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Tiyribi Andares
Fire & Ice
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Tiyribi Andares is a glorious SuperheroTiyribi Andares is a glorious SuperheroTiyribi Andares is a glorious SuperheroTiyribi Andares is a glorious SuperheroTiyribi Andares is a glorious SuperheroTiyribi Andares is a glorious SuperheroTiyribi Andares is a glorious SuperheroTiyribi Andares is a glorious SuperheroTiyribi Andares is a glorious SuperheroTiyribi Andares is a glorious SuperheroTiyribi Andares is a glorious Superhero
Tiyribi Andares

Tiyribi Andares

Elf, Esh'lahier

159 ordinations as of Era XXVI Post-Fractum
(Birthday: Brightening 6 of Immanis)

Joi'qui, Confederation of the Sherian, Aelyrian Empire

62 inches (1.57 m)

90 lbs. (41 kg)

Hair: Pure white
Eyes: Pale violet
Skin: Blanched pallid, almost ghostly

Lilting, off-emphatic rhythm that emphasizes overdrawn vowels with an affected, slightly incorrect speech pattern and choice of words. Often forms sentences improperly.
Rural accent obvious to any native speaker. Words are too rounded and pronounces vowels in a very heavy fashion, often pulling them a bit too long.

All the angular, exotic, and delicate beauty that so defines the Esh'lahier race is brought to an extreme in this daughter of the pale elfs. Petite and thin to the point of appearing fragile, Tiyribi exudes the same aloof, ethereal grace as expected of a child of the elfs, but translates it to an almost abstract, unattached sense of floating through the world. She is short for an Esh'lahier with small facial features and thinned, elongated limbs that appear beautifully willowy to some and far too sickly to others. Pale, blanched skin matches with pure-white alabaster hair always kept long and unadorned down to the middle of her back, loose and free. The rest of her seems to fade away too, so easy to dismiss as nothing but a shadow or even miss entirely for all its small, flat shape and ghost-like appearance. Her only truly striking feature are the bright, alert violet eyes serving as the only points of color on her face, always and perpetually thinking. That trait alone makes her Andares ancestry evidently apparent to any alert, knowledgeable eye.

By nature and force of personality, Tiyribi is demure, preferring obscurity and disappearing into the sidelines more than drawing attention to herself. As a result, she typically opts for simple clothing lacking elaborate decoration or embroidery and almost always in shades of silvers and blues. She wears no jewelry, though the singular exception is made for the wedding band encircling the finger of her left hand that she never removes. Those familiar with her habits recognize that a comb holding up the loose strands of her hair or a quick, twisted knot tied together at her crown typically indicates a particular dedication to her work.

As befitting her Esh'lahien ancestry, all her movements are slow and deliberate with a smooth, fluid grace. She is elegant but reserved without being ostentatious, which often comes off as arrogant to many an observing eye. Many often label her as cold, given her slow and quite often nonexistent reactions to outside events or usual apathetic, disinterested appearance that rarely leaves her face. Her speech pattern is affected and awkward at points, betraying the still-present unease with Common as her second language, and she almost always refuses to utilize her native Esh'lahieri tongue due to her very obvious rural accent.


By nature, Tiyribi prefers quiet solitude over society. Over eras of practice she has learned to be polite when the situation requires it, but never open, warm, or friendly. If left to her own choice, she will always choose to spend time in her books and papers, usually about such dry topics as magical theory and political opinion. Part of it is disinterest, part of it is fear, and some other part is dissatisfaction, all of which she hides behind a composed, cool, and collected demeanor that rarely ever changes no matter the situation.

In both her personal and professional life, Tiyribi is defined by caution. Her inborn, inbred desire for power is muted and tempered by her awareness of reality. Every decision is a cost-to-benefit analysis; every allegiance, attachment, or affection she carries is, can be, and will be bent to suit the more workable option. As a result, she often procrastinates and prevaricates declaring loyalties or difficult choices, preferring to wait as long as possible for as much information as she can gather. She admires realism much more highly than idealism and often shows a distinct lack of empathy.

Society holds very little interest for Tiyribi. Preferring as little attention as possible, she doesn't like to make waves and she usually refuses to be sympathetic to others' plights and problems. Typically she seems incapable of being perturbed; she doesn't allow much to get through her outer cold, unfeeling armor and thus very little affects her in any way. She refuses to be involved in the world's problems, but she will spend her time watching, observing, and then critiquing them inwardly, especially those who make clearly poor or uninformed decisions. Eternal composure is both her greatest asset and weakness, allowing her to look at situations with plain, unfettered logic but overlooking the more emotional sides of the event.

