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Name: Irle
Race: Pixie
Age: 111 Ordinations
Location: Maeve, Port Alyxandra

Wealth Tier: Sterling
Employment Status: Message Courier

Physical Description:
Secrets :

Standing tall, at just under a full four inches, the pixie has lush springtime features. Her skin is fairly pale for the region, matched with her perpetually messy leaf-green hair and pale blue eyes. While most might have a harder time discerning any other features, among her kin she is fairly small yet quite pretty with sleek, lithe features perfect for her energetic and active lifestyle. Compared to the tall people, she looks very much like a young woman, but with the happiness and energy of a child who has never had to face all the trials of growing up. No matter what the situation, Irie seems to have a perpetual smile and an aura of pure joy about her. The angrier her pranks make the tall folks the funnier it is. Even when they get frustrated and chase her about, she will be laughing and giggling as she zips about, before escaping to safety.

Her clothing is primarily handmade, either by other fae or through her own most simplistic talents. As such, it is usually in poor repair from her constant motion and activity. Still, she clearly takes pride in her appearance and is quite infatuated with finding any pixie sized jewelry she could add to the outfit. She is prone to dresses and skirts, though will sometimes don something sleeker if her tiny clothes seem to be getting caught on brambles or thorns. While she cannot mimic many of the city's greatest fashions, she will often make some facsimile of the most beautiful things she can get her hands on.

Even for a pixie, Irie is on the weaker end of things. While fairly dexterous, her stamina and strength are simply lacking and she has a tendency to fall behind when she and the other pixies are playing for a little too long. Of course, being such a tiny thing, even a little rest is more than enough to bring her spirits back up. Her tiny frame is something of pride for her, as being able to sneak into places one might even consider too tiny for even a pixie.

Happiness is the first thing anyone would see from Irie. She's a bundle of excitement and energy, but she is also extremely good-natured. Her moral compass might be a bit bent from the norm, but she believes greatly in just being good to those around her. Those with boring lives need something to make it more lively. Those that are hungry should be able to eat. Those that are in danger should get help! While she tries her best to be a good person, it is much more fair to call her a good pixie, with all the logic that comes with that. Trying to explain to her that her pranks can be a bit cruel, or that the punishments she believes 'mean' folk deserve are a bit harsh, simply doesn't register with her.

While she might have the temperament of a child, and tend to see things in a bit more of a black and white, Irie is by no means stupid. Her talents lend her towards more mystical studies, and while she's certainly no master mage, she's quite capable of using her innate abilities with her own cunning to achieve quite a bit that would normally be impossible for her. Unlocking a door so the excited hounds can go play, or leading a wandering child to a place that will be safe. Little things that one forgets the tinyfolk are capable of.

Still quite young by the standards of her people, Irie has lived far longer than many of the tallfolk ever could. In her early years, she'd flock along with the other pixies near her age as they were taught all manner of important skills. How to play, how to fly, how to sing. It was plenty of fun, and Irie always thought that she did her family proud enough with her gifts and skills, but she just couldn't handle being stuck in one place so much. With so much to explore, and a whole city to play in, Irie would leave her safe little home even at a young age to see what all the tallfolk did in the time she was supposed to be sleeping or learning or anything else that was far less interesting than just exploring. She'd picked up plenty of little tricks for getting around and into places she wasn't supposed to be. It was this knack of digging through layers of leather to find secret stashes, or deep folds of clothes to find a loose string to pull that finally got her into some real trouble.

Not even a mere century from her birth, Irie found herself digging through a pouch as it contained all manner of exotic little smells and items. Fascinated she had decided to make off with some digit or another, only to find herself flying out and right into a glass jar. Trapped and tricked, Irie used all her normal tricks to get out of these situations to little avail. She'd been trying to rob a rather old human sorceress named Cial, and annoyed her enough to decide to keep the pixie for some time. Still, through their initial chatter and seeing how the woman acted around others, it was clear that Cial was a good person, even if she had little time for pixie antics. Intending to release Irie when she left town, the Pixie finally found a way to experience a bit more of the world and followed after.

Despite the woman's protests and complaints, they'd remain companions for over 20 years. She was the first non-fae that Irie had ever felt any bond with, and Cial would casually teach Irie some of her craft in spare moments. Though most of it was far too complicated for the pixie, she did at least master the skill of turning invisible, much to her personal delight. It made all her other tricks so much easier when the tallfolk couldn't even see her! The ability to do this greatly boosted her interest in the craft, but now that Irie finally had a modicum of focus, she would find Cial in increasingly poor health. Twenty years to the pixie felt like so little, but her friend had grown so much older in that time...

Heading to the city of Port Alyxandra, Cial visited some family until her time came. Well aware of her failing health, she passed, and Irie lost a friend for the first time in her so long and so short life. The event confused the pixie in some ways, and even now she has not fully wrapped her head around the fact that the bitter, crotchety, kind woman was never going to give her a cute little bracelet to wear, or show her the miracles of sorcery in action. Irie has spent the time since the woman's passing surviving in her new hometown, unable to travel terribly safely on her own, and still yearning to know all the things Cial had showed her on their travels together. As of late, she's taken to making herself useful and meeting plenty of people by being a message courier, sending word quickly around the city from one point to another. While it is't very fulfilling work, it does means Irie is able to visit plenty of locations that people normally would be concerned with, and find all sorts of people to play with when she's not delivering a message.

- Heirloom: Pixie Ocarina
- Pixie Shortbow
- Housing Deed
- Imperial Visa

Mysticism: Initiate

Experience Earned:

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