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[ZA] You lay down all the laws that you strive up to uphold [Niven]

Spring, Era XXVI Post Fractum

The information that flowed in through the Swirling Lotus Gardens' confessional system varied wildly in terms of consistency and quality. It was only to be expected. It wasn't professional spies or intelligence agents that went through there - it was the everyday citizenry, the man off the streets. Sometimes all they knew was that the butcher and the cobbler's wife snuck off together sometimes, or that you could find excellent skipping stones at a certain point along the shores of the Great Centripax Basin, or that they hadn't invited their coworker out for drinks because they really just didn't like him, not because of the excuse they'd given.

Then, sometimes, you heard that there was a potential ploy by the city's gangs to usurp the governor.

Sometimes even unsubstantiated rumors deserved investigation. Shei'yein's iron grip had kept the peace by forcing an armistice with them and ensure that they kept their activity - mollified to quite an extent - to the Malian Kame district. The switching of the leadership at the helm had seen some of the more ambitious gangs start sending out feelers to see if the new ruler might be a bit more lenient, a little more weak, than the person who had cowed them.

She'd practically annihilated the Circle Gang as a result,one of the primary offenders. That had sent the rats scurrying, although no doubt the resentment festered. Even Shei'yein likely would have eventually needed to deal with it, but now it was Sliucha's job to handle.

She did have some friends among the gangs. The Miu Street Boys were longtime business partners, as Sliucha collaborated with them when it came to the narcotics trade. The Giordano Family were also relatively friendly, or at the very least Sliucha had cowed them to a sufficient degree. No doubt, though, that they were all birds of a feather. She'd check in with them at some point about this. Alliances could never be counted on being permanent in a cutthroat world.

The first thing Sliucha did was send word to the city guard and town watch. Had they noticed any uptick in gang activity? Anything out of the usual? As they tended to be the city's eyes and ears, she decided they were probably the best place to get preliminary information.
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