No matter her icy veneer, Tiyribi is still a daughter of the Esh'lahier and just as susceptible to Meephos's sway as the rest of her people. Once her armor is cracked, her emotions pour out full force. There's no middle ground between unfeeling and feeling too much. The latter is always devoid of the logic and self-protecting pragmatism that typically defines her. There's a ferocity and strength just underneath the surface that, when exposed, is almost violent in its extremity, both for good and bad. Her temper comes out when she believes herself to be countermanded or attacked; her overwhelming, unbalanced protective streak can turn vengeful when she believes her family to be threatened.

Good and evil are of very little concern for Tiyribi, though she typically chooses the former when pressed. In truth, she prefers to never make the choice at all. Order and chaos, however, are another matter. Having being bred in a strict, law-abiding environment and constantly hedged by rules, she greatly prefers systems and will always adhere to the establishment over independence. Disorganized anarchy is, by far, her greatest fear, thus she works to preserve the system no matter how flawed or broken in an attempt to stave off chaos.

Adherent of Orod, leanings toward Carmelya (due to upbringing) and Ioannes (due to Esh'lahien custom)
Positive Brand #1 with Orod

Long eras of practice and habit have cultivated Tiyribi into something of an enigma. She shares her confidences with few, either professionally or privately, giving rise to the assumption that there is nothing more than the empty mask of apathy that is so oft-employed by the elfin lady. In public, she rarely says anything yet her eyes are always moving, giving a sense of an observer more than a doer.

However, those that have worked with and observed the lady for some time know that to be simply a facade. Like all her people, Tiyribi has a deep-seated desire and attraction to power. Ambition runs far in her soul, though she tempers it with far more self-control and restraint than most. She is a long-term planner, preferring to move pieces across the chessboard of centuries rather than be too distracted by the immediate.

She has a habit of presenting herself as a neutral party, often prevaricating and procrastinating about important decisions to avoid having to declare her motives or motivations. She does, however, have a natural inclination to protect the status quo and is extremely risk-adverse. She is motivated by self-preservation and the interests of herself and her family first and foremost.

Wife and Mother
Archmage Sorcerer
Politician and Noblewoman
Imperial Governor of the Administrate of Centripax
(First Term by Empress Audrey de Lylles, Eras XI-XIII P.F.
Second Term by Prince Milo I, Immanis XVI-present P.F.)
Wealth Tier: Adamantite

Materfamilias of House Andares
Baroness of the Midlands, Sovereignty of Enamoria, sworn in fealty to the Duchy of Maeve, returned to House Maeve upon ascension.
Duchess of the Heartlands, Administrate of Centripax, self-proclaimed and later ratified by Empress Rhysatra I.
Baroness of Vortex and High Lady of Har'oloth through marriage.

Styled: Her Most Eminent Grace and Imperial Excellency, the Lady Tiyribi of House Andares, Governor of the Administrate of Centripax and Duchess of the Heartlands, Empire of Aelyria

Background (pre-roleplay)

Upbringing in Joi’qui
The Kyotke clan were prominent members of the Eli'tha sect of Esh'lahier, hidden in a settlement of farmers named Joi'qui near Aestas in Sherian Province. The Eli'tha, an overly conservative sect of Esh'lahier who led simple, isolated lives, had survived contently for ages, living and worshipping Carmelya in the way they saw fit. They believed themselves above the rest of the world, particularly their heathen secular Esh'lahier kindred, and were intent upon keeping their city of Joi'qui secret. The Eli'tha children grew up with stories of the Great Divide, although told in a light that made out the Esh'lahier to be the heroes of the struggle. They were fed on stories of the other races' inferiority and the need for piety.

Hui and Ela'nor Kyotke gave birth to two sons. Tiyribi followed ten patterns later, although her origin was different than her half-brothers. Tiyribi had been the product of a one-night indiscretion between Ela'nor and Astartus Andares during one of Ela'nor's rare trips to Ethgan'tor. No questioning of her birth was made, however, allowing Tiyribi to be brought up as normally as any other Eli'than chlid. Her mother doted on her, both for the circumstances surrounding her birth and her position as the only female child. She was a docile child, soft in her ways and words, but still had a strong, stubborn streak hiding inside. She had a calculating, analytical mind and refused to take anything less than her aim or the truth. Tiyribi slowly grew discontent with the isolated ways of the Eli'tha, although she took great pains to hide it. Tiyribi had, on occasion, travelled to Aestas and once even to Ethgan'tor with her mother, realising there was indeed a world beyond.

