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Argon Shatterskin
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So it was he was taking orders. Argon didn't mind orders too much but he preferred to be in a position of giving them. The right flank? Very well.

"looks like we'll be fighting side by side again"Argon said in acknowledgement of mutual trials in Carmena ruins "but lets hope that we can talk whoever is causing this mad construction down like Rink"

Being a dwarf in a swamp meant taking extra caution. Elves and humans had their height but to a dwarf the sunken and shallow mud was a danger moreso to them.

He was glad to have an axe that he hardly cares about at this time as chopping away at vegetation could blunt a good axe.

"Ready to advance?" Argon queried with Moss as he glanced over the rest "ye will be wanting to bath a full day once this job is done"

Once Moss had confirmed he were ready, or had advanced either way, Argon would also advance deciding to have his axe and shield equipped to tackle the hard wilderness. He kept his ikosian runes etched into his skin secret. For now it was best that he didn't talk about the runes because he still couldn't reliably make them work. He knew how they should work but not, apparently, reliably how to trigger them. Maybe they could make up an elaborate bluff in the future if the circumstances demanded it.
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The young guardsman just stared, jaw slightly slack, as Terrium charged forward on his strange mount toward the town. That was... unexpected. Justinian reached up to scratch his scalp in puzzlement, and frowned as he pulled a lingering leaf out of his hair. Well, who was he to judge the dwarf when he himself was, apparently, sprouting foliage. The youth chuckled lightly to himself as he flicked the leaf away, but Safiye's voice suddenly called out and he heard his name mentioned, so he whirled in the guide's direction and gave her his undivided attention.

After listening to her orders, Justinian gave a brusque nod of his head in acknowledgement. "Yes m'am. We've got it." The slight air of levity and whimsy at the unfamiliar sights quickly seemed to fade from the youth's bright green eyes, and was replaced with a keen resolve to fulfill his part of the objective. He would not let his companions down by not giving even the smallest or most minute aspect of his task the attention it deserved.

The young guard quickly knelt down in the road and bloused the cuffs of his trousers into the tops of his boots to keep them from becoming fouled with mud and water and potentially hampering his movement, and then he tightened his boot laces with an extra flare of strength to ensure that they were as tightly bound as possible around his ankles and feet. He would not want to risk impeding his footwork with improperly secured gear should an unforeseen situation arise. Next, he tightened his sword belt around his hips and re-aligned his scabbard so that it hung closer to his body, and gave the same treatment to the straps of his satchel and shield so that they rested more flush against his form and at angles that would not impede his maneuverability. Feeling more prepared to cross the treacherous looking swamp like terrain, Justinian looked toward Rothgar to ensure that his companion was ready as well.

"I'm ready when you are, Rothgar."

When the two were prepared to depart, Justinian would begin to carefully negotiate his way through the dense growth and swampy footing that guided the pair toward the leftmost avenue of approaching Chapsborg. The youth would watch with a cautious and discerning eye where he stepped, but neither would he remained fixated on the path, instead raising his head every few moments to scan his nearby surroundings and try to keep Safiye and the other's position visible as much as possible.
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Sima Amarael
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His height was a disadvantage in this terrain. An earth elemental might be able to help him cross, convincing the elemental to help would be a different thing. But his plan would also mean he'd use up vis that might be of use for something else. What should he tell the elemental anyway?

Sima looked at the people he'd be going with and thought he could use the dwarf somehow.

"Monsieur, would you let me ride on your shoulders?" Sima said with a smile.

"It might be an absurd request but us smaller nobs need to look out for each other, oui?" Would that convince Ordos?

"In return I can shield your head from harm and give you a head massage? As a bonus, I can keep fixing your hair while we're on our way?" Sima added.

Would the dwarf agree with his proposal? It should be better than just summoning an elemental, Sima thought. If the dwarf agreed, that'd be great. If not, maybe the one called Calanon would.
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Moss Oktra'rek
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It had not been long since Moss had asked of the commonality of what they were encountering, when Terrium clambered onto the back of the Squirraffe and launched himself into the forest, bound - and bounding - for Chapsborg. The mystic did a double take, watched with his mouth agape at the bizarre sight, before looking back to the others as if to question if the others present had just witnessed the same thing.

