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Peer Moderation Reminders and Notices

Hello all!

Just a few reminders and notices regarding peer moderation!

• Any and all peer moderation MUST be approved in the Peer Moderation Desk PRIOR to any posting made by the moderator.
- This goes for ALL types of threads: job, training, adventure, etc
• Please include the thread link in the moderation request thread either at the start of the request or at the sign off request.

• When crafting your moderation plans know the following:
- More detail is not necessarily better

- Understand the motives behind the NPCs involved (NPCs can be liars and they can be dishonest; rarely do crafters want to teach others their trade if it means potentially losing business; is there really a good reason for a given NPC to go after a PC?)

- Adventure is fun. If it's something mundane and straightforward you can turn it into something memorable for both of you so that it's not boring. This is a game, enjoy it!
• Do not expect the GMs to do your homework for you. Know who you're moderating and do your own research. There are many ways to do this. This might include a poke through the CIR or a request for detail from the PCs prior to starting moderation in PM or in a post within the thread. If you feel that you need information in a PC's SoF (Secrets of Forestight), feel free to make that request in your peer moderation thread. The GM helping will determine whether the information is pertinent.
Note: Knowing the PCs in your thread are important. You might think you have a great plot hook but if the PC(s) in question isn't driven by that then you've pretty much wasted both your time and the PC's.
For Everyone

If you find you are having problems with a peer moderator's moderation, please post your concerns in the Peer Moderation Desk for review and consideration. This is a game designed for fun and entertainment, not to aggravate and dishearten the players. If you are having problems the issue will be reviewed by a moderator (GM or higher) to see what needs to be addressed. That's a lot better than complaining in private and having to keep writing in a thread you aren't enjoying, right?

I sure hope so anyway!

on behalf of the Management Team
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How To: Writing Modplans

Reposting this post about modplans here. Please use this, in addition to Nimh's points above, as a refresher or guide to how to write a good modplan.

Originally Posted by Jacob View Post
Hi folks,

Today I'm going to talk a bit about modplans, those blurbs you post to the Peer Moderation Desk when you want to do a peer moderated thread. As Aelyria's shifted to more peer moderation for threads, a lot of folks are now needing to throw these together. But how much do you throw in a modplan? What all goes in there? That's what I'm hoping to help out with in this post.

A modplan is a submission of a peer moderator's plans for a thread going in to the thread for approval by a staff moderator. It should tell the reviewing staff member the general gist of what the thread is going to be about: who is going to be in it, where are they, what are they generally doing, what's going to get in the way of them doing that, and what are the participants at most going to get out of the thread in the way of tangible rewards (experience, items, wealth). That's really it.

The most common error I see in the PMD -- besides not submitting a plan at all -- is submitting one with far too much information. The modplan should be akin to what in business is called an elevator pitch: you are alone with an executive on an elevator and you have less than a minute to pitch an idea to that executive and acquire their interest, so you cut to the core of the idea immediately and don't let your pitch get bogged down in minutiae.

Now, modplans probably require a bit more than a 45 second verbal pitch, but oftentimes not a lot more. If a modplan post requires someone on a standard monitor viewing size to have to scroll to read through it, it's probably too long. And oftentimes folks get bogged down predicting small details instead of addressing what an approving staffer is looking for. So, as mentioned before, make sure your modplan succinctly addresses the following points:
  • Who is participating? This is also where you tell us if this is a straight peer-moderated scenario or a collaborative one (where the hat worn for who determines consequences and outcomes flips around).
  • Where is this happening? We don't generally need a street address, but sometimes we can offer thematic suggestions based on location or provide other relevant guidance to help with keeping the thread cohesive with the setting.
  • What is the thread aim? This doesn't have to be overwrought, and generally is something like "Bobby wants to shank some bandits terrorizing Shoopsville".
  • What's likely to get in the way? Story is conflict. Where's the conflict coming from?
  • What goodies are likely to get handed out? This is a sanity check sort of thing. We generally want the effort going into the thread to be reflected in what folks can walk out of the thread with. Walking across town and randomly getting a cache of golden coins is bad, but you probably also don't want folks making good decisions to be suffering for nothing either.
And lastly, keep this in mind: circumstances change, and we know this. Rather than plot out the entire thread exhaustively in your modplan, provide the salient information and then as things get twisty you can re-open the modplan ticket if something outside your expectations happens and you want guidance or approval. The initial modplan doesn't need to be exhaustive because we're ready to help you adapt to monkey wrenches, so don't sweat it.

So, in short, remember to submit a modplan but don't feel the need to overdo it. We need enough information, not all of the information. We can help you adapt if things end up weird. =)

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