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Cokey Mushroompad

Name: Mark Johnson


PC Name: Cokey Mushroompad

Race: Hobbit/Halfling

Physical Description:
Cokey is an amicable looking hobbit with bright twinkling eyes and a ready smile. However behind this friendly exterior he hides a raw hide toughness of a seasoned veteran. He has a Tattoe on Right Arm from his sailign days as engineer aboard the NSS Holland - it prortrays an anchor entwined with a Sea-serpent. He follows an Indian syle of dress, he wears a leather buckskin suit with lots of tassles, and a tomahawk and scalp knife hang at his side on loops of his belt.

Height : 3' 4
Weight : 140lb

A seemingly honest yet shifty eyed character. Cokey has bright twinkling eyes yet these can soon change to steel grey when pushed around. A thief at heart as are any hobbits, the urge to pick pocket is not often resisted, landing him often in some sort of scrape or other with the local administrators of law in the area.
Although small in height Cokey is a very courageous character with good knowledge of the woodlands in which he was brought up. He will fight like a lion to defend his friends and is great at setting traps for small animals such as Rabbits from which he makes his favourite dish - Rabbit stew, indeed as all hobbits do, he loves his meals and has a voracious appetite.

Training (include thread links and/or moderator name):
cokey has training as an Engineer for Submarines. (gained in NARIM - old Aelyria)

Major Items/Equipment :
Imperial Visa
Suit of light leather armour
Flask of fresh spring water
Five rations of food
Green hooded cloak
Composite Short Bow
A Score of standard arrows + 16 extra - 36 in all
Two capped quivers - holding a score of arrows each
Two spare strings
3 Snakeskin belts
Sheath for Rapier
Belt Frog for Rapier
Love Letter over 200 years old (Found)
Travel kit 1:
Sewing Kit
Back pack
Mess kit:
Medium sized pot
Large Spoon
Small Frying Pan
Cutlery for one person

Iron kettle
5 fish hooks
Flint and Steel
Hack saw
Pair of Manacles & key
Map of Known World
Metal file
2 Pipes - smoking
64oz Tobacco
50' Hemp rope
Water skin
4 steel horse shoes
1 Bottle of high Quality 'Midnight Rose' (Wine)
3 Coloured bottles
A buckskin leather outfit and headband (Western trapper/indian style clothing)
Scalp knife
Scalp Knife Sheath
Scalp Knife Belt Frog
Harness for Tomahawk
2 Pairs of Leather Boots

Wiry Mountain pony 'Sunflash' (a Present - enamorian Wilderness - Old Aelyria - AGM Willz)
Saddle Bags
Current money: 4744gc

Navy Engineer
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