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Sliucha Sindosa
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Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa
So, at some point, there had been a plan. There was lots of horse cock involved in said plan, yes, and there was lots of horse cock that had been imbibed, so all things considered things had gone relatively swimmingly? But the arguably (arguably) important part of the plan had been the eventual transport of Éclair from where they were currently to where they wanted to go. And ostensibly where they had wanted to go had been back to the second tier of the Swirling Lotus Gardens, where the breeding festival could continue in earnest in Éclair's new form.

Now, it could be argued that the entire reason they were having problems was because of somebody - not naming any names - because of somebody's brilliant detour through the baelung dungeon, and everything that had occurred as a result of that. This was a very silly argument that need not be considered for any particular length of time.

So through the lust-fog that had settled in Sliucha's brain thanks to the baelung and various other circumstances, a nonetheless pretty decent plan had managed to shape up! Decent, all things considered. Two birds with one stone! They'd get a horse to help relieve some of the pent-up lust thanks to the baelung, and then they'd ride said horse to get Éclair back to the second tier! They'd skewer her on Tiberum's cock, get some straps to make sure she'd stay in place, and have the stallion trot on down to ensure that Éclair could get back with speed and style. Brilliant!

But then Éclair got really eager about getting piped up the rear and Tiberium had been very excited about fvcking the Jorelite's ass and maybe Sliucha had been dlcking down some Carmelyans and there was a crucial time window that had been missed. Tiberium was done and flaccid and it would be super awkward to thaumaturgy him back to vigor and try to go for the skewering plan again, right? If Sliucha had done it while he was still in the middle of pumping Éclair's guts full of horse cum then perhaps it could have worked out, she was still basically in place, all they had to do was transfer her out of the device and strap her along Tiberium's underside. Simple.

Now all they had to work with was a satisfied horse and a gaping, quivering wreck of a Jorelite.

Well, it was still salvageable, by all means. Even if the stallion had a hole-ruining womb-wrecker swinging underneath him, an archmage thaumaturge could definitely pull Éclair back to normal in short order. Really, it was more the sheer quantity of jizz that had been dumped into the Jorelite that was the issue. Obviously, they'd want that to drain for a while... if purely for the efficacy of further breeding endeavors. Look, if that quantity hadn't managed to get her pregnant, waiting around wasn't going to be much use. And it was definitely going to crowd out any future donations.

What next? Well, they could... certainly just bring in another horse, right? And just proceed with the plan, just with Éclair arriving a little more double-stuffed than initially intended. Maybe, if they wanted to wait a while longer, a prize hound could be fetched as well? There'd been obvious interest from Éclair, it wouldn't be too difficult.

Oh, why be difficult about it? Why not just ask Éclair herself what she might want? Once she managed to gather her wits about her, anyway.

"So the plan was to basically make you hang off of Tiberium's cock and strap you underneath him to 'ride' you back over to the second tier," Sliucha explained, a little breathless considering she'd just plowed her way through a cadre of attendants, "but you might have milked him a little too good. We can definitely just bring in another horse to do that if you want, if you feel like you really want to get back to the festival. Or we can... spend more time here if you like. Stables are full. Could maybe call for some more beasts. Up to you!"

