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Richter Glendale
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Rangers and anti-Xet organizations

Even with the way back machine, it doesn't seem like there's much establishing how rangers organize themselves. I know I could RP investigating it but I'm not certain that's something I even want to consider for Richter until I know more. I'm especially curious if there are any anti-xet organizations, some sort of group (besides the legions) who are more preoccupied with preventing another attack. It seems the type of thing druids and rangers would gravitate towards.

Also, when I played here in the distant past it seemed there was a lot more focus, or at least active player base, focused around guilds and houses. Maybe it was just my personal experience, but it seems there's a lack of organizations in general. I was wondering if there's any OOC or IC reason for that.

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Fear the Reaper
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If you want the ooc version. Organisations exist, but because of the nature of moderation we used to have, most organisations that have much roleplay done with them tend to be strictly limited to one city. There's been an effort to upgrade some to provincial level, and to give detail to others but there's a lot of world and limited time.

From an IC perspective, there's a problem of organisational detail. Lylles Co. one of the major IC organisations that sort of handled a lot of the intraprovincial logistics went bellyup, which makes trade, communication, and things like that much more complicated than they used to be. Trying to coordinate a major organisation that spans the entire empire in a meaningful way has its difficulties.

That being said, the Ranger guild I imagine has always been a rather loose coalition of ranger halls in various cities. There used to be initiation rites and skill requirements, but these don't make a lot of sense in light of changes to the skill system and things like that.

If you're looking for IC organisations that specifically oppose the Xet, it's probably fairly limited. There are probably a lot that oppose them in general, but I can't imagine there are a lot that are specifically working against them. I imagine most people are pretty preoccupied with rebuilding after a very disastrous attack on the empire. The current paradigm is that things are falling apart and the centre cannot hold, this includes major powerful organisations not being what they once were.
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Gwynelda Moonbarrow
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One of my old chars was a ranger, a ranger trainee if to be exact. But it still gaveher possibility to get food and rest in any of the ranger halls acroos the empire. But I don't remember, if we were given badges or it was through the letter signed by Head ranger of the hall.
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