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Zinn'ka are cultural styles of a more martial form of [wiki]unarmed combat[/wiki]. More often than not they are the bi-product of singular races or even cities with certain styles having grown popular as these trained fighters travel beyond their culture's borders into other places. As such, zinn'ka has no set forms but they do highly involve the use of both hands and feet. Some focus on agility and acrobatics, while some are more forward in their use of the body.
Further Reading: [wiki]A Primer to Combat[/wiki], [wiki]Unarmed Combat[/wiki]
[h=2]Widespread Variations[/h]
Zinn'ka has a wide number of variations, most of which have been sculptured to best suit specific races and sub-cultures. As such, there is no way to quantify all styles of zinn'ka known in the empire. Consider one style and then imagine how a race such as a [wiki=faeries]faerie[/wiki] or an [wiki=Medonian and Sylrosian Elves]elf[/wiki] might alter it to better suit the needs of their build and lifestyle. As it were, it is rare for a racial variation of the zinn'ka to have made its way from beyond that sub-group into mainstream combat scenarios throughout the empire.
Ataa is not about comparing of force and see who kill whom first, meeting head on with force. Instead, Ataa preaches against the use of excessive force and to attack unprovoked, even though some of its techniques seem to be very violent in nature. The most basic theory in combat as Ataa teaches it, is that one should redirect or absorb the impact of the force of the attack directed at one, and then, counter attack. At the highest level, the force of any attack can be reduced to zero and absorbed to give a greater attack. It is also sometimes possible that even before the opponent attacks, the opponent is already subdued. When not moving, an Ataa student is like a statue, still and restrained, but when there is a need to move, an Ataa student can move like lighting.
Ataa originated from the [wiki=Air'riela]gypsies[/wiki]. It was originally referred to as Diana's Dream, reputed to have come about after one gypsy girl prayed to [wiki=Diana (Deity)]Diana[/wiki]. The goddess, so it goes, appeared to a group of gypsies as a result and began to teach them a dance. The dance then turned into the demonstration of a defensive combat skill. Diana's Dance was then learned by gypsies of both sexes throughout the empire.

While gypsies are by and large a secretive group, some believed it to be helpful to outsiders and spread it around. Since then this zinn'ka has been referred to as Ataa.
[h=4]Technique Examples[/h]
The Press: The Press is executed with both hands pressing forward along with the movement of the legs forward. At first sight, this looked to be harmless, but with practice, the Press can be used deflect attacks and then to attack. At some instances, the Press can even be used to break grapples.

Whip Hand: The most basic of all hand movements. Basically, the Whip Hand is a technique that used one of the hands to block, and then, using the other hand and a step forward, deliver a whip like attack aimed at the chest of the opponent. Like all techniques in Ataa, the Whip Hand has a few variations.

Four Corner Throw: Starting throw for most students of Ataa. The Four Corner Throw is usually done straight up and using the force exerting by the opponent. By lifting the hands up and using the momentum of one’s opponent, one can throw the opponent from one of the four corners of a house to the opposite corner if one is fighting in a house. At higher levels, it is possible for one to throw one’s opponent to from one corner to any corner that the student likes if four corners are used as a reference.
Another common name for K’Tesh is “Shadow Skill”. The name came about for the seemingly amazing ability of a K’Tesh practitioner to merge into the shadows. K’Tesh to some, is more than just an unarmed combat skill; it is a combination of skills needed for spying and unarmed combat. As it known, K’Tesh is learned mostly by spies and thus, tending heavily towards skills that can help spying like stealth and endurance, and tactics to let the spies do their work. There are also a few techniques in K’Tesh that teach the student on how to escape successfully, and maybe, this is why some say K’Tesh is a coward’s skill.
There are many myths and legend about K’Tesh. One version actually talks of [wiki]Jalat[/wiki] appearing before the first [wiki=katta]kattas[/wiki] and taught the kattas K’Tesh to help them survive the harsh climate of [wiki]Arakmat[/wiki] and to fulfill their work to Jalat. Many versions also exist to explain why K’Tesh is called K’Tesh. One version is K’Tesh is actually the sound of claws slicing flesh.

One of the earliest records where K’Tesh is written openly was in an order issue by a female Lionoid Commander to collect what is that of K’Tesh and to write it all down. This writings are then distributed and taught to all kattas in an effort to defeat the dorins in the early brightenings of the dorin-katta conflicts.

There are also variations of K’Tesh among other clawed races of the Aelyria Empire. The [wiki=dorin]dorins[/wiki], having the enmity between them and kattas, are among the first to create their own variation to K’Tesh. It is also observed that [wiki]dracons[/wiki] and [wiki=saurid]saurids[/wiki] have their own variation of K’Tesh.
[h=4]Technique Examples[/h]
Basic Claw Punches: Basic Claw Punches are straight forward attacks with the claws. The execution of the Basic Claw Punches is somewhat like punches done with the fist, except for the fact that the claws are the points of impact.

The Basic Kicks: With the hands techniques covered, a student in K’Tesh also needs to study leg techniques. The legs techniques are usually kicks. For students that do not wear shoes and have clawed feet, the kicks may incorporate the use of the claws in the kicks.

Clawed Hold: The Clawed Hold is a handgrip technique with claws. A handgrip by itself is formidable already. And when claws are added along with special techniques for claws, a handgrip can be hard to shake off.
Shaasskah is a school that emphasizes on that direct impact, meaning kicks and others forms of hand attacks like punches, assisted by various forms of movement like jumping is the effective way of fighting. Thus, punches and kicks, and the amazing jumps and dazing ways of moving the body are the most prominent features of Shaasskah.
The first records of Shaasskah can be found in one of the earliest records of the [wiki]Royal Guard[/wiki] in the days when Emperor Constantine first formed the Royal Guards. The records spoke of a need for unarmed close combat training for then newly formed Royal Guard and Baron Rynus von Oreskovich recruited three people for this purpose. The three people were one human and two saurids. The name of the human was Gaeow Ponpol and the saurids were simply known as Ss’kass and Xsi’ros.
[h=4]Technique Examples[/h]
Turning Kick: A kick that is more powerful, though slower to execute than the Forward Kick. The kick is executed by using the momentum of one turning one’s body and to concentrate the momentum in leg.

Back Hook Kick: Somewhat similar to the Turning Kick. The difference between the Turning Kick and the Back Hook Kick is the direction of how one turn one’s body. Turning backwards and using the heel to hit the opponent is how the Back Hook Kick is done.

The Knife Hand: This technique is executed by thrusting one’s hand forward as though the hand is a knife. With some conditioning and practice, it is possible for one to use the Knife Hand to go through steel!
Credit goes to Sheng Kaldres for the original write-ups on Ataa, K'Tesh and Shaasskah.

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