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Physical Description
Altar has white hair which is most common among his race, he also has a pale skinn and blue-green eyes. His body is quite muscular for an elf due to the hard work he have been performing for his parents when he grew up. Altar is 6 feet high and weight 90 pounds. Altar usualy wears his cloack with the hood up to hide his identity. With him he also always carries his longsword and a dagger with a composite long bow and a quiver of arrows at his back.

Altar always lieved in Aelyria Prime, his parens being merchants. When he grew up it always supprised him that he didn't look like his parents and he always wondered why. This was revealed to him before his mother died, as it turned out when he was very young he was found in the wildernes. So the kind people took him in and brought him up. His race as he found out later was the Moriquendi an old feared race that lived somwere far away. So after burying his parents he was left with a house and 500 crowns of savings. After a day or too grieving for his parents he decided to find his lost home the home of Moriquendi and that's where his quest begins.

Training (include thread links and/or moderator name)

Major Items/Equipment (include all magical items, thread link, and moderator name)
All that is listed bellow was bought in the ThunderHammer's General Shoppe shop in Aelyria Prime and was moderated by Rob Goldenwolf

Longsword, Dagger, Medium Shield, Steel Helm, Chainmail and Gauntlets

Blanket, Crowbar, Quill and Ink set, Sundial, 2 Wineskins, Tent, 10 torches, Flint and Steel, 50' of Rope, Grappling Hook, week rations, Bedroll, Cloak, Leather Sack, Clawed Shoes, Braies (pants), and a Doublet (shirt).

All that is listed bellow was bought in the Ithuriel's Archery shop in Aelyria Prime and was moderated buy Mrooly O'Var-Var.

Composite Long Bow

5 Extra Strings, Wrist Guards, Standard Arrows: 5 scores and Capped Quiver.

All that is listed bellow was bought in the Kotra's forge in Aelyria Prime and was moderated by Nicodemus

Spear, Hunting Knife and 10 Finger blades (1 cm)

Eagle (Aquila) was bought in the Elynnari's World of Animals shop in Aelyria Prime and was moderated by Kysssa

Horse (Thunder) and full gear for it was bought in the Cloud Swift Stablery and Equestrian Supplies stables in Aelyria Prime and was moderated by Kaleah Kurfess.

Private in Aelyrian army

A pendant of Ioannes was bought in Alabaster Gem and Stone Works shop in Aelyria Prime and was moderated by Ahana.

A military ID


An Imperial visa

A deed on the house in New Coldmoon bought from an elf outside the tavern and was moderated by Vyke
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