Separation, Disgrace, and Loneliness
The elf's idyllic childhood shattered in her adolescence. Tiyribi had the misfortune to fall in love while an adolescent. His name was Toyla Yoskai, a son of a mediocre family with mediocre ambitions. Toyla convinced Tiyribi to make love, much against her conscience. Soon afterwards, Tiyribi discovered she was pregnant. Ela'nor found out almost immediately, repeating the bad news to her husband. Hui insisted that she marry or be expelled from their society. Ela'nor, while sympathising deeply with her daughter's disgrace, could not bring herself to give up what she deemed her life nor abandon the rest of her family. In her mind, Tiyribi had broken the sacred code of the Eli'tha and deserved her punishment. Desperate, Tiyribi begged Toyla to follow through with his declarations of love, but his true colors came out. He denied fathering her child, effectively shutting the door in her face. Tiyribi was turned out of both family and city.

A New Beginning
Tiyribi left Joi'qui and settled for a time in Narim. She gave birth to a son, whom she named Pe'thro. Tiyribi continued to wander, somehow scraping a living for her and her son. When Pe'thro reached adolescent age, he found a ring inscribed with "Yoskai", and questioned Tiyribi, forcing out the story of his birth. He then left suddenly, leaving a note telling Tiyribi of his shame at his birth and his distaste for her. At first, Tiyribi intended to stay in Narim, waiting anxiously for Pe'thro's return. She decided the best course of action was simply to wait, allowing her son to make up his mind about life and return when he had a will to. Five eras later, a small envelope containing the Yoskai familial ring, a bank note for 5,500 crowns, and a letter from a stranger reached Tiyribi. It explained that he had found the body of a young Esh'lahier in the Sherian wilderness with these items on him. Deciding to move to Aelyria Prime in hope of better opportunities, Tiyribi attempted to leave her entire past behind.

Present History (roleplayed)

A Gift of a Wayward Father
An old, weather-beaten journal met up with Tiyribi while serving in the Alyssan forces at Midpoint. Written by her mother, Tiyribi found that she was not a Kyotke; rather, the child of an extra-marital affair between her mother and Astartus Andares, cousin to Moranor, Iranir, and Esckarraide, and half-sister to Malkaer and Anvael through Astartus. A short trip to Primus Gaudeo and a visit with Moranor led to Tiyribi's official acceptance as a member of the House, despite the lack of absolute certainty of Tiyribi's parentage. Astartus's notorious womanizing had left many unknown children and many unknown questions. Later, Malkaer transferred to the Imperial Alyssans in Midpoint, leading to a meeting of the two half-siblings. Finally, Tiyribi felt sure enough of her heritage to use her newly-found surname and consider herself a true member of the family.

Soon, however, doubts crept into Tiyribi's supposed devotion to the Empress Audrey de Lylles' cause. While the Alyssans served the Empress's cause whole-heartedly, the Esh'lahier found herself unsure whether she felt true compulsion to involve herself in the fight for the Crown. She asked for a discharge from the Alyssans, receiving a dishonorable status, and quickly left the fortress to wander the Empire.

Family Matters
Tiyribi visited Jaedaxia for a short period of time, running into her cousin Iranir in the city. Tiyribi soon traveled to Medonia, meeting with her half-brother Anvael, Moranor, Sinfaetha, and Stephan Woulofen. Some time later, Stephan sent Tiyribi an offer to accept the Thaneship of Port Alyxandrya. After traveling to the city, Tiyribi met with Stephan and his companion Roslynn Kaldres, but negotiations for Tiyribi's appointment came to nothing, and Tiyribi left to wander the Empire once more, settling in Ethgan'tor for a time and gaining the patronage of the family Yeranthas, the Star House of Ethgan'tor.

Return to Centripax
A season passed before Tiyribi read an article in the Herald proclaiming Sherian's need for provincial officers. Interested, the Esh'lahier returned to the area of her birth and applied to the Grand Council of Taralon for the position of Justicar of the Province. Other things intervened in her plans, however, and the young Esh'lahier found herself headed to the metropolis of Primus Gaudeo, meeting with the acting governor Baron Davion Jaq'len and being appointed Lady Thane of the city. Barely a few brightenings passed before she was presented with her first duty. The rumor of an undead army attacking the city of Zerdargia not so distant from Primus Gaudeo reached the capital city, testing the young elf's inner strength and ability of leadership.

Later in that winter, Tiyribi traveled back to the Fortress of Midpoint under the request of the Empress Audrey de Lylles to discuss the future of Centripax. After meeting with the Empress's aide, the Countess Nadina d'Rosaria, Tiyribi was granted Imperial authority to take on the title of Acting Governor of Centripax, an appointment to be officially confirmed at the meeting of the Imperial Senate once the Empress's court convened. While at Midpoint Tiyribi also met the Lady Steward Alicia Tamaral and discussed the current situations in both Zerdargia and Acumin, finally agreeing to meet with the thanes of the cities in a discussion held at Midpoint later that season.