Decisions, decisions. And to think, they'd just taken a bath.
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Éclair Mainesthai
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Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai
It was a lot to take in,
As Éclair just lay there, bound to the wooden frame,
And basking in the afterglow of having been oh so thoroughly pounded into blissful oblivion by a Stallion not once but twice. That, the longer Éclair lay there oozing from such copious use, she couldn’t help but desire the trifecta and add equine throat-fvcking to the mix?
Éclair had, quite truly,
Been fvcked a little silly indeed to even consider such a feat,
Slut Days were treated with utmost sincerity and conviction,
And for all she’d somewhat cheated with the Lady Thane day prior and the chain-bangbang at the Club Vibrato, now? Éclair had gone all in and really didn’t care to slow down,
Wasn’t going to get knocked up,
By taking less cock after all! And while,
Éclair rather doubted that dearest Tiberius was compatible (and certainly, taking it up the ass there wasn’t demonstrating much by way of sexual education there on the birds and the bees), she certainly looked happy enough,
Hands clenching and unclenching,
Stiff from holding on to the wooden frame, a momentary effort,
To restore circulation, proof, if nothing else, that as much as Éclair had craved horse-cock? She’d still quite needed to be strapped in for safety purposes.
Huh. It, as ever, wasn’t shame in any capacity so much as awe and pride,
Revelling in the appreciation of what New & Interesting she could and would accomplish if morality was cast aside,
Licking at her dry lips,
Chaffed, throat still raw from the cries of ecstasy,
And not sure whether she wanted the tried and true Honey Mead, or another cock to sate her thirst. Unable to truly reconcile the reality that the more dlck she took, the more she wanted,
Oh so terribly warm.
So, oh so much cum and the offering that, while not strictly speaking likely to knock her up, was still welcomed. Appreciated. Proof of desire and lust, that she was Wanted,
Focus! Pay Attention!
Corrupted Carmelyan’s making wagers again?
Oh. No! Sliucha was still here! Ooh! Niftiness!
Cheeks flushed happily red,
Beaming at Her Friend that, well, had, in the Bad Plan certainly done Good.
The Talky-Talk vague and confusing, but all in all, going well to prove why Éclair’s Not-a-Plan was a Not-a-Plan instead of a Plan. Her Love did so tend to Change any Plans she made, so t’was always for the best to y’know, Not,
Not that the Plan even sounded all that terrible,
Head tilting to the side, resting her cheek against the wooden frame as her breathing eventually began to steady and normalise even as the smile restored it’s mischievous, kittenish quality with dimples and all,
”That sounds nice…” Éclair managed dreamily,
If, a little curious as to how that would work. Had seen enough flailing of hooves to know Tiberius had reared while rearing her and it didn’t seem like the kind of thing that would make a canter or a trot… well…huh,
Had taken all Tiberius had to offer?
Oh, if Éclair had been blushing with satisfaction before? That made Éclair’s cheeks glow at having emptied a horse! Proud! Oh so proud there! See, maybe having a Bull fvck her wasn’t unreasonable! Can’t milk those? Bet she cooooould!
When in doubt,
“I trust you Sliucha.” Éclair managed with a pleased look,
No worse for wear there in leaving matters of pleasure for the High Priestess of Alithea.
“You provide the cock and an audience and I’ll fvck it. Anything and everything.” Éclair breathed slowly, her Lauyllian accent as ever kicking in whenever exhausted or in Her Doll’s presence,
”Horse was, t’was… delightful,
“Just…promise me a Boar-fvcking before I head home? It feeeeeeels…Important,
Like… a line that needs crossing. One thing to claim to be a dirty slut…” as she left it hanging, as if there were indeed levels of ‘dirty’ and Éclair was aiming for pig in the mud level filthy in her escapades. An idea that hadn't been shaken even in the midst of bestiality with a Stallion twice-over. Horses were majestic! Pigs were... pigs!
“But I trust you Sliucha,
However you want to get me back to the breeding festival!” Sliucha’s Temple? Sliucha’s Rules!
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Sliucha Sindosa
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Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa
A boar?


Well, Éclair had said that she'd planned on staying for at least a few days, potentially, right? Sliucha wasn't entirely sure they had immediate access, but the key words there had been "before [heading] home." Or maybe they'd luck out and it turned out that a pork farmer had, in fact, decided to visit the campus in hopes of getting the Carmelyans to work their 'magic' on the livestock.

Trust! Trust was an important thing to keep!

And when in doubt, variety was the spice of life!

"Let's do this, then," Sliucha noted, clapping her hands together, always a wellspring of depravity when it came to the imagination. There was plenty of indecision leading up to the decisive moment, but now that she was here, the path forward felt like it was totally clear.

