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Éclair Mainesthai
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Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai
Deep blue eyes now all but black,
As Éclair swayed and followed after Sliucha, the skip to her step long since gone and rendered instead into a dance-like drifting. That were it not for her Friend, Éclair would have been so utterly lost within the Temple,
That for all the Tour,
She well and truly didn’t have the foggiest clue,
As to where she was now, only vaguely aware of little details like Checkpoints and that the Temple was split into Public and Naughty and Aeternian and that Baths were always on the one side and that this too was Important,
Good Plan, Bad Plan,
It made absolutely no difference to her now,
The taste of the Baelung on her tongue,
And no matter the dozens upon dozens Éclair had taken during the serial gang-bangs,
It didn’t seem enough now after having been impacted by the Lust aura that, truly, Éclair didn’t need at the best of times to be an utter degenerate.
No, Éclair hadn’t been this dlck drunk since…
…well, last night when she’d passed out after putting out in numbers that the young woman had never considered even remotely possible. Sure, there was always the possibility that she had amongst the Roses - but when one had had copious amounts of the lovely white powder to snort and sniff? Éclair’s memory was hardly the most reliable either,
Sliucha was a Friend,
Friends were to be Trusted!
If one couldn’t Trust a Friend,
Then they weren’t Friends, obviously!
Pale features flushed with longing, her robe still left undone from the Baelung pen,
Éclair remained a picture of youthful radiance and promise, of potential that had only just begun to blossom and, well, trust. There was no guile to be found, no mischief or artifice. Just earnest, honest lust and desire and a blind willingness to go along with the flow of things and wherever Sliucha lead,
…why did Sliucha have a doggy-dlck?
That seemed like the kind of thing that Éclair knew she should ask about,
Especially when she was quite certain that during the Bath, that the knotted monstrosity hadn’t been there before. It was rather hard to miss after all!
That would be nice.
Oh, while Éclair was still doubtful that she’d fvcked a horse - the idea not unappealing so much as well, that obviously, surely would have led to a Dead/Dumb Necromancer moment. But a Succubus had been about, so maybe not? No, while that remained in limbo, the Baelung had very much cemented the base understanding that she’d certainly given one a blowjob at some point. The taste was unmistakable for the seasoned slut,
Just a taste…
So… Sliucha was finding her one to blow?
See? Such a dear and wonderful Friend! Get it all out of her system, clear her head as it were and back into the Breeding Festival,
The same innocent expression,
As Éclair tucked her auburn hair back behind her ears, the robe slipping to the floor of the pen,
All wide-eyed and lovely as she considered what Sliucha had said and simply went with a “Kay”, not really certain that she Understood and truly, not really caring either at this point. Carmelyans. Corrupted. Oh, right, Pigsty. Kennel. Stables. Uncaring, entirely unconcerned, a Toy was a Toy was a Toy, and Éclair couldn’t find it in itself now to discriminate in the slightest so long as it quenched the unbearable thirst, so long as it silenced the maddening voices and Need,
”I’m a Pony.” Éclair agreed,
Still not Understanding, only confirming,
Yup! Definitely the Town Pony of Temperance. Maeve Province probably too now if she was honest with herself. Everyone got a ride!
The discordant tune as she was led,
Curiously studying the New Device that wasn’t the Seashell,
Head tilted to one side as she considered, not quite certain as to how it’d help her suck the Horsie off but… well, Éclair too hadn’t Understood how the Seashell worked until strapped in. Trust! Not Understanding hadn’t mattered in the slightest, and had led to the opportunity in having seven Orc’s fvck her simultaneously. Alithean Problems required Alithean Solutions obviously!
Beaming prettily, utterly angelic,
All dimples and cheer as Éclair flopped drunkenly upon the Device,
Settling in happily atop the wooden horse, all comfortable and squirming with curiosity now and the taste of the Baelung on her tongue;
”Anything and everything,” Éclair sighed happily,
As she got all comfortable, the mantra repeated as she flashed Sliucha the lovely smile,
Whatever was happening, everything would be just fine and Éclair utterly trusting that Sliucha would do her very best to get her knocked up,
And if Sliucha failed,
Well, then if nothing else?
Éclair would have had a lovely time learning a whole lot more about herself!
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Sliucha Sindosa
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Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa
Somewhere along the way there had been a breakdown in communication. No, perhaps it was more accurate to say that they really hadn't been doing much communicating at all. It wasn't like they were that far off. There was a horse involved, there was a horse cock involved, it was just... going in from nearly opposite ends was all.

