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Sliucha Sindosa
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[TD] I wanna show you something better than before [Eri]

Spring, Era XXVI Post Fractum

More and more, the ever-increasing burden of managing the growing province of Moonstone necessitated the delegation of tasks to others. It was a bittersweet feeling, having gone from personal involvement in everything to needing to hand matters over to others in some areas. It had been manageable when Ziel Aerca was but a city, instead of the capital of a province - when Moonstone had been nothing but empty stretches of land, as opposed to actually having people living within it.

Not to mention the other personal affairs that Sliucha needed to balance alongside the political work. She had the slew of Sindosa Enterprises locations to manage, from the Moonstone Academy to Club Vibrato and so on and so forth. She had her children and her family to watch over and dote on. She had her religious endeavors taking form. Each of these, too, had at one point been manageable enough, only to continue to grow and balloon until it was impossible to handle them all at once.

Not a statement that often applied to Sliucha, mind.

Still! There were some things that she felt still necessitated a personal touch. It was fine to leave things to subordinates but sometimes, Sliucha needed to go out and do things on her own. One such matter, for instance, were the tours through the countryside that the governor had started. Initially it had been a matter of assisting in the stabilization of the farmlands that had been established in southern Moonstone - the Third District that Sliucha had championed to Shei'yein as a means to both wean Moonstone off of critical food imports as well as provide opportunities for displaced refugees and migrants looking to immigrate into the province.

It had been a wonderful success. Regardless, it was best not to get complacent. Momentum hopefully meant that a little less effort might be required in future to ensure that things continued on smoothly, but maintenance was required nonetheless. The purpose remained the same: to see how the people were doing, to let them know that the governor cared, and to see what could be done to target what ailed the citizenry.

Sliucha personally didn't feel like this sort of thing needed to be too big of a deal, but she'd also learned along time ago that a bit of pomp and circumstance was unfortunately required. A certain amount of ostentatious flag-waving was required in politics. She'd do her best not to be too overbearing, however. She'd have her honor guard of dorin come with her, some half a dozen members of her pack. They'd be a group of cavalry - the governor wouldn't be riding in a wagon in the back for this, that seemed a little too detached, Sliucha would ride in the front on her mount - with the appropriate banners displaying Moonstone's provincial insignia alongside those of Sliucha's own noble house. Enough to make it obvious that this was somebody's entourage, but likely relatively muted in comparison to some other retinues those of equivalent station utilized.

Whatever the case? Time to trek out into the countryside and see how everybody was doing. She'd make a tour of the lands south of Ziel Area, where the overwhelming majority of Moonstone's population resided - what with most of central Moonstone currently being uninhabitable (or at least extremely difficult to inhabit) due to hostile terrain. Meet the people! Listen to their concerns!
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Eri'Lariel Gil'dae
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There could not have been a better day for it. Not a single cloud marred the blue spans of sky above the gathering party. The spring morning was brisk and chilly but the rising suns promised warmth in the afternoon. Pennons held aloft snapped in the breeze as the horses beneath stamped their feet impatiently.

The procession through the city drew a crowd of bystanders who all wanted to watch what appeared to be an impromptu parade. Were they handing out alms? Throwing holiday sweets? Little children clambered up onto wagons and the shoulders of their elders to watch as Sliucha's entourage made their way out into the countryside.

The further they moved from the city, the thinner the crowds until only a few children chased after the horses, trying to keep pace in a race they would inevitably lose. Eventually even the most determined child fell back and resumed their mundane life.

That wasn't to say that they went completely unnoticed. Farm boys would look up from their chores and wave at the soldiers riding by. Farmers, leaning over fence rails, stopped long enough to chat. And their wives seemed always at the ready with a hot pie, fresh from the oven. It was like a perpetual county fair and Sliucha was the judge.

Trouble? Nope. Winter wasn't too bad. Spring looks promising.

The further they traveled from their origin city, the shorter the spring crops seemed to grow. It was still relatively early in the planting season, but farms that had boasted waist high crops had given way to knee-high plants and eventually to wilted forms, bent over to touch the ground again.

In the distance, a haggard farmer was on his knees in the field. In his hands, he cupped a wilted branch as if attempting to coax it back to life through sheer willpower. His wife was on the porch, watching with one hand on her hip and the other shading her eyes from the light of the spring suns.
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Sliucha Sindosa
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Wave! Smile! Wave! Smile!

The procession was intended to garner attention, after all, even if it tended towards the minimum needed to still satisfy the requirements of political grandeur. Alas, no alms today, but sweets? There were at least a few to pass out, as Sliucha knew by now to bring along sweets, trinkets, and other gifts to hand out.

Small things that helped ingratiate her to the populace.

Hello, people! Wave back at the farm boys. Tease one, maybe, with a blown kiss. Chat with the farmers and ask them how the crops were doing, how they felt about the harvest. How about the livestock? Were they still being bothered by the snakes? Were the rats under control? For those she recognized from previous trips, she'd bring up other matters. Was the newborn all right? Had the medicine dealt with the cough? Oh, she'd had a talk with that merchant, they'd cleared up the matter of the money. Yes, yes, the paperwork for the land rights had been signed off on.

And Sliucha was always willing to devour a farmwife's hot pie. She was, however, a terrible judge. Because they were all just amazing! She made sure her bodyguards all had an opportunity to taste as well, if they wanted.

For the most part, things seemed to be rather idyllic out in the countryside. Although, further out, there did seem to be some complications. Spotting the farmer who seemed to be worried about his crops, Sliucha bade the others pause. She called out to the man and wife. "Excuse me, sir? Ma'am?" She gestured at their surroundings.

"I do notice the crops around here seem to be struggling." It wasn't just a matter of personal circumstance to this particular pair - if there was some problem, it could easily be common throughout the area, or worse, spread back towards more lush areas. It was worth investigation. The farmers in the area might need assistance from the state but, beyond that, what was the cause of all this? "I assure you, I am here to help as best as possible. Might you have any idea what is going on?"
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