"First and foremost, we'll flip you over." Yes, the device was absolutely constructed specifically with mounting in mind. Sliucha was hardly a girl who was content with a single position, though! Gesturing a few attendants over, all they needed was some... rope! And creative knots.

First, though, they'd let Éclair out of the thing and have a stretch. Get some of that blood flowing. Did she want something to drink? At this point Sliucha had made sure to send a runner out, and there was honey mead for the Jorelite to sip on by this time. If downtime was inevitable, then might as well make it as refreshing as possible, right? Plus, walking around meant gravity meant draining might be quickened ever so slightly.

Whenever Éclair was ready? Balance her on her back atop the device. Ropes tied to the bar above to elevate her legs! Hands tied together, and that rope was tied to the bar up top, too! In essence, hog-tied perfectly for a horse to come between the legs!

"We'll advance with the original plan and a fresh horse," Sliucha explained cheerfully. "We've got plenty of days left to work with, after all! So let's focus on the breeding festival today, and I'll make sure to set aside time once we've properly prepared! Dogs and bulls and boars and everything!" This could be considered an... appetizer, perhaps?

"Sound good?" She'd be taking a horse again, but the position would be different! "You've got a choice now of which hole you want to ride back!"
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Éclair Mainesthai
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Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai
A promise made?
Not really, but Éclair heard what she wanted to hear,
And that was more than enough to spur her on all the more with the debauchery.
As if Éclair needed any encouragement,
But if one was going to engage in Bestiality, it seemed only right and proper,
To go full ham as it were. No testing, umming and ahhing, nuh-uh! No, not when one had proven quite open to the concept of equines for Era’s now since a certain Succubus had entertained the idea and Hounds? Éclair had Date Night with an Uvak on the regular. It really was hardly New,
Sure, it’d also technically been Demonology,
But Éclair really quite doubted that Havina’s Blessing-Curse cared, certainly Dorin’s had done the trick so why over-analyse?
And a slight nod from Éclair at being flipped over,
Figuring that being bound beneath a Horse? Had to be more comfortable than being pushed on the wooden frame until it shuffled oh so noisily along the floor in great lurching motions. No, clearly Sliucha knew what she was doing! Fancy that!?
Never mind that it took Éclair a bit,
Just to eventually flop from the wooden frame,
And nurse a little bit of life in her oh so wobbly long legs and rub at her wrists where they’d first been bound. That it came with the catharsis of relief as gravity assisted in the passage of horse-seed exiting herself in drips and drabs,
Innocuous as she idly claimed a dollop from between her legs to lick,
As she waited for the sweeter offerings of Honey Mead to act as an alternative. Waste not, want not! Stretching, bones crackling here and there as she took a proper breather and the dimpled smile remained all too intact as she considered during the downtime,
Ready? Ready!
As if Éclair needed to be swayed, or would hesitate now,
Flashing a grin as she oh so eagerly sat down atop the wooden frame anew and laid down comfily, far more aware now for what she’d be in store for in the second (third) round and positively bristling with desire in her readiness for more,
Sure, she’d thought she was going for a Horse-ride initially,
But now that Éclair knew she was going to be ridden by a Horse? Oh, where she might have hesitated if presented by such initially? Now, no such concerns! Giddyup!
Long legs raised!
Arms bound up high above her too!
Her body taut, youthful and with all the promise of adulthood and pierced in ways that bespoke of someone that had far, faaaaar more experience than their age belied.
Squirming, the occasional burst of bubbly, delirious laughter as the juvenile red-head positively itched for more as she was hog-tied and happily trussed up to be fvcked!
New Horsie?! Sounded great!
That Sliucha was in agreement of Dogs and Bulls and Boars and Everything did in no way dampen Éclair’s painfully evident desire for Anything that Sliucha could dlck her with to be given just such an opportunity,
Who knew just when she’d have another opportunity,
So definitely wanted to take advantage of the here and now!
”Sounds delightful!”
Beaming happily, as she didn’t really have to give it much thought,
Not when, as much as Éclair enjoyed anal, it really was supposed to just be to keep a dlck warm and ready or as a second round rather than the main course. The Not-a-Plan, even if it was something like a Horse had a priority order!
Don’t want people to get the wrong idea about a Breeding Festival!
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Sliucha Sindosa
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Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa
For all that it might have been rather on-brand for things to be chaotic, when it came to debauchery, leave it to an Alithean to want to be efficient. Sure, they could run around a whole bunch, chasing after every little whim that came their way - breeding festival, baelung, bestiality - but at the end of the day Sliucha was trying to ensure that Éclair got the best experience. It just wasn't very efficient to run around like that, not when a bit of time and preparation could streamline the entire thing. After all, they were dealing with things that could very much be considered extremes. If most people weren't interested, it wasn't as if there was much merit in ensuring that such operations were always ready, all the time, right?