Still, it was all a means to an end. Just like how Sliucha's dlckgirling had managed to distract Éclair and draw her away from the baelung? Well, so too would this likely help ameliorate the current lust-drunk problem, one way or another. Trust!

Personally, Sliucha preferred the term "breeding mare", but there was some argument to be made for "pony." It was perhaps more appropriate for a size queen when it came to a horse, right? Ponies were supposed to be smaller, after all.

Anyway. Onto the device? Now, they could either just have Éclair hold on, or they could strap her in - it seemed like it'd be easier for everybody involved if they strapped her in. Legs spread, lying on her stomach, Sliucha looking away to the very appetizing sight of Éclair's cvnt just laid out before her, a trail of clear liquid currently oozing out of her crimson appendage. Fvck, probably wasn't even going to be able to wait to find Dynne to fvck her brains out. Even as the Carmelyan attendants bustled about making preparations, Sliucha took a moment to grab... three... yes, that seemed like a good number. Diverting some resources to have two of them tongue-bathing that needy shaft while the third buried that tongue in Sliucha's rear. It was just enough to clear her head and let her focus a bit on the task at hand, letting off a bit of that pressure.

"Éclair, this is a good friend of mine. Meet Tiberium." Tiberium was a big, black horse that was currently being led into the pen. Tiberium was a smart lad who was wising up on what the people around here were doing to him. So it was that even as he was led in that his monstrous equine cock was dangling expectantly beneath him - not comparable to the baelung, but absolutely devastating in its own right. Tiberium was no pony.

There Éclair was, bound to the top of that device, legs splayed, with a stallion being led behind her. There was a snort from Tiberium as he reared up, being directed by the Carmelyans to place those front legs on that bar so that he could mount up, his shaft swinging between the Jorelite's legs - she could feel it slapping against her belly as the stallion got comfortable.

This was definitely not the position for a blowjob.

Sliucha? Watching with keen interest, ever the voyeur, even as an unfortunate Carmelyan was currently choking as she tried to deal with the fact that a massive canine cock was being slammed down her throat.

If, completely hypothetically, there were any considerations on how the Bad Plan was unfolding, now was perhaps the time to air them...
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Éclair Mainesthai
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Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai
And the lack thereof,
That when Éclair and Sliucha couldn’t even really,
Manage to come to an Understanding about what Je Veux meant?
What hope did the pair ever really have, when Éclair was all but broken down into thirsty nigh mono-syllables and delirious with Need,
That as far as Éclair was concerned,
All was well, and as it should be, and that,
Whilst within the Temple of Alithea on Holiday?
She Trusted Her Friend’s judgement and All Would Be Well,
Even if,
Strictly speaking,
Some activities were increasingly proving to be,
What happens in Moonstone, stays in Moonstone.
If only because it was increasingly proving,
That Éclair was going to need to have a Thaumaturge on hand for a repeat,
If certain New & Interesting's resulted in a furthering of Éclair’s moral decline in what hadn’t been the most sound to begin with. Good Plan? Bad Plan? Did it even matter? Plans were destined for Bad, which was why the whole Not-a-Plan!
The song,
Cheerful as it was tone-deaf,
Deep blue eyes almost blackened as the young woman looked utterly high as a kite,
Fingertips running idly through the auburn locks, scooping them up and twisting them into high twin-tails
Humming away without pause as she was strapped in without so much as a curious look, even if it seemed so dreadfully odd that her arms also needed restraining as she was splayed out atop the wooden horse so,
Big, very much so! Heavy!
Safety measures? Probably! Better strapped in by far lest she hurt herself!
“Ti-ber-i-um.” Éclair mouthed wistfully,
Adoringly as her head tilted to spy the massive black stallion,
“Tiberium. Not a Baelung. Horse. Handsome!” she continued in the thick Lauryllian accent, childish and almost drunkenly as her words began to run together and the blissful smile at the sight of the monstrous equine cock was everything that Éclair could hope for and more after having been shown what the Baelung was packing, " have such a pretty horse-cock Tiberium!" she exclaimed, cheeks rose-red as if the compliment paid was so terribly forward of her, "I... I hope you like me too!"
A distraction.
Something, finally to take her mind off,
The delight that had been the Baelung’s presence, to shove aside all the wicked thoughts and leave the Demon for another day when she was better prepared for the overwhelming nature of the creatures presence,
Flinching as Tiberium reared,
A sharp squeak, pressing herself against the wooden horse,
As the shadow loomed over her and yes, definitely, being strapped in was SMRT! Safety first! Didn't want to get kicked!
And… huh…”
Wrong direction.
Or right direction.
Éclair didn’t really know,
Not when the Seashell Device had been able to spin about and change Position,
And ignorance was as bliss as what the Jorelite well and truly believed was forthcoming; one way or the other! The weight of the horse-cock impacting against her taut stomach was far too distracting, not even remotely helping Éclair’s one-track mind. Only daydreaming the more about having it’s hardness pressed against her chest, of her budding breasts unable to smother such an enormous pillar and having 'just a taste…'
Sliucha knew what she was doing!
Definitely! Positively! And Éclair, the innocence taking a turn,
As if unable to contain the single-minded thought that had been bouncing around her head ever since the Baelung had laid eyes on her and smacked her with the Lust whammy. Lewd. Éclair’s expression for but a moment, one of unbridled desire and thirst, all adoration and Need as she looked up at the deep shadow of Tiberium above her, hips lifting, squirming in eager anticipation for what was to come as she itched for the taste of the Horse cock to drown out the taste of the Baelung's spunk. Long legs spread as she lay bent over the frame at a right angle (and, quite obviously, the right angle for Tiberium...), Éclair was presented in all her glory for Sliucha and the Carmelyan's alike to see, ready for her horse-ride back to the gang-bang!
”Hi Tiberium the Horse! I'm Éclair the Pony! Let's go for a ride!”
Definitely not a Pony! Horsie! It was huuuuuuge!
Je Veux!
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Sliucha Sindosa
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Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa
Tiberium had already been prepped with StimGlide, which explained why he was already nice and hard, plus why his shaft was a bit... goopy. Horse cock wasn't quite so slimy by default, at least one would certainly hope not. It seemed it had been decided that Éclair didn't really need any, already about as ready as one could be for this sort of thing. Any further lubricant would likely be redundant as it was, plus a waste of time.

