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“Did you hear what happened to the lutenist?”

“Didn’t know we had any lutrans in this town.”

“No, you fool! The lutenist! The guy who makes all the instruments! Anyway, did you hear? He’s vanished!”

“What, you mean the harp guy? Whadaya mean, vanished?”

“What-I-a mean is just what-I-a say: the ‘harp guy’ just vanished. And in as queer a way as you could ask.”

“How so?”

“Well, he had his shop open like usual. Folks say they seen and heard him working that morning. But some time after mid-day a neighbor stops by and the guy doesn’t answer her knock. When the neighbor opens the door to look around and call to the guy, there’s no sign of him.

“But the harp he’d been working on was all strung, and one of the strings was sounding, like it had just been plucked. Neighbor said it had the clearest, most perfect tone you ever heard. And it kept on sounding off like that, never stopping nor fading. And all the other instruments in his shop that had strings were reverberating the same note. They were all still humming like that even after the neighbor came back with the constable.”

“…and on a quiet darkening, ye can still hear ‘em hummin’ even now. Har har! You sure do tell good ones sometimes!”

“And you sure are a fool sometimes! Ask the constable if I’m not tellin’ it true!”
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