It was one thing if Éclair only had a bit of time. Then perhaps a whirlwind sampling would have been more appropriate. But if she had a few days, why not take the time to properly appreciate each dish? Ignoring, of course, the idiot who'd decided to take the baelung detour in the first place.

(Not naming names!)

No, if the Jorelite was intent on diving into the deep end? The least they could do was actually fill the pool with water. Stables and kennels were on-site but everything else was more or less imported. Then, of course, there was the matter of the appropriate staging ground, having to deal with the various shapes and sizes, making sure there were plenty of supplies on hand - keeping Éclair fed and hydrated, washed and cleaned from time to time, ease of transport of the beasts themselves - it really was a ritual and ceremony for the Alitheans, after all!

Éclair seemed to be on board with the program? Excellent. Always good to get buy-in from the person in question, after all! If somebody wasn't being punished, then consent was very important! When somebody came by often enough, usually the Temple staff got a feel for what sort of limits they had. Even if (such as in Éclair's case) it felt like it was obvious what her answer to some questions might be, it was always good to ask. Always good to give the opportunity to rest, instead of relentlessly plowing forward! Always good to provide some time to recharge. Definitely helpful when people got a little drunk on the pleasure, and what they wanted might not coincide with what was necessarily best (or healthy) for them!

Honey mead to help wash out some of the taste, dulling some of the pungency and saltiness Éclair had gotten from her idle sampling, and so much comfort from just getting to stretch after having held a position for so long! At least this next one was something different, and she wouldn't have to hold it for too long! Sliucha and the others helping Éclair back up, legs up? Arms like this, please? Expert ropework, knots to helped keep her secure without overly threatening circulation, they didn't intend to keep her like this for long. A few test pushes were provided to ensure that Éclair wouldn't just go flying, hm? One, two!

The Alithean slapped her friend between the legs as Éclair commented on which hole she'd be riding in on, sticking her tongue out at the Jorelite. "Very well! Bring in Shadow!"

If it was horses, there was always an ample supply, after all. Sliucha's work on building up Moonstone's own transport network in the wake of the collapse of Lylles, Co. had secured a fair amount of the equines that were the backbone of transportation, after all. Siphoning away a few for her own needs was... well, her privilege as the governor, surely? After all, the intent was for Moonstone to be self-sufficient, and for that they needed to set aside some of the stallions as breeding studs, right? Sliucha was just being very diligent in ensuring that the studs were being taken care of as best as possible and ensuring the highest quality seed was being produced by them with the aid of the Carmelyans was all. This whole thing with Éclair was obviously just the Jorelite assisting with some 'test firing.'

And another veritable stud was brought out for Éclair! Shadow, another tall black stallion, patiently allowing himself to be led out by an attendant, just as aware as Tiberium had been of what was expected of him. Just as much a veteran of Alithean affections, and at this point quite used to the matter. What was the different between a mare pussy and any other variety of pussy? As far as Shadow was concerned, nothing worth noting! Well-practiced, the stallion reared up onto the bar, his sheath covered in a loincloth-like article of clothing.

