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Saoirse Lanigan
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[Daltina] Breath of fresh arrr (Walt, Seph)

Her boots made a soothing sound as the heel and then toe of her boots hit the old weatherworn wood of the docks. The cloudless sky played host to seagulls calling to each other and the suns rays caressed the waves below, making a playful light show that danced on the hulls of the ships in port. Saoirse smiled to herself and started to whistle a tune, an ancient pirate ditty. "We're devils, we're black sheep, we're really bad eggs.Drink up me 'earties yo ho!" she sung in her head to the tune. A 'fellow' sailor was tying up his small boat to a cleat on the dock, his back to her and his money pouch on his hip, ripe for the plucking. Her caramel eyes darted around to see if anyone was watching before changing her course slightly so she would bump into the sailor.

"Ooof! I am so sorry," she gushed as she reached out with her hands on the waist of the man, her fingers quickly and expertly removing the small sack of coins from his belt as she kept his attention elsewhere. She pulled her hands back, her left with his purse in it out of his line of sight and hidden behind her leg.

"I must have completely been in my own little world! The whole dock and I bump into the only person around!" she laughed as her ran her fingers though her lucious brown locks, pushing it out of her eyes and batted her long eyelashes. There was no doubt that she was attractive and if she could she was going to use that to her advantage. The man initially looked irritated but once he gazed into her face he became entranced by her large brown eyes and his frown melted into a smile.

"No problem," he said, amiably as he nervously ran his thick callused fingers though his own windblown chestnut brown hair, only further ruffling it.

Saoirse flashed him a grin, took a few steps backwards, giving him a brief wave before turning and continuing down the docks towards the quite literally broken Broken King. As she turned her grin faded into a smirk as she lightly tossed the money purse in her hand, weighing it as it fell back into her hand."Not great, but not bad," she thought to herself. She expected that Rorn would be pleased. Repairs were not coming as quickly as the Captain would have liked and every little bit helped. Fastening the pouch to her belt, she continued towards the ship.
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Reason starts with Arrr
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Walt’s sunken spirits had re-emerged somewhat since the Broken King had arrived in Daltina. The sail back from their misadventure with the vysstichi ship had been pretty grim, but short-handed as it was, the crew had kept busy enough to not mope too much about it. Dragging a damaged ship back to port was demanding.

At least, having a broken leg, Walt didn’t have to do work in the crow’s nest, nor indeed up on the yards. Reluctantly, not knowing much else to do with him, Rorn had put the lutran at helm. Dread Pirate Webfoot Walt at the helm! Turning the ship’s wheel and everything! Under different circumstances the lutran would have been giddy, but instead he was just relieved at having something he *could* do to do, so as not to feel like a useless cripple. And it was pretty cool. By the time they sighted Daltina, he was almost his pirate self again.

Daltina itself gave the crew even more things to do. Things like finding more crew. And timber and other supplies to fix the ship. Walt had been helping the cook and second mate, mostly, taking on food and water; he was good at that. And lots of repairs to sails and ropes: any work that didn’t require a lot of walking around, climbing, heavy lifting, and so forth. Maybe having a broken leg wasn’t so bad, after all.

The lutran was helping Krinn mend a sail when he saw Saorise approaching the Broken King’s berth. He still didn’t know her that well, but any crew was welcome nowabrightenings. He lifted his head up from his work and waved a forepaw over his head. ”Ahoy, lass!” he called, because he was a pirate, and pirates called girls ‘lasses’. ”Did you bring your poor crewmates anything good?”
Thanks to Cal for this snazzie avvie!
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