Elanara Al'lende
  • Rougenoe
Group Q - Moderated by: Charybdis
  • Morholdt
  • Cassius Talium
  • Ulfgar Wulfson
Group R - Moderated by: Sarah
  • Zoraria
  • Aelana S'Alvia
  • Shriyk
Group S - Moderated by: Striker
  • Zardysseus
  • Isolfr Olafsson
  • Pescado Branch
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