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There was an inevitable moment of tension when the female turned, and Calanon tried not to recoil from the strange inhuman eyes. But though the sorcerer was ready to react, she gave him no need to, the fierce gaze she had turned upon them softening into something milder. The elf raised a brow at her comment...he had very little knowledge of this region, perhaps it was a known thing that this river had its guardians, he knew not. But as she went on, he thought she might be speaking in a less direct sense.

Water was life

The dwarf, suddenly finding it within himself to pipe up now he knew they were not - at least in any imminent sense - to be vapourised, drew a rather pointed stare from the Sylrosian. And though he found some amusement in the fellow¬’s newly discovered confidence, Calanon was content to let Argon have his say.

And as he let the dwarf speak, the elf pondered the meaning in the female¬’s words. That she asked specifically about their intent to take water from the river and then moved on to the assumption that they did not know the mountains, he wondered what about this water made it different from any other. He interjected as Argon stepped forward,a simple question.

”Is it not good for drinking,then?”

Argon proceeded to bemoan their attempts to have prepared for the trip, and Calanon only realised part way through that the fellow was actually asking this strange river woman for her help. He but his tongue, striving to keep his reservations from his face even as he wondered what on earth the dwarf was thinking. They knew nothing of this creature or her motivations, and here was Argon offering to trade favours for information they did not even know if she had. But the words were already spoken, and so the Sylrosian could do little other than wait and watch to see how the female would respond.

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