In mid-spring Tiyribi sent an article to the Herald pleading with the citizens of Centripax to have an eye toward the future that gained the support of the former Centripaxian noble and leader, Soc de Ambergois. She also began relief efforts aimed at sending aid to both Acumin and Zerdargia when the battle had finally died out in an attempt to restore peace. When late spring came, Tiyribi left Primus Gaudeo with the intent to advance her studies in sorcery at the near-by Arconis, purchasing some real estate to add to her own list of assets in the meantime while always keeping a watchful eye on her city and province, ready to return at a moment's notice.

Darkness of the Mind
Soon, however, it became evident that Tiyribi was suffering from some mental malady, the causes of which were unclear. It was decided that in the best interest of the Province of Centripax, as well as Tiyribi herself, that she abdicate from her position as Lady Governor and be treated in hopes of an eventual recovery. She was taken to the city of Mystique in the Lylles Province of Lauryl and there she remained under supervisions for over two patterns. In Immanis of Era II of Era XIV Post-Fractum, she awoke from her induced coma. She stayed in Mystique until the end of Cryaxtum, summer of Era II of Era XIV Post-Fractum, then traveled to Ethgan'tor to finish her adept sorcery training.

In early Optima of Era XIV Post-Fractum, Tiyribi arrived in Jaedaxia in the Carmelyn Province. After a short visit, she returned to retire peacefully to her manor in Arconis to continue her Sorcery studies and resign to a quiet existence. In Imperos of Era XV, she met her half-brother Archalen as recently appointed Governor in Enamoria and took up to attending social events about the province in an attempt to spread the name of her family, such as a pracenda in Arconis and a glass exhibit in Medonia. Her travels took her to New Coldmoon to a number of various adventures there.

In the Service of the Administrate
Quiet, however, wasn't entirely fitting to the elf's pressing weight of guilty and in Immanis Era XVI she again returned to Primus Gaudeo as the Royal Governor of the Administrate of Centripax. There, momentous changes occurred. Faust D'Rinishad, an enigmatic stranger she had met in Medonia two eras before, visited. His return caused an opening of unexpected feelings and a start to a surprising relationship. In Optia Era XVII she was told of Archalen's unfortunate demise in Sherian during the service of the crown, stirring suspicion about the nature of the royal government and the Sherianite rebels. Cryaxtum of Era XVIII brought more changes with Prince Milo's abdication and the ascension of her brother Malkaer to the rank of Regent. In summer of Era XVIII, she took what small free time she had to travel, once back to New Coldmoon, once to Vortex, and once by accident in Carmelyn.

The Start of a New Life
Her summer trip to Vortex to surprise Faust was turned on her instead when, after a night of many revelations of the heart, he proposed an impromptu marriage in Ioannes Era XVIII. She immediately accepted. Though his responsibilities in Har'oloth and hers in Primus Gaudeo separated the pair again, they were reunited in Tempris in Medonia as the first public announcement of their decision to wed to her cousins Moranor and Sinfaetha and brother Anvael. Their autumn spent in the Enamorian city also brought the announcement from a Carmelyan creature in the Faille Grove Park that they were to expect a child in an era's time, said to be blessed by the goddess of nature herself. This joy was, however, tempered by the growing shadows of the Triumvirate's shaky foundation and the rumblings of newly-presented heirs grasping for the throne, which drove Tiyribi to many clandestine conversations and dealings with some of the oldest and greatest families in the realm, including the Duchess Genevieve Maeve, the former proconsul Roscarnis de Lylles, the Marquis Ironfist of Dargis, and others, in an attempt to stabilize the future for her new family to the best of her ability.

When Spring XIX came, Tiyribi was involved in a skirmish in Aelyria Prime defending the former Empress Alyssa Chrysannia against the attacking Xet which resulted in serious injury to herself, her husband, and their companions. Though the Xet were defeated, the Ark was destroyed and Aelyria Prime was the sight of a catastrophic flood. She and her husband returned to Primus Gaudeo for rest, recovery, and to await the imminent birth of their child.

A Daughter's Future, the Maeve Debacle
As prophesied by the Carmelyan nymph, their daughter, Iliviana Kitrye'veresi, was born in 12 Tempris, Era XIX to the most tempestuous of circumstances. The pregnancy had been a difficult one already, and her dangerous breech birth was complicated by a traitorous midwife hired by assassins of the xenophobic Elder Circle who attempted to take Tiyribi's life and kidnap the newborn girl. Fortunately, they were thwarted, and the young family was left intact although shaken by the incident.