The people around here knew that, in Éclair's state, wasting time was a no-no.

Now, Sliucha? Somewhat distracted, but not quite enough to leave her friend hanging. Even as she swapped one cock-polisher for another, letting the knot-kisser take a turn on choking down that shaft while the other got to rest for a bit and polish that knot for a while, she wove together a well-practiced, old friend of a spell. All the care, precision, and power of an archmage, utilized for a spell whose practical purposes only an Alithean would deign to actually practice - especially on herself. Just a little something to ensure that, well, Éclair definitely wasn't going to die from this.

Tiberium? Just happy to be here! Not his first time, certainly not going to be his last. It'd taken a bit for him to figure things out, but he'd taken to it quite easily. Mare pussy, human pussy, it was all pussy to him - clamped tight around his cock, it was all the same to him. A breeding mare was a breeding mare, regardless of what race of being was quivering underneath him. Even now, not lined up at all, he couldn't help but experimentally thrust forward a few times into nothing, letting Éclair feel the power in his flanks as his shaft slid violently underneath her torso, until Tiberium calmed down enough to try and back up, reposition, and get a more accurate shot in.

He'd manage to bring that fleshy cudgel to bear with a bit more precision, the heavy, bobbing end of his prick pressing forward between Éclair's legs. The dripping, spongy tip wound up butting up against... her butt! One of her cheeks to be precise, leaving a wet, glistening stain in its wake. There was a frustrated snort from Tiberium as he pulled back again and went for yet another approach, this time slipping into the crack of Éclair's ass, prodding against that indeterminate no-man's-land between pussy and arse. It was all kind of the same to him, really - a hole was a hole. So he'd simply surge forward, trying to find whatever was the most conveniently viable channel for him to go down, the slippery cock head spiraling in a circle as it tried to figure out which decision was best. The pressure mounted until, suddenly, it slipped down to nose its way into the silky embrace of those pussy lips. No actual penetration yet, but that flared tip was pressing right up against that dripping hole now, Tiberium whinnying approvingly as he found himself in the perfect position.

No teasing, no foreplay, nothing like that. One brutish thrust, and horse cock was tunneling right into Éclair's **** just like that - StimGlide and arousal and thaumaturgy letting it happen like a knife through hot butter. Still, he'd only be able to get just a bit inside, but Tiberium was used to that. The stallion assumed a steady, comfortable stance, pulling back only to deliver another lustful surge of equine prick into that tight vaginal embrace, thundering a bit more horse meat in, even as the resistance increased.

