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Mei'lin Gaudium
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A Barrage of Question

1. The first is on my starting package.
a. Can I begin with a small sailing ship that can be manned by 2-4 people? She will be a joint-owner of the ship, together with her cousin.

b. NPCs. Do I need to head to the Help Desk to create NPC for various use? I found varying answers. To facilitate the answerer, I will list down the NPCs that I might need to create at the start.

The Trainer/The Nemesis: The NPC who trained/is my secret nemesis me. I don't think I need permission for this as I won't be actually controlling it much in character. Just confirming.

The Cousin NPC: If the ship is allowed, she will be handling the actual sailing and habor-custom interaction. Aside from that, I think I will mainly use her in social interaction.

The Bodyguard NPC: I forsee myself working in a team at a start. A swordsman and myself acting as warrior and information giver.

2. Are there specific monsters in each province and what are defined as monster since wild animals are out? Am I right to say wild animals only includes earth-like creatures like monkeys, lions and bears? Monsters are everything else like trolls, griffins and sea-serpents?

3. Would someone working as a monster hunter be earning enough to survive?
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Fear the Reaper
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1. a.
Players at the sterling tier make a below-average wage. This allows them to afford low quality meals and living arrangements. The quality of the items that they can purchase, such as swords or pottery, are of lesser make and material. They can easily afford to stay at cheap inns during travel where fleas and straw piles aren't uncommon bed companions and sour wine and two-day old stew are the best things served. They could possibly afford a one-room fixer-upper home in a rundown section of town, but this is highly dependent on the city.
If you think the ship would fit this description, then yes. It's possible to work on a ship, but I wouldn't claim too much ownership, which leads into b.

1. b.
The important thing to keep in mind with NPCs is that you can create them all you want, you will only have a very limited control of them. If you're expecting them to cover for you as a bodyguard and the like, PCs don't really start out with the finances for that kind of relationship. Reference the wealth level above, you can't really afford to pay someone to work on your behalf. Setting something like what you're trying to do up here, you'd pretty much be relegating your own character to being one of the hired hands while the cousin runs the business.

And keep in mind that in any moderated thread, the cousin would be fair game for the moderator to do with as they please. These NPCs would not act as extensions of your own character in any meaningful way.

Pretty much, yes. There are some exceptions to the earth-like rule, but they're mostly pretty obvious ones.

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Mei'lin Gaudium
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Thanks! I think I got what I need. I will drop the bodyguard possibility for now.
Just a few more questions.

1. I understand peer-modding is a culture here and I would love to try my hands on it. The questions I have, it there a copyright issue if I use a scenario written by someone else & is there a few examples of good written out peer-mod plans.

2. Back to the ship question. I am looking at a small ship, owned 3 ways by a family friend, my sister and myself. It might actually be called a large boat by some. Will that be alright?
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