It was soon afterward that the Marquises Aeryn and Aeris Maeve visited Tiyribi again in Primus Gaudeo and offered her a trade: the promise of her daughter's betrothal once she came of age in return for recognition as the materfamilias of House Andares and elevation to the Baronet of the Midlands. In an attempt to protect her daughter's interests, she agreed, but without the input or knowledge of her husband. He was irate, they argued, and ended estranged. Faust left to visit the Maeve compound in Daltina to renegotiate the issue--an event that escalated to violence and ended with an accusation of twenty-six counts of murder against him.

Ignoring her husband's wishes and better judgment, Tiyribi answered the accusations of the Daltinian Prefect, Liliana Maeve, herself and offered the ancient duchy a trade of her own: her life for her husband's and daughter's, to do with as they wished. They chose to keep her in captivity in the Charisme Basilica in Daltina as a living hostage against potential violence from her husband and his allies. This, however, proved futile as forces from Har'oloth sacked Maeve and others sowed anarchy in Daltina itself. She, however, knew none of it as she fell into a deep depression that evolved into physical illness that confined her to bed.

The Xetan Incursion
Months passed before Tiyribi's strength returned. In the interim, bigger issues had best the empire, and the Maeve had ceased to see the value in keeping her in Daltina any longer. Her first visit was to Har'oloth and her husband and the infant daughter she left behind, overjoyed to finally reunite with her family at last. Duty, however, could not be kept long at bay, and she was soon recalled back to Primus Gaudeo to take up the land's stewardship once more as whispered rumors of a threat from the West began to circulate from the fog-ridden provinces.

The Xet were coming.

The Xetan Invasion
As the legions had long-since been taken by the Viceroy Arctic de Ioannes, Centripax was left with meager forces of militia and untrained conscripts to form the main ranks with the legendary Imperial Alyssans and Veldar Elite. Knights from Har'oloth and Caronis and mercenaries from Ziel Aerca and other nearby cities were joined against impossible odds on the fields in front of the capital city. It was there that legends were born, and with great valor and sacrifice, the Centripaxian forces and their allies managed to thrust back the Xetan incursion. It was, however, not without great cost. Arium and Enamoria had also been attacked, and Medonia, the latter's capital, had fallen. The Empire was dark indeed.

And yet there was a glimmer of hope. While gods and planetars fought over her husband's devotion, Tiyribi was told by the Matron-avatar of Carmelya that they were expecting a second child, a boy, to grow their family again.

It was with his, and their daughter's, futures in mind that Tiyribi formed a tentative alliance with one Shei'yein Neydremi in the guise of Malan Mirithio of Ziel Aerca and the Lord Governor Roscarnis de Lylles of Prime to secure what remained of the Imperium and begin to also take back the lands that had been lost. It was an ambitious plan and one that bordered on treason, but the whole world had fallen to madness; what was truly left?

The Peaceful Aftermath
Their victory over the Xet culminated in the Final Battle, and Empress Rhysatra ratified Tiyribi's claim to the ducal title in Centripax while also appointing her husband to Governor of Arium. They had a modicum of peace despite the unexpected first appearance of her biological father, Astartus Andares, and the birth of their twin sons, only one of which survived. Unbeknownst to Tiyribi, her husband had previously made a pact with his divine patron Phedos to dedicate their son to his cause and he soon came to claim it, replacing Idris's soul with his own for twenty eras conditional on his parents' ensuring his destiny to unite an elfin kingdom.

Faust Kitrye'veresi (as of Ioannes, Era XVIII P.F., wed in Medonia)

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Having met by accident when he was coming to visit her cousin's ward Kieran in Medonia, their relationship was at first slow and uncertain but soon blossomed into deep love and devotion. Her husband is truly her soulmate and life partner and companion. As the only person she has ever completely opened up to, loved, and been tirelessly devoted to, he has become everything to her over the course of their relationship which has only grown progressively stronger with the difficulties and dangers thrust upon and between them throughout the years. The differences in their upbringings and perspectives have occasionally caused temporary rifts between them, but she firmly believes that he is the one true love of her life and is proud that he is the father of her children.

Pe'thro Kytoke, Son, presumed deceased
Father: Toyla Yoskai

Iliviana Kitrye'veresi, Daughter
Born Tempris XIX P.F. (Age: 9 as of Era XXV due to time jump), Father: Faust Kitrye'veresi

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Physical Characteristics: Half-Esh'lahier and half-Vysstichi, with skin the shade of deep grey and silver hair that matches identically with her father's. Her right eye is violet and her left is crimson. She was born with a heightened intelligence and maturity that far exceed her age. As of late, Iliviana has turned her precociousness to more mischievous aims, often finding ways to terrorize the household staff and frighten her parents with her independence and fearlessness.