It was always a challenge for Tiberium, but one well worth it in his experience.
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Éclair Mainesthai
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Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai
So, so terribly thirsty!
That for all Éclair had never been one,
To handle self-restraint well when she cared to indulge, there was just a slight irony in that given how happily she lay upon the wooden horse and had accepted being bound to the frame thus,
Pigsty, Stables, Gods!,
That Éclair’s thoughts had been centred, focused upon having another taste,
In but increasing the diversity as it was of the Jorelite’s palate when it came to being something of a connoisseur of cum, it truly was of no great wonder that Sliucha and Éclair hadn’t quite been on the same page as to where her moral depths had sunk to. That where the young woman had been uncaring as to where the cock came from just so long as she could fellate it? Well, no small wonder that the girl in the midst of a Breeding Festival was about to be bred by the Beasts too,
Oh, Éclair was a picture of innocence,
Warring against the usual cheerfulness and a good amount of lewd and lascivious as,
Try as she might (and ever, not trying very hard at all!), Éclair found the concept of an audience positively delicious! Being wheeled through Sliucha’s Temple being displayed so was certainly reinforcing the corrupted Carmelyan’s notion that Éclair really didn’t need further lubricating at this point so long as Tiberium was slathered so thickly in StimGlide,
”. . .?”
Trust! Oh, there was a faint note of concern,
As the weaves of Thaumaturgy wrapped about her, enveloping and encompassing,
And the whole… y’know, wooden horse not being flipped about so that she could give Tiberium her very best oral workout? Just ever so slightly disconcerting… especially when the stallion began to slam and grind against her so,
The concern, momentary and fleeting,
As Tiberium had figured things out well before Éclair got a proper handle on her role,
Deep breaths, her eyes closing over,
As ever, the mandate from Her Love of taking every option presented to her remained a literal God of God to the young woman. That Anything and Everything meant far, far more than Éclair had even dared consider even when presented with the possibility of having had Blair the Horsie join in on the group session with an Uvak and a Succubus,
The weight and pressure,
As the humungous horse-cock quested and searched,
Éclair squirming atop the frame, torn between a perverse pleasure and all the revulsion that came from not only being a willing supplicant for such a degenerate act, but that the very idea of being wheeled through the Temple now only heightened the ever-growing desire to be debased so before the Alithean’s,
Bad. Bad Plan.
The Not-a-Plan always had been though,
Era’s leading up to this point, and Éclair certainly wasn’t backing away from it,
That simple clarity of mind,
As Éclair’s hips once more rose, straining to greet Tiberium’s questing spire,
The huff of frustration that the Stallion gave off only mirrored by Éclair’s own ever growing need as her hands clenched and unclenched; bracing, trembling with desire and self-loathing,
A hole was a hole,
Anything and Everything,
And Éclair, shaking, quivering with lust and fear,
As the Stallion surged again behind her, above her, and pressure, Jorel! So much pressure impacted against her cvnt; Éclair’s long legs, bound and spread and as available for use as ever the young woman could be,
Came the squeal of need, curse and OhmYGoDmohGdbshsjkjbjbjwbfjds,
As the brutish thrust sent the pillar violating the entrance and giving Éclair but a taste of what she’d signed up for. Ever the Size Queen, and now, as ever, she but had to try anything New & Interesting even it just the once!
Long auburn hair framing her youthful beauty,
Blue of eyes and fair of skin, Éclair had never intended for the barely post-adolescent Guise to be used thus. Certainly, she’d never imagined that the Guise would ever take something as monstrous as a Horse,
In? No… Gods, but still more than Éclair thought she could take,
Only for the shift, the lunge, and the realisation too that Sliucha’s magic was doing something and that yes, there was more to go… oh Gods, sooooo much more…how in Aeternia did it even fit?! Don’t think, don’t overthink it! Just… enjoy! Relax!
Mewling with need as Éclair’s hips gently rose, grinding against the wooden horse, welcoming the Stallion's use,
Éclair the Pony.
That time and time again, she’d professed in being a Dirty Little Slut,
And now, it seemed only appropriate as she was being used as a Breeding Mare,
This was New,
And Éclair, panting and moaning as she put on a show,
Awaiting, longing for Tiberium the Stallion’s use now and to lay her Trust in Her Friend and anything she thought would result in a Good Time,
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Sliucha Sindosa
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Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa
Appreciative whistles and murmuring as people hedged bets on how much Éclair would actually be able to take of Tiberium? Keen reminders for the Jorelite that there was very much an audience about her. Sure, they engaged in the same sort of depravity she did. If she came at some other time of day, chances were high that she'd be able to find one of them in the same, or at least a very similar, position she was currently in. The nature of the spectator didn't change the fact that this was nevertheless a public spectacle, adding exhibitionism onto Éclair's laundry list of sins.