Safiye, to her credit, was quick to react, and the orders began to get issued. Moss nodded firmly in understanding as he received his, and, seeing that Argon was ready to go, he began to stride towards the village along the allocated flank. He quickly realised he would need to slow down, so that the dwarf's short legs would be able to keep up.

As Argon caught up, the human put on his cervelliere, then affixed his heater shield to his arm, tightening the enarmes, and drawing a longsword. If they were approaching cautiously enough to require a flanking formation, he had no intention of doing so unarmed.

With each step, the pair moved forward, and Moss found himself looking around in all directions - including back towards the centre group so as to not lose their way - and still trying to get used to the unusual ambience.

Secrets :

A studded leather gambeson that covers his torso from shoulders to beyond his waist over a leather long sleeved coat that goes some way to protecting his arms, leggings of the same material, and thick leather gloves. [Equipped]
A nice set of leather armour, reinforced with metal, that helps keep Moss warm in cool temperatures and cool in warm temperatures. [Equipped]
Pointed steel cervelliere. [Equipped]
A fine Trolls' Bane Longsword, enchanted to deal "more damage than it should" to trolls.
A steel longsword that gently glows in the darkness to help light a dim area around the wielder. This ability cannot be deactivated. [Equipped]
Small dagger with a plain blade.
Heater shield. [Equipped]

Travel knapsack.
Waterskin (x3), full to the brim.
Travel miscellany: spare clothes, including a white keffiyeh; flint and steel; rope; tent.
Golden mineral that provides enhanced reflexes and awareness of one's surroundings. Enough for about 2* more uses. Lasts for 10 minutes and begins to work quickly.

Bladed Weapons [Level 2]
Mysticism [Level 2] (Vis Level: 9/9)
Unarmed Combat [Level 2]

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There was a surge of relief as Calanon felt the strands of his magic come to him as usual. That at least, was as it should be. But it left him further confused as to the absence of his Lord, and he chewed on the inside of his cheek, glancing at his companions as he weighed revealing the conclusions he had drawn.

The woman was speaking though, so for now he held his tongue, stepping back towards the others to better hear what Safiye and the bespectacled man were saying.It was hard not to be distracted by the Squiraffe creature and the loon of a dwarf who looked to be about to attempt to ride it, and the elf looked on in amazement as the odd pair shot off towards the town visible in the distance.

With any luck, any bandits would be focused on that bizarre sight and they might slip by unnoticed. He wondered what resources the administration of Moonstone was so keen to protect, and wished he’d had time to speak to Sliucha before embarking on this strange mission to get some clarity. Surely they could not know as little as they were letting on?

Hearing his name fall from the desert woman’s lips, the elf looked over, his gaze tracking from her to Ordos and then dropping to the gnome. Apparently his crew for this stage of their journey. It was good that she was taking charge, but he might have wished she had a little more control over her dwarven companion, Calanon mused as he gave her a nod to acknowledge he’d heard her, only for her to draw him aside a moment later.

So he was to be a babysitter. The Sylrosian smiled thinly. “Somewhere safe?” he repeated, taking a deliberate look around them as if to locate somewhere that might be deemed such. “ But yes, ok.” He paused a moment, hesitating as he wondered if he should confide in this woman, and decided instead upon a question. “You have been here before. Does anything else strike you as unusual...other than the tower?”Do you not feel how empty it is? Forsaken he wanted to add.

But he could not ask much more because Ordos was brandishing whatever he had been rummaging for triumphantly, and making some chitter chatter about fixing his hair. Calanon pressed his lips together and looked away so as to avoid his expression betraying his thoughts. The man was presumably valuable somehow, or he would not be here he told himself, but even so, could not help but wish he had been given some other task than safeguarding him. And then there was the gnome, and there was an arch of a dark brow as the elf heard the diminutive fellow’s request. He had not considered how the terrain might pose a challenge to the creature, but as he looked out over the marsh and scrubland they had to cover, he could see that it would indeed slow them dreadfully if they had to travel at gnome pace. Though whomever ended up carrying him would be making themselves a muvh more obvious target too.

There was a loud sigh.

“Come then..Sima is it? I will carry you. Let us not burden our good official.” And with that, if there were no protestations, the Sylrosian would pluck the Gnome from the ground and sit him upon his shoulders“If we come to any trouble I will set you down. I cannot fight with you perched up there” he warned, as they prepared to move forward.
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