Why? Purely for the aesthetic of an attendant pulling it away and letting the stallion's length spill out and slap down onto Éclair's stomach! Flop, smack, a meaty thud where the already semi-erect cock could drool a bit of clear pre onto the Jorelite.

What else was on-brand? Expect the unexpected!

Sure, they'd literally trussed her up perfectly for things to proceed on schedule. But Shadow had been brought out only half-cocked and Sliucha didn't feel like cheating with thaumaturgy to get him to full-mast immediately. Besides, there was a whole hole that hadn't been plugged yet, right? All they had to do was yank the arm rope like this, put some slack into the leg ropes, ease back the device, and ta-da! Now they more or less had Éclair crouch-kneeling beneath Shadow with her arms in the air behind her, and a horse cock dangling right in front of her face! If they wanted to get her back into position, it was quite easy to do so as well! The magic of ropes!

What was stopping Shadow from finishing up and them needing to drag a third horse in here? Sliucha not getting distracted! Don't worry, her Plans had yet to fail them yet!

"Open wide?" she offered helpfully, lending a hand in guiding Shadow towards Éclair, considering the Jorelite was tied up and unable to do much herself save... well, follow the given advice!
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Éclair Mainesthai
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Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai
As ever, Éclair remained,
All too happy to bounce from one idea to another,
At least up until something captured her attention and left the young woman momentarily fascinated by the next New & Interesting at her disposal,
Attention Span Deficiency was as ever a thing,
And for all that Éclair had very little by way of a reprieve in one dlcking and the next?
It really didn’t stop the young woman from daydreaming or making erstwhile suggestions for the next round of depravities and decadence no matter how impractical the logistics might have been in earnest. Insatiable as ever in her pursuits of pleasure and the possibilities of gratification,
Anything and Everything,
And a bit part of that was simply, making sure,
That Her Friend didn’t have to worry about Éclair having any real inhibitions that might have dampened her… creative flair. No, definitely not!
The prospect of the Baelung,
Was, t’was more than a little daunting in the here and now, post-Tiberius,
But Éclair, for once, was actually at peace with the idea of ‘Later’ for that particular Demon. Sure, Sliucha might want it Empowered or the like, but uh, tentative wariness remained intact as the whole… no Giants thing? Well, one problem at a time!
Honey Mead for Meeeeee!
And Éclair, all dimples and grins as she was bound once more,
Aches and pains accumulated from the brightening, and for all of that, the young woman was but itching for more; as ever striving to push herself from one extreme to the next. Curious at the knots, but more in the absent-minded notion that they weren’t really the kind of thing that could contain Éclair given the desire for freedom so much as hopefully keep her from being battered about too much when strung beneath the next Plaything!
No longer lust-drunk on the Baelung’s influences,
No longer oblivious to Sliucha’s own intentions with just how and what would be being ridden,
There was a calm about Éclair,
Curious as she watched, cheeks rosy in anticipation,
Biting down upon her bottom lip as she eyed the Horsie, the steady rise and fall of Éclair’s chest as each laboured breath was taken in measure. So. This was a Thing. Third time the charm! Right? Right! Only, t’was… different too, when she was able to actually see it all coming, being face-up rather than bent over the frame… huh…
Flinching out of instinct more than anything else,
As Shadow reared above her, only, only for Éclair’s attention to very, very much focus intently,
Upon the unveiling of the massive Toy as it flopped atop her petite frame and… Gods…oh…huh!
Deep breaths!
Totally not drooling… uh… kay… maybe a little…
Huge Toy!
Sure, it was attached to a Beast,
But it wasn’t as if Éclair really had ever treated Humanoid Toys as if they were anything better than a means of getting her off. This just helped dispense with any unnecessary Talky-Talk! That it also meant she got to explore different shapes and sizes and the like? All the more Interesting! The scent of the pre on her abdomen, the warmth of the spillage, licking at her lips at the delectable morsel presented,
And Éclair, heart aflutter,
Nerves racing, adrenaline, anticipation all too real for all that the Toy wasn’t quite readied,
Or at least, not quite what the young woman expected as the ropes jolted and Éclair’s position lurched; sending a high pitched yelp from the Jorelite’s lips in surprise,
Arms bound,
Dropped to kneel before the massive Toy,
There, Éclair’s sky blue eyes just StArEd in abject fascination for the massive cock before her so,
That like the Baelung before, there was only curiosity and desire as the Talky-Talk of Sliucha seemed oh so distant,
What had Her Friend said?
Not that it seemed to matter,
As Éclair strained against the ropes that bound her so, inching as close as the restraints would allow,
Leaning forwards as she could, yearning for a taste. Just a lick and a suck of the gorgeous horse-cock that, given Éclair, was never going to be just a taste if given the possibility of more. As time and time again she'd proven a glutton for cum, the salty counterpoint to her sweet cravings. Her tongue sticking out as she opened wide in the tried and true offering for a Toy to use her mouth for gratification. Eager as ever, unabashed wanting only to partake, to lick and suck and revel in the treat presented,