But Tiberium was going to do his best to keep her mind off of that. The stallion wasn't one to care much about how she might feel about anything - the pleasure, the situation she was in, none of it really mattered to him. Tight hole? All he needed to know. All the shrieking? None of it was discouraging to the horse. It was all business as usual, really.

There was a snort from the black stallion, pawing at the ground as he found that Éclair's cvnt was quite to his liking, in fact. Well, they always were. Tiberium was a simple horse. He'd withdraw several more inches, gathering his muscles for another lunge, her whimpering and mewling serving as a trigger for him to unleash his haunches in an explosion of forward motion. The device Éclair was strapped to could be heard creaking beneath her, digging deeper into the well-worn earthen furrows at the base - oh, so that's what those were. Another thrust and double the amount of horse cock disappeared into Éclair's alluring depths, her twat obscenely stretched around Tiberium's throbbing shaft. With the unique formulation of the StimGlide and the aid of the thaumaturgy? Oh, it was still painful to some degree, no doubt about that, but more along the lines of discomfort than true stinging, eye-watering pain. Washed out quite a bit by the pleasure, helped along by the lubricant's properties - all working together as intended, after all.

Another out-stroke, frothing juices pouring freely from between Éclair's legs, a mixture of her juices, the ample amounts of lubricant, as well as the streams of pre that Tiberium was beginning to pour into her. No, there was plenty there to help smooth things along for the Jorelite. Another brutish thrust forward, another few inches that managed to sink into her, until the dragging friction of those clutching walls once more brought him to a shuddering halt. Further long and deliberate thrusts from the stallion buried more and more of him inside of her, Tiberium surprisingly patient with the way he drilled into her cvnt, as the thaumaturgy worked its literal magic in ensuring that Éclair's body was capable of accommodating... much as it wanted.

When Tiberium's balls finally swung forward to smack against against her rear - when he was finally fully hilted inside of her - the Jorelite's belly was distended, displaying an unmistakable outline of just how far into her he'd managed to penetrate. Enough lubricant and you could certainly take a horse. You really needed the care of a thaumaturge to take all of a horse, though.

And it was only now that Tiberium even really began in earnest. Huffing above her, the stallion began to work his hips forward, properly thrusting in and out of her, brutally pounding every last inch of that throbbing horse cock into her pussy, the sheer force of it making the Jorelite feel like he was trying to make her deepthroat his cock, just from the completely opposite direction.

Oh, so that's why they strapped people into this thing. There would have been a very real risk of being fvcked right off, shooting forward if one wasn't careful and didn't maintain a tight grip.

