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[Chapsborg][Teaser] Error

Spring, Era XXVI

It was almost dark when he came stumbling out of the treeline. His boots were caked in the mud of a hundred swamps and his skin was reddened by the sun. No one recognised his robes, or the strange, crackling staff he brought with him. No one recognised him either, he was a stranger among the people of Chapsborg, they could not say they knew him. The strange copper tattoo of a line across his face that circled his eye and went up towards his hairline made him stranger still.

Even so, the villagers were kind. They took him in. They gave him water to drink and food to eat. Beneath the robes he was little but skin and bones, held together by will power and little else. This had been a rich and fertile land once, the people who lived here now had little to give, but what they had they offered up hoping to help this stranger back from the brink of death.

This was perhaps the worst thing they could have done.

He whispered in strange languages as he slept, the fever wracking his body did not relent until the day he died. He had been there for three days. Nora, the kindly healer who had been seeing to his needs, cried for him but ultimately got on with her work. This was not the first time someone had died under her care and it would not be the last, all she could do was her best.

It would be another three days before she picked up his staff. She thumbed the copper tattoo of a line that circled her left eye and went up and down the sides of her skull. In a hiss that sounded distinctly inhuman she spoke into the crackling disc at the top of the staff.

She went first to the blacksmith. He was busy hammering some scrap iron into nails when she got there. They spoke for a few hours and when she left he picked up the copper he had been saving and started hammering it very fine indeed. From there the word spread.

Merchants leaving Chapsborg started talking of a strange construction project that the locals were busy with. The village started producing less and less to take to the capitol and the word started spreading that something weird was afoot in Chapsborg.
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