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[ToSD] And I don't need first name basis [Links]

Spring, Era XXVI Post Fractum

This whole 'confessional' thing had really been working super well, Sliucha felt. First and foremost it was, like, really fun? That was probably the most important part, and the best criteria to grade something like this. Sometimes they really got into it, really did a bit of roleplaying. They had a few 'outfits' they had 'borrowed' from the Church of Faith, you know. So there'd be some actual 'nuns' that you might be confessing to sometimes. That really did seem to be rather popular. Beyond that, of course, people had all sorts of interesting stories to tell! Not all of them were necessarily 'useful' in the information gathering side of things, but sometimes it was just neat to hear what people had to deal with.

Although, the fact that it had actually provided some rather useful information was also quite nice.

The people Sliucha asked to staff the confessionals were free to get creative with it, too. Creativity had been the name of the game from the start, after all. It had always been a bit more than just a hole in the wall, after all, there'd been options to completely rearrange the confessional booth so that it was more than just a glory hole. Throw a bit of spice into it, make things a little interesting. Variety! Give the people a reason to come multiple times, you know?

Today, for instance, today would something just a little special. And it'd most certainly be advertised as such leading up to it, it was practically being treated as a special event, you know? Like it was all just a show - which in a way, it was, it was all about the entertainment. Because today, there were going to be two very holy, very pious nuns working this particular confessional booth...

Sliucha knelt next to Dynne, the two of them dressed appropriately for the roles they'd be playing. So it wasn't really Sliucha in this case - it was 'Sister Clonie', a humanized version of the Alithean, just sans the tails. She giggled, stealing kisses from the dark elf, teasing and flirting with her fellow priestess as they waited for their first catch of the day to poke his head on through.

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