Sliucha? Hopeful that Éclair would take a shine to her friend, Tiberium. And perhaps a little wistful that she wasn't the one underneath him at the moment.
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Éclair Mainesthai
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Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai
Éclair was fvcking a Horse.
The strangled, moaned gurgle, strained as Éclair couldn’t do more than suck in great big gulps of air as the pressure behind her was far more than the young woman could even remotely concentrate upon. Breathe! Relax!
No, Éclair was being fvcked by a Horse.
There was a very, very real difference to that and it was causing a whole lot of nonsensical panting to gasp free. Her grip upon the wooden frame tightening, knuckles completely white even as her hips rose with every brutal thrust the Stallion took,
The whistles and murmuring,
Distant, vague, and welcome. Audience. People.
That they existed was enough, certainly all that mattered. It wasn’t as if Éclair was in any state to have a conversation with any of them or pay much heed to what was even being said. Tiberius was Everything.
It wasn’t even remotely what Éclair had expected,
But nor was it the first time that she’d ended up sinking to ever-increasing lewd acts that she hadn’t really considered until she was well past what she considered the point of no return. Havina and the Were-Uvak? Oh, Éclair had thought the bargain was more… Hybrid-form, like taking a Dorin maybe. Definitely more than she’d once considered acceptable, but well, the experience had proven different and now, Éclair had her own vice and live with the reality that she was very okay with fvcking actual Uvak’s and open to the idea of a whole lot more when it came to wolves and their kin? Very much kay!
Pleasure and pain,
The combination unbearable, and yet for all of that? Restrained as Éclair was, still her hips rolled and lifted in encouragement; the minute motions available to her as she panted and gasped belying that for all the self-loathing at performing such an act? Éclair too was very, very much getting off on the experience.
Cheeks flushed,
Pert breasts, of pierced nipples erect, as if suited now to cut glass,
As beads of sweat formed and dripped from the young woman who looked not even close to being old enough to drink let alone making decisions such as this,
Refusing to look down,
To see the strain her body was being put through,
Having only Trust in Sliucha’s magic, and the horrific inches that kept coming and coming,
The sheer girth was terrifying, certain that her Guise hadn’t been made to take anything this monstrous - Aeternia, she’d barely been able to take a pair of Orcs and this? Oh Jorel this?!?
Another thrust,
Inches and inches, and Éclair losing track,
The froth behind her, the warmth trickling down her thighs,
And Éclair unable to do more than stare forwards, her expression one of lust-drunken depravity as each brutish thrust kept coming and coming and the more Tiberius buried himself inside her, the more Éclair just straight up lost it. Twitching and shuddering, shaking with need and the wicked combination of pleasure and pain that was necessitating a whole lot of Thaumaturgy,
A familiar sensation,
Even if one that had never, until now,
Been applied to a Stallion as its heavy balls slapped into her and the All of it was, well, All. For the girl that had struggled to take more than nine or ten inches, that she’d now found herself on the receiving end of twice that?! Aeternia!
It was all too much,
As Éclair spasmed and shook,
Hands clenching and unclenching as the high-pitched squeak, the throaty wail escaped the young woman’s lips as she bucked against the Stallion. Rocked in the throes of ecstasy, positively gushing, tongue lolling out as her deep blue eyes rolled up into her skull for but a moment,
The Lady Thane of Temperance,
Had no zero qualms in being the Village Pony,
But this, this was something else altogether, as Éclair came,
The Breeding Mare, delirious from the Baelung, welcoming of the Stallion’s plunder,
”Po. Ny.”
Éclair gasped, barely able to string the words together,
The brutal pounding of Tiberius emptying Éclair’s thoughts, a slave to the horses’ cock,
Alithean Problems?
Alithean Solutions!
Baelung on the mind? No more! Problem solved!… uh… kind of.
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Sliucha Sindosa
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Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa
Thaumaturgy? Thaumaturgy! Thaumaturgy.

The great equalizer. Jailbait? Petite? Form didn't matter, magic solved everything! Two orcs, a horse, whatever one might want! Anything is doable, a statement that was so much more true when you could cheat so efficiently! Giant? Totally! Katta? Not even a problem?



Right, that one was definitely a "remains to be seen." And not one of those boring "oh the dragon just transforms into something else", no, a proper dragon fvcking if an archmage thaumaturge Alithean was involved, yes? That was the sort of thing that was probably worth carving into a headstone for somebody in this line of work. "Died skewered at the end of a dragon."

Éclair? Definitely not anywhere near having that sort of problem with Tiberium.

Sliucha? Watching the very tangible liquid evidence that the Jorelite was making friends, and that made her all sorts of giddy! As a result, a certain Carmelyan was drowning.

Tiberium? Noting that thrusting was a lot easier now with a greater deal of lubrication to work with, and happily taking the opportunity to speed things up even more! Greater thrusts, stronger pumps, the horse bellowing furiously and thundering forward. That Éclair was able to string anything together was actually quite impressive, as opposed to just gibbering nonsensically! And to her credit? Doing a very excellent job of being a sleeve!

Finally, there'd come a particularly satisfied whinny from the stallion as his balls contracted in a powerful spasm and he lunged forward one last time. The rapidly disappearing cock shaft seemed to swell to an even larger girth as it buried itself home with a twat-bruising, savage thrust. Éclair's belly, already bulging a bit from the sheer presence of Tiberium's cock, seemed to swell at a further alarming rate as the frothing load of equine cum was blasted into the churning cauldron that was her womb, a scalding eruption of horse sperm filling her straining cavity.

Another contraction of his nuts, another surge bursting out inside of her, the overflow rushing like a flood through a canyon and gushing its way through the convulsing folds of Éclair's cvnt. The thaumaturgy provided plenty of leeway and elasticity where otherwise Tiberium's flare and medial rings would have properly contained it - some sacrifices had to be made to ensure that it even fit in the first place, after all! A third explosion, and Éclair would well and truly be full to her limits, a bubbling eruption of girl and stallion cum forming inside of her, the foaming brew soon exploding like a warm tapped keg. And still, Tiberium wasn't done! Withdraw, reload for another volley, thrust hard into that soupy mess of a snatch and send another torrid torrent of cum into those shuddering lips. But the lunge that followed would be decidedly weaker, and followups would gradually peter out even as the stallion continued to add to the sticky goo of mingled fluids in her cvnt, churning them to a lather as it foamed back out of her in a seemingly endless cascade of lust.