The center of Tiyribi's life, Iliviana is the most precious thing she has. She will do anything to protect and ensure the girl's life and future. She is a doting, devoted mother who takes pride in her daughter's mixed heritage as much as the threats it brings frightens her. Tiyribi is determined to equip Iliviana with every strength and asset she could ever need to take her rightful place as princess and highborn lady and has set high expectations in all of her studies, arcane, academic, political, and martial, and Iliviana generally meets them all. While in much of her adventuresome and daring spirit Iliviana takes more after her father and thrives in his company and attention, she still has a special, deep relationship with her mother too. It has been whispered that her supernatural intelligence and maturity is divine in nature, but this has yet to be explored.

Idris Kitrye'veresi, Son
Born Aperitus XXI P.F. (Age: 7 as of Era XXV due to time jump), Father: Faust Kitrye'veresi

Thread List: Nothing Dearer than a Daughter; When the Time Comes; Baronets' Abode; Scars of Time; Due Debts

Physical Characteristics: Half-Esh'lahier and half-Vysstichi, with the same dark grey skin and platinum-colored locks as his sister. His eyes are a vibrant shade of magenta, mixed in color between violet and crimson. While bearing the same intelligence as his sister, he is markedly quieter and more reserved, even shy, preferring the indoors, more stationary activities, and safer, more controlled environments. He idolizes his elder sister and only ever seems truly comfortable when in the presence of his family, but seems to understand much more about the world around him than his young age would typically belie.

Tiyribi's relationship with her son is complex and complicated. While she dotes over him and cares for him with even greater tenderness and patience than her eldest considering his more fragile and genteel state, she still feels somewhat distant and wary in her affections. The loss of his twin at birth has made her even more guarded about her living son, both fiercely protective while still somewhat distant, afraid that he too might leave a gaping hole in her life at some future juncture. She is, however, one of the few people that can make him smile and she encourages and supports his intellectual pursuits and natural curiosity. As of Spring XXIII, he is currently inhabited by the soul of Phedos, which has made her feelings even more complex.

Unnamed Child, Son
Born Aperitus XXI P.F., deceased. Father: Faust Kitrye'veresi

Twin to Idris, their second son was born even smaller and more fragile than his sickly elder brother. He survived only a few candlemarks. Tiyribi never saw nor held this child as she could not bear it.


Ela'nor Kyotke, Mother

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As the only daughter in the family, Tiyribi was very close to her mother in her youth. Thus when her mother ostracized her for the indiscretion of her youth, that betrayal cut far deeper than any other and left a bitter stain that has never been forgiven over the years. Tiyribi refuses to refer to Ela'nor as her mother and has not spoken to her since she left Joi'qui.

Astartus Andares, Biological Father

Thread List: Nothing Dearer than a Daughter

Having never known of Astartus's relation let alone existence as a child, Tiyribi's adulthood was further shattered when her mother confessed her particular transgression, naming Astartus as Tiyribi's biological father. While consciously she had tried to continue ignoring him, Tiyribi did unconsciously build up an image of a hero, or at least an upstanding man, in her mind, and was thus sorely disappointed when she first met the racist, hedonistic, and flamboyant man that had sired her. While every part of her consciously hated him, some other subconscious fiber was further saddened when he left without a word, and hopes that something can be repaired.

Hui Kyotke, Assumed Father

Having grown up with Hui, their relationship was never simple. She found him strict, unyielding, and impossible to know, and resented him in many ways while still craving his approval. When he banned her from ever returning home, however, their already-fraught relationship was utterly broken. She never speaks of him nor admits his existence and has no desire to return.

Family Members

Archalen Andares, half-brother (younger)

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Their time of acquaintance in Medonia was brief, but she had grown to admire Archalen's ardor, passion, and intellect. He clearly had the ambition and skills carried in their shared paternal line. His untimely death during the Sherian Rebellion and the mysterious involvement of the Prince Regent and others of his council placed a deep seed of mistrust in her. His subsequent return has made her wary, as much as she was relieved. While she genuinely cares for him as her brother she doesn't know him well enough to trust him and his recent turns into fanaticism and other whims have frightened her and kept them distant.

Malkaer Andares, half-brother (younger)

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While differing greatly in morals, perspectives, lifestyles, and personalities, their time in Midpoint together with the Alyssans and many other similar political pursuits created an intimate bond between the two half-siblings. Despite their continual bickering, he did provide care for her while sick in Mystique and has been a constant source of advice, both welcome and unwelcome. While she generally disagrees with any of his ideas and his dangerous ambition on principle, she feels great affection for her brother as one of her dearest family members outside of Moranor.