It really didn’t matter as to the how or what,
As Éclair welcomed the opportunity for a taste of the beast, to make no doubt of her going whole-heartedly into the Temple's offerings when surrounded by such an endearing audience and such promising Toys. Compatible? Unlikely, but then it always had been questionable as to how much of the Not-a-Plan cared an iota about that too.
Good Plan - Bad Plan,
Éclair just went with the oh so simple premise: Fvck anything with a dlck that Sliucha offered!
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Sliucha Sindosa
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Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa
Bound in such a fashion, there was only so much motion that was available to Éclair as she strained to reach Shadow. Thankfully, Sliucha was there to provide that helping hand! This time around it was less figurative than an Alithean's usual machinations and more very literal, helping line the stallion right up with the Jorelite's eager mouth-hole. A wash of the tongue, the feeling of those soft lips, was enough for Shadow to throb happily against Éclair's mouth. This was a horse with enough veterancy to know what to expect out of that particular sensation. Pleasurable sensations were exactly that, and it mattered not what their source was!

Bluish veins along Shadow's shaft began to pulse and throb, the huge beast's pent up energy reserves slowly being tapped into. Even the slightest bit of attention was enough for syrupy fluid to begin to ooze from the tip, spilling onto that eager tongue and coating Éclair's lips, providing that salty taste she'd long since grown to adore. Thick, viscous, dense - the calling card of the stud, for all that this was just the pre-nut. It was maybe a little too obvious that Shadow really didn't need all that much help to get ready. If that was the intended goal then, well, they were pretty much already there! No need for anything more, right? They could just move Éclair back into position and get on with it?

Right, Éclair wasn't going anywhere. Not with Sliucha lending that still-not-figurative helping hand, both hands firmly stroking away at that length, milking out more thick dollops of equine pre, plying the stallion's nuts with encouraging kisses. The stallion knew exactly what to do with all this incentive, responding with an experimental thrust of his haunches. Powerful equine muscles met pliable lips, the eager target feeling the crown of that spongy cockhead compressing, forcing open that mouth around it. Perfectly lined up, no slipping away here! With a wet pop the stallion's tip pressed past her lips and lodged firmly in her mouth, the massive head of Shadow's dlck flaring within to lock it in place behind her front teeth. That wasn't going to come out anytime soon. The feeling of that tight little mouth, and Sliucha continuing her masterful ministrations in assistance, saw the equine swell to an even greater degree of stiffness in response. The feeling was more than recognizable for Shadow, who quite quickly got to work, indeed quite ready for the task at hand.

