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[Prime Academy of Magic] Students of Arcane Art...

(Note: I am an old member who is able to return and commit full time. This is a completely open thread and I am looking for people to actively join. This will be an ongoing project0

It was late in the day.

He looked up carefully and considered the task at hand. My Dracon elders have tasked me to study the arcane arts... The young shaman was ready to undergo the trials of age for his people. In that rite of passage studying the arcane arts was necessary. He looked up at the afternoon sky, clouds.

Looking back towards the academy structure, he considered what was about to happen. I will study the old lore, the old books...and find myself.. The Dracon knew that many races of Men were openly hostile to his people...he could defend himself, and it did not matter.

He entered the entryway of the academy, there was a specific goal he had.

In perfect common speak, the young Dracon walked over towards one of the academy's hands. He looked at the stranger. "I seek a library, I have heard the one here is one of the finest in the lands." The Dracon said calmly to the academy hand.

"It is, young student." The hand said carefully he looked up at the large, behemoth of a student. "East Wing is the grandest library you'll ever fine."

"Thank you massallah." The Dracon said the kind word a term of endearment used by his people.

The hand nodded casually. "Will you need anything else, student?"

"No massallah, just books and knowledge is all I seek." The Dracon said calmly.

He walked towards the location of the books. For the young shaman to face the trials of his people, he needed to be ready. He needed to armed with arcane knowledge. From early youth he'd been tested. The shaman was preparing himself to acquire the knowledge he'd always hungered for.
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