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Looking back on it, if Arden knew that this was how things would have turned out, perhaps he'd have taken the opportunity to be dismissed from the Imperial Legions once they'd been reorganized.

Jarran had gone. Ferik, too. Kamir, Nork, Lukas, all deciding to either join up with provincial militias, town watches, or otherwise finding work for themselves once the Legions had reorganized into ten, and there were more soldiers than there were spots in the Legion. Which had sounded dumb then, and sounded dumb now - as if you could ever have too many soldiers. Well, Arden felt like he could use some of those guys now. Sitting atop the walls of Castellian Keep, it was awfully lonely.

The Ninth was gone.

Most of it, anyway. The only ones left were dips like him, people who had been wary of what the superiors had been preaching. Sure, they were all unhappy. There'd been scuttlebutt along the grape vine. Pay issues. Supply issues. Manpower issues. None of which seemed to be priorities to fix, none of which had seen timely solutions in the years since they'd been posted to Lauryl. Arden had a pen pal in the Sixth who noted that there'd been some help from some folks in Moonstone and Centripax, which was all fine and dandy, but it did feel like they'd been abandoned by Prime after all. They were all unhappy about that.

This business about abandoning their posts and marching off to do their own thing, though? That hadn't sat quite right with Arden.

So, here he was. A dip, watching over a keep all on his lonesome. Well, sort of. There were others who hadn't deserted like the rest of the Ninth, but he was the only one at the keep. The others had taken it on themselves to be heralds of the major problem that resulted. The loss of the Ninth had broken the defense strategy of the Lauryllian Legions, given that the lands they had been assigned were now undefended.

Arden sat under his shield, propped up to help protect from the sun, watching the landscape that stretched out beyond the walls of the keep. At the very least, he thought, there was him. Keeping vigil. There were definitely some regrets at this point, about the whole staying behind thing, but he was here now and he might as well commit to it. He was pretty sure it'd be fine. They wouldn't forget about him and leave him here by himself, would they?

Hm. Perhaps he'd go and tally what the supplies were looking like. Hopefully the others would get back quick.
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