Other Siblings: Anvael Andares (half-brother, younger)

Moranor Andares, Cousin

Thread List: Andares Estate; Apartments of the Legate; Andares Reunion

She greatly respects him as a person and a politician. He was the first to take notice and believe in her, as well as accepted her tenuous claim to kinship with House Andares. His values of family over all have passed down to her. She is deferential to his opinions, is particularly fond of him, and will do anything in her power to support and protect his interests. He adopted Kieran, whose true parentage Tiyribi now knows, in what his cousin erroneously believes was a bold political move. For Moranor's sake, and that of her husband's fondness for the boy, she cares for Kieran a great deal. She considers Moranor the true head of the family and one of her dearest relations.

Sinfaetha Andares, Cousin

Thread List: Apartments of the Legate; Andares Reunion; Picking the Pieces

Though not well-acquainted, Sinfaetha has always struck her cousin as the epitome of an Esh'lahier noblewoman. Her regal style and bearing and her ostensibly controlled, cold, and elegant demeanor are all traits that Tiyribi respects. However, Sinfaetha's more conservative opinions, particularly about her cousin's choice in husband and its eventual offspring, has separated them for the time being. Still, she is family, and the closest thing to a blood sister that Tiyribi has.

Other Cousins: Iranir, Benvaelen, Vinfiriel, Vinfael, Esckariade (by Astartus's sister Iliriel)

Significant Relationships

Noe, adopted sister

Thread List: Sistership; Character in the Dark; Last Thing in a Man

Having met on the way to Vortex, Tiyribi and Noe quickly established a warm and close relationship. Tiyribi considers the younger Esh’lahier to be her sister, having served as a mentor, support, and close friend over the years. Noe is also one of the few people Tiyribi trusts implicitly with her children, particularly Iliviana due to the two’s extremely intimate relationship bordering hero worship, despite the maid’s secretive occupation in the service of the Duke of Arium, Wessex de Evile. Noe does not, however, particularly approve of Tiyribi’s choice in husband.

Celeb'rilith Thamion, sister in law

Thread List: Blood is Thicker; Starlight; Ain’t No Harm; A Syl’rosian, a Vysstichi, and an Esh’lahier; Family Matters

Having served as the host for the soul of Faust’s elder sister, Rilith is family—albeit dangerous and misunderstood, in Tiyribi’s mind. While she accepts her for her husband’s sake, their relationship started off awkwardly formal before finally coming to a measure of intimacy and openness ironically during her temporary estrangement from Faust. Now while Tiyribi doesn’t fully trust Rilith’s ability to self-control, she does consider her a sister and a beloved aunt for their children.

Eclair Izumi, friend (?)

Thread List: Good Tea Party; Double, Double, Toil, and Éclair

As one of Noe’s associates, Éclair has become an odd feature in Tiyribi’s life. Mostly friend, sometimes ally and confidant, but often almost like another adopted child, Tiyribi feels oddly friendly with, protective of, and responsible for teaching Éclair. She’s taken it upon herself to raise Éclair to be a proper lady and Éclair’s returned many of the favors of sparkling shoes with gifts of her own making and conversation, too.

Vaishen Vadei, friend and lieutenant

Thread List: On Melancholy Hill; Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi; Risk and Cost of Action; The Wealth of Friendship; Long Road Home

Having risen to notice and fame by his heroism during the Xetan invasion of Primus Gaudeo, Tiyribi raised Vaishen to the status of knight in Centripax but soon found him to also be a constant and true friend. Over time their relationship has deepened both professionally and personally, with him quickly becoming one of the few that she trusts to always tell her the truth and treat her as a person and individual rather than a figure.

Serion D'Rinishad, family friend

Thread List: Blood is Thicker, Starlight

While one of her husband’s oldest and closest friends and mentors, their interactions have been limited and Tiyribi has yet to form a solid opinion on him. She does somewhat blame him for dragging Faust into many dangerous and politically negative situations but keeps her reservations to herself out of respect for her husband’s feelings.

Roscarnis de Lylles, ally/rival (?)

Thread List: My Oh My; Hear My Thoughts; Tide in the Affairs of Men; High Tide Rising; Alliance, Love, War and Hate; Duchess Calls; Back Up; Madness Lies; Chaos is Merely Order

A political rival turned ally of sorts, Roscarnis is an enigma for Tiyribi for his evident skill in the political arena and the potential help and harm he could cause to her own interests. He impressed her first with his thought and insight when they met at the old Duke of Maeve’s funeral and their later conversations impressed further upon her his intelligence and acumen. Despite her house’s historic ties to House Maeve, she and the Lysandrian have formed a tenuous alliance of sorts with her husband and Shei’yein Neydremi due to a momentary alignment of interests.