A swirl of Sliucha's fingers? Tiberium snorted, as his cock that should have been faltering remained lodged deep inside of Éclair, erect and dangerous. Vitality restored with the aid of further thaumaturgy, as the Bad Plan didn't stop at horse fvcking. Oh no.

They had to get Éclair back to the second tier, right?

Cautiously, a Carmelyan attendant approached. First things first. Was she, ah...

...alive? Conscious?
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Éclair Mainesthai
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Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai Éclair Mainesthai
Pleasure and Pain,
The two sides of the coin that were required,
To well and truly get Éclair off when not in the loving embrace of Her Dolls,
And Tiberius the Horse? Well and truly able to provide both in droves as Éclair whimpered and moaned aloud, her voice turning hoarse and raspy as she strained and struggled for breath,
Friends? Friends! Very Friendly indeed!
Far more Friendly than Éclair had intended, expected,
But a hole was a hole, and Anything and Everything meant exactly that!
It was a simple logic, insane as it was in the moment, intensely practical.
Some bells couldn’t be un-rung.
She couldn’t put back in the box the hundred plus cocks she’d taken last night,
Just as she couldn’t the intense repeat gang bangs of the day thereafter that Éclair was only inclined to outdo,
And, Éclair couldn’t un-fvck the horse that was buried balls deep inside her.
Thrusting relentlessly and doing things to her body that necessitated Thaumaturgy in droves given that no amount of work on her Guise was going to allow that much dlck inside her safely,
Teens gone wild!
Oh, Éclair had thought, the new Guise,
Was, t’was just going to encourage dirty old men and hot youth’s,
To want to bury their cocks inside her en masse. That she’d started the next round of the party with a Horse? Not… not even remotely what Éclair had intended, but intentions and results often varied,
”Po. Ny” Éclair moaned in her delirium,
The long, whimpering drawl as her head tilted to the side to rest upon the wooden horse’ frame,
Twitching and rocking, hips rising upon the frame, welcoming up the ravages that was Tiberius that only seemed to come harder and faster with each passing moment,
The whinny and roar of Tiberius above her,
And the air so thick with the musk, the churn of froth building,
Gluttonous, ravenous for New, Éclair for all intents and purposes remained just where she was - strapped to the frame and being fvcked absolutely senseless,
The mewling whine,
As Tiberius shot his first load, and Éclair,
Barely able to register anything else other than the intensity of pressure,
Lost in her own revelry, of her own intense orgasms that chained and and threatened to knock the young woman out as her angelic countenance remained locked in a lewd ahegao as the second load of horse-cum erupted inside her,
As Tiberius came a third time and emptied himself anew,
Éclair was, for the first time in a veeeeeery long time, utterly lost for words.
Her mind empty of anything and everything as the Horse shot a fourth load, barely even registering the moment as there was only the softest of whines as the half-metre of cock left her body only to plunge right in anew for a fifth load… Gods, what in Aeternia even was this?!?!
The lance of horse-cock holding her in place,
Barely aware of the world about her any longer, only the sheer intensity that was Tiberius and Éclair playing the part of a cocksleeve for the Stallion in ways that the young woman had never deemed even remotely possible,
Mind. Blown.
Alive. Conscious. And gasping for breath,
Shuddering, that even as the onslaught behind her had taken a reprieve,
There was just no escaping how much horse-dlck was inside her or the sheer amount of seed that had been emptied into her over and over again,
”Po.Ny.” Éclair eventually gasped,
Slight though the movements were when bound to the frame,
Still Éclair was trying to encourage the Stallion as best she could, as if there was much she even could do with her legs locked, spread apart and the immensity of horse-cock inside her made any other option entirely impossible,
No, it was never particularly wise,
To bet on Éclair and just how rampant her sluttery would go when offered up such forbidden fruit,
Barely able to think, seeming only truly aware of Tiberius’ member buried inside her and the intense warmth that should have killed her…only… no, Sliucha. Magic.
For.Get. My. Ass.”
Éclair offered, that if she wasn’t going to be fellating the horse,
Then it only seemed reasonable to have Tiberius well and truly break in her new body. That if it wasn’t going to kill her, then by all means, Éclair wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity.
Whatever the Bad Plan was?
Éclair, with half a metre of horse-cock buried inside her cvnt, still very much trusted Her Friend.
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Sliucha Sindosa
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Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa Sliucha Sindosa
Alive? Good.