Another thrust of the haunches, and several inches of equine cock shaft slid right between the Jorelite's lips, easily surging through what futile resistance was possible to butt up against the restrictive opening of her throat. A snort of delight came from above her as the horse's back hooves shuffled around a bit, Shadow getting himself nice and comfortable now. Stance widened for better balance, muscular flanks rippling, haunches rolled. Back out he slipped, some of the no-doubt accumulated drool dredged out with it, until that knob was pressing up against the back of Éclair's teeth once more where it couldn't withdraw any further. Then a plow forward, a powerful lunge as the stallion treated her to a facial fvck-thrust. Once again, he'd slap up against the very back of her mouth, seeking out that angle to get further in, quite unsatisfied with the current length of his pole being wettened by Éclair's mouth. Insistently he'd press forward, sending a savory discharge of gooey pre-cum to wash over her taste buds and cascade down her throat, but he was unable to overcome the resistance of Éclair's comparatively tiny throat opening.

Well now, that just wouldn't do. Still, Shadow was a determined stallion, and... well, Sliucha was an archmage thaumaturge. Between the two of them, nothing was impossible! As the stallion drew back on his haunches once more, he gathered himself for a more enthusiastic and forceful insertion, while Sliucha provided the magic cushioning to make things all the easier on Éclair. One more powerful thrust, another launch of that stiff equine cock forward through whatever gagging protest the Jorelite's body might have offered, Shadow's massive, fleshy shaft practically bowing in the middle under the strain. But there it was! An audibly wet gulp and Éclair's throat blossomed open, the horse's slickened fvcklog plunging into that convulsing tunnel. Sliucha peeked out curiously from her position behind Shadow, deciding that slurping on the horse's fat nuts was, in fact, a lower priority compared to ensuring that her friend didn't choke to death on said horse's towering pillar of equine cockmeat.

Shadow? Definitely taking advantage of the opening he'd found, surging forward as best as possible, even as the tight clutching embrace of Éclair's throats tried to apply the brakes to his attempt to sheathe his entire length in her oral tunnel. Slowly the advancing horse cock would grind to a halt... just as those huge bloated balls came gently to rest against those soft, glistening lips. Sliucha wouldn't help but quietly marvel at the picturesque scene of that huge horse cock standing out quite clearly, bulging fiercely and massively apparent considering the fact that it was socketed to the very hilt in Éclair's throat. "If you really concentrate, you should be able to draw in a liiiiitle~ bit of air?" Sliucha offered, having been in Éclair's position. It wasn't easy task, nor did it even provide all that much air, but every little bit helped! Even with the sustenance that thaumaturgy could provide.

Now then. One could hardly be content with merely holding one's cock in place. The stallion withdrew, spit and equine juices trailing everywhere as inch after inch of that shiny fvck stick slipped free of Éclair's oral embrace, pulling out of the Jorelite's throat until she felt that familiar smack at the back of her teeth. "Oh, oh, definitely breathe while you can!" Sliucha suggested, before playfully smacking Shadow's balls in time with the stallion thundering forward, the path perhaps a bit easier this time around now that it had been trekked forward. The full length disappeared into Éclair's gullet once more, a wet smack sounding out as the horse's bloated nut sack came to a halt against her gaping mouth. Glistening threads of saliva and pre-cum spanned from the Jorelite's straining lips to the stallion's balls as he pulled away once more, a froth of slippery fluids bubbling out of her mouth, sloppy streamers running down her chin to coat her chest and front. A reversal of direction, a punishing fvck-thrust back in, pull back out, fvck forward once more, a building cadence that picked up speed. Back and forth the stallion pounded, thrusts slowly getting faster, full length of his cock utterly plundering Éclair's throat, a lather of sweat gathering on his heaving flanks as he sawed in and out of Éclair's tender mouth and throat with the cyclic thrusting of his enormous prick.

"Breathe, remember to breathe!" Sliucha continued to pipe up, hoping that her friend was in a state of mind to... you know, listen. Ah, crap, wait, was there any way for Éclair to signal that she was in trouble? Safe words weren't useful when... you know. Mouth full. Plus, her hands were bound, uh... well, that's why it was good to have an archmage thaumaturge around, right? Sliucha was confident that things would work out, though!

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