Shei'yein Neydremi, ally/rival (?)

Thread List: Tomorrow’s Good, Tonight is Better; Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi; Alliance, Love, War and Hate; Duchess Calls; Dining with the Devil; Back Up; Fifty-Three Candlemarks; Madness Lies; Chaos is Merely Order

While some of their encounters have been with the alter-ego Malan Mirthio, meeting the true Shei’yein Neydremi has been equally enlightening and frustrating. His anti-imperial agenda and radical ideas, plots, and plans frighten her as much as his evident power and influence makes her wary of completely disagreeing with him. As of late their interests have been aligned more often than not and has even extended to protecting each other’s lands with an act of true alliance. Still, she doesn’t trust him and definitely does not like his idea for the return of an elf kingdom—nor her husband’s apparent interest in it too.

Elanara Al'lende, rival

Thread List: Newlyweds and the Elf Mama; Peace May Be Purchased; Familes are Complicated; Ivory Tower

Despite her patronage and working relationship with Tiyribi’s kin Moranor, her own encounters with Elanara have never been anything but negative due to her husband’s position in House D’Rinishad and a myriad of other misunderstandings. After Elanara’s actions to prosecute Faust during the Maeve Debacle, Tiyribi’s dislike of the woman evolved into enmity as she considers Elanara an enemy that is bent on destroying them and their children with her inborn prejudice and ignorance. This feeling does not, however, extend to Elanara’s son Kieran due to her husband’s and cousin’s fondness for the boy and his current presence in their care.

Ironfist, Marquis of Dargis, ally (?)

Thread List: Meeting the Makers; Governor’s Offices

Her one and only ally in the Daelgian court, her first visit to Dargis resulted in the formation of an agreement to restrict Imperial presence in Zerdargia and Dargis in return for defensive protection against oncoming enemies. While political winds shifted and have now removed the Marquis Ironfist from power, Tiyribi still considers him a valuable asset and ally to keep if at all possible.
House Maeve, rival
Thread List: Rose by Any Name; Paying the Debts; Baroness of the Midlands; Natura is…that Way?; When They Ask for One; Most Honorable Prisoner; Ivory Tower; Death to the Maeve; All that Remains; Safer in Chains; Letters for Lindsay

While historically House Maeve had served as a patron to Moranor’s rise in Enamoria, Tiyribi’s attempts to strengthen their alliance and patronage spun horribly wrong with the betrothal of their daughter and her husband’s anger about being neglected from the agreement. His slaughter in Daltina and later Maeve led to her voluntary imprisonment, but she was eventually released. The clear and bloody rivalry between their two houses has recently settled into tenuous peace, if only because larger threats still existed to both for the moment.
Toyla Yoskai: Father of her first child, he is for all intents and purposes completely dead to her. She's not mentioned him or their involvement to any living being and prefers to keep it that way.

Master Kyetrih: Master sorcerer for House Yeranthas in Ethgan'tor, he mentored her studies in sorcery and law and, though cold and formal, has a reciprocated respectful relationship--one of the few Ethgan'torian Esh'lahier she knows personally.

Under the Baronet of the Midlands, granted to House Andares, transcribed to the Duchy of Centripax upon ascension
Zardysseus: for heroism at the Battle at Primus Gaudeo
Vaishen Vadei: for heroism at the Battle at Primus Gaudeo
Ko'Riel Tel'Sei: for heroism at the Battle at Primus Gaudeo, patronage of the arts in Enamoria and Port Alyxandrya
Thjord: for heroism at the Battle at Primus Gaudeo
Veleraen: for heroism at the Battle at Primus Gaudeo
Israfel: for heroism at the Battle at Primus Gaudeo
Jade Alanon: for heroism saving Kieran from the fall of Medonia

Current Experience: 16 points, Level 2

Extraneous Skills
Basic Law and Politics (completed) GM Trinity
Intermediate/Advanced Law and Politics (completed) GM Peach
Basic Military Strategy (completed) AGM Sakura
Basic Mining (with distinction, completed) GM Neo
Basic Arms and Armoury (unfinished) GM Serendipity


Sorcery (completed) GM Trinity

Sorcery (completed) GM Peach

Sorcery (incomplete) Motito Gil'dae
Sorcery (completed) Peer-Mod

Sorcery (complete) Peer-Mod
Specialization: Spatial Warping

Sorcery (complete) IC Amplification, GD Maddyn

Current Experience: 40 points, Level 5.
And yet I strove, and I was fire, and ice;
and fire and ice were one in one vast hunger of desire.

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