Conscious? Excellent.

Don't forget her ass? Oh, uh. Mmm. That hadn't been part of the Bad Plan! Well, all right, it wasn't as if there'd really been much of a plan there to begin with. Sliucha had gotten as far as "horse cock" for the majority of it, and the rest? Well, they needed to get Éclair back, right? So she could "ride" the horse back... just she'd be riding underneath. Everything was already setup for it! Éclair was still skewered, all they'd need to do was unstrap her from the device, and then strap her back in underneath Tiberium.

This really wasn't that uncommon a thing. There were a lot of freaks who were into this sort of thing at the Temple - one of them was currently facefvcking a trio of Carmelyans, you know?

Speaking of which, Sliucha? Utterly delighted that Éclair had gotten along so well with the stallion - enough so to even want to do anal? There was a wave of her hand at the attendants. Sure, it complicated the Bad Plan somewhat, but Sliucha definitely wasn't going to deny the Jorelite. Maybe it was an idle comment made in the midst of lustful delirium, but just like Éclair trusted Sliucha, so too did Sliucha trust Éclair! The Jorelite knew what she wanted!

With that, the Carmelyans would carefully direct Tiberium's withdrawal from Éclair. The horse had yet to really register the fact that he was still quite ready and quite randy, and so a bit of maneuvering was all it took for him to pull back. A wet slurping noise and an audible pop could be heard as he dragged himself back and out between Éclair's legs, the Jorelite able to feel that flare tugging inside of her hole until finally it managed to squeeze its way out. A river of swirling, bubbling goo oozed from her gaping fvck slot, those tired twat lips making little effort to close down the cavernous gash of her plundered honey pot. A steamy waterfall of horse semen was oozing off of her, and the surrounding Carmelyans couldn't help but coo and murmur their approval.

But as it turned out, they were only just beginning, weren't they?

An attendant slowly led Tiberium's cockhead back forward, as the stallion realized that, hey, he could keep going if he wanted! No protests from the horse, at any rate - the spirit was willing, the flesh was hard! With the assistance of the Carmelyan, the stallion's prick found itself fitting perfectly into that sweet little dimple of Éclair's tightly puckered ass. Now, could Tiberium tell that the portal he was pressing up against wasn't a pussy? Maybe! Did he care? Not at all! A tight hole was a tight hole, that's all he needed to understand. Sure, this one seemed to be offering up a far greater amount of resistance, but that was just a matter of challenge, yes?

Almost as an afterthought, however, after just a bit of teasing grinding, Tiberium was pulled back from Éclair for a bit. A few attendants would mollify the beast with kisses and licks and strokes of the hand, as a fresh layer of StimGlide was poured over him - one could argue that all of the juices were sufficient, but they had to remember that Éclair wasn't, you know, a career hedonist. And for similar reasons, somebody was currently taking a bottle of StimGlide, slipping the tip of it into her rear, and squirting ample amounts of lubricant straight into her guts.

All the excitement had gotten to their heads a bit, and they'd been this close to letting her just get raw anal'd by a horse.

Once all the preparations were actually performed? There was an angry stomp from Tiberium at having been dangled a treat only for it to be taken away, all too happy to be pressed up against Éclair once more. Immediately he'd begin to thrust forward, even as Éclair's resistance would hold him off for those first few moments, the device creaking underneath her as the stallion worked to try and find an angle. In fact, the back end would begin to lift off of the ground, tilting upward so that Tiberium could thrust his haunches downward, his massive prick hammering down like a pile driver in a punishing impact.

Éclair could feel her entire body jolting from those driving anal thrusts, the stallion thrusting a few more times in a bid to open her up. A moment was taken to gather himself, muscles tensing, as he lunged downward once more - this time being rewarded as the Jorelite's straining anal orifice met its match, unable to best the relentless battering of Tiberium's raging cock. All of that lubricant led to an audible slorp of that spongy tip compressing itself, squeezing into her anal cavity, lodging itself in the hot and clutching confines of Éclair's rectal pucker.

And just like that, now the only thing Éclair hadn't done with this horse was suck him off. Strange how things turned out.
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