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Eri'Lariel Gil'dae
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No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service

...cont’d from....

What a mess. An utter and complete mess.

Red-rimmed eyes stared blindly through unshed tears into the depths of the mug that she held between her dainty hands as she leaned forward, her elbows so rudely on the table. Any passersby would think she was in her cups, nursing an ale or perhaps whiskey, judging by her haggard appearance, but the teetotaler would have nothing harder than water in spite of the disapproving frown she got from the serving girl. If the Juive’lea was going to take up a seat in the Crown’s common room, she could at least order an ale. A trencher of stew. Something. But no. She had sat there as candle marks passed, barely sipping at the water - water! - and refusing to eat anything.

In fact, Eri’lariel hadn’t eaten more than a few morsels since the Dazzler had sailed away from the pirate encounter, leaving Raekayah to Markelin’s mercy. She would have flown back for the girl immediately, but for the Captain’s ominous threat. Eri would have been on her own, at sea, searching for a girl who might have already flown - or drifted - miles away and Eri had already lost so much blood. So much vis.

Her gaze flickered to the arm that had been mangled by the harpy in the attack. The hedgemage had managed to heal the worst of it, but the scars remained, angry and red, blaming her for her failure. Roth had been right. She had no business being on that ship. What’s worse was that his sentiment mirrored that of her husband. Motito had argued with her over taking the voyage, just the two of them alone. Eri’ fingered the gold band as she contemplated telling him just how much she had lost in the endeavor but she hesitated to trigger the spell that would open the telepathic link with the ring Motito wore. She would have to tell him - before she set off in her search for her missing charge. Perhaps she should order that ale to bolster her nerves for that discussion.

Her weight shifted in the chair with a rustling of her drooping wings. The satchel that Raekayah had left behind brushed her feet, drawing Eri’s attention down. Rosebud lips pursed into a frown as the sight of the girl’s bag reminded her anew of her absence. Her sculpted jawline began to quiver and tears welled up anew, held back by only sheer willpower and resolve. She wouldn’t cry. Not here. Not where sailors sat with wenches on their laps laughing raucously while they spilled as much ale as they swilled.

A delicate hand swiped angrily at her eyes, wiping away the moisture. Her attention was suddenly wrapt on the bag at her feet. Her book. She had given it to Raekayah on the very gangplank that had vomited Eri’lariel onto the docks of Aelyria Prime. She rummaged through the satchel until she found it. The book felt familiar in her hand. An old friend that somehow gave her encouragement. It had been her own, dating back to her very first brightenings on the Empire’s shores. Inside were maps of Aelyria, penned in her own hand, painstakingly copied during each geography lesson as she tried to familiarize herself with her new surroundings.

Eri’lariel laid the book out on the table before her, peeling back the cover and leafing through the pages. The Dazzler had set out from Daltina. To reach Aelyria Prime, they would have had to sail around the southern tip of Sherian. Eri’lariel gave a sigh that might have been relief, had Rae’s life not hung in the balance. Sherian was where she had landed so many eras ago. It was akin to home. Her finger settled on Taralon where her first home had been. There were rumors about it now - and judging by the ship that had attacked them, she knew they were up against Vysstichi at the very least. She chewed her lip as she considered the map, her finger tapping its pages thoughtfully as she tried to ascertain just where the K’terak ship had intercepted them and where, if she were adrift, the young Juive’lea would have come ashore. She refused to consider the girl might have been at the bottom of the sea.
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Once the beleaguered Dazzler had pulled into the harbor of Aelyria Prime, Rothgar managed a let the tension that filled his waking hours to finally ease. Never had he come so close to the realization of his mortality being a real thing, than on that vessel. At least on solid ground there were always alternatives. But at Sea? If the ship had sunk,.. He stopped and refused to think about that eventuality. The ship had not sunk. But the enemy had tried, and nearly succeeded. How they managed to free themselves from their grasp he wasn’t sure. It almost made him believe in a higher power. Almost.

As soon as Rothgar’s feet hit the decking of the pier, he put as much distance as he could between himself and the Dazzler. While he was grateful for the passage, he was not eager to stay aboard ship any longer than absolutely necessary. No, he would keep his feet planted firmly on the ground. And now that his feet were planted on solid ground, next thing was next, lodgings, food and drink. Maybe not in that order however. If there was one luxury he was going to allow himself, it was a drink.

Rothgar allowed the flow of the hustle and bustle of the streets of Aelyria Prime to guide his steps. Soon enough he was far enough away from the waterfront, and in more of the heart of the city. There in the distance was the Crown. A worthy looking establishment that appeared to cater to the better clientele of the city. While normally he would avoid places like that, keeping to the seemier sides of the city, right now, he wanted a peaceful drink without the brawling that could easily erupt from less lofty establishments.

Upon entering, Rothgar made for the bar. He wasn’t interested in a table. He wanted a drink. He laid his money bartop and pointed to a bottle of liquor. He never even set down his pack. It remained hoisted over his shoulder. The barman poured the drink and slid it over to him. Rothgar downed it in one go. Silently he gestured for a second, and then a third. After downing the third, he nodded to the barman, and turned to make his way out, in order to now, find lodging. While the Crown could probably give him a room, it was out of his budget, so he would have to look elsewhere.

It was as he was leaving, he saw her. The Lady from the ship. He would know those crimson wings anywhere now. The Lady, who should have had a daughter at her side. His brow furrowed into a frown, as his steps came to a halt. He could speak to her. Give her his sympathies. He had not seen her much after the fighting. She had probably been ensconced in her cabin grieving, while he had a bunk in the cargo hold. He could, but should he? She was a Lady, and in this place, his rather rough hewn appearance made him stand out, it could cause issues. Except, she lost her child. That deserved to be recognized.

He stepped up behind her table, and then moved in front to the other side of the table so as not to startle her. From the back he could see she was hunched over in grief and sadness. He wanted to give his sympathies and leave her in peace as quickly as possible.

Clearing his throat, to get her attention, Rothgar finally spoke, “My condolences My Lady on your loss.” He wanted to say more,.. But what else could one say?
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