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Ylva's foot connected with Gurdy's stomach and the big man, still sightless, stumbled backward. The lamp shot out of his grasp, still flickering, and sailed somewhere to the left; he kept a hold on the goblet, however, though more of its contents spilled out in the process. The vagaran shrieked. Without the light of the lamp things became difficult to see, but it still wasn't hard to discern the big fuzz-ball that was the cat on top of Gurdy's head or, for that matter, the slow bloom of the blood now running freely from the wound in his stomach.

"Miiiiiii---!!!!!!" howled the vagaran as he fell across the nearest row of pews with a resounding crash. But he'd say nothing more - not now, and not ever. The fluid from inside the goblet spilled out across his head and chest. The few drops that had hit Ylva previously still burned, so she might only imagine what the feeling of a whole pool of it might be like. Gurdy's howl became unintelligible and then simply cut off with a frightening sizzle. Threads of white smoke began to rise from his face and chest.

The cat, nothing but a black shadow, had somehow or other managed to twist itself away and spring backward to safety, still hissing and spitting for all it was worth. The goblet clanged against the pew and fell to the floor, along with Gurdy's sizzling and smoking body, at Ylva's feet.

"Ah, gad!!!" Kate screeched from behind Ylva as Gurdy fell, adding - again - to the impossible din inside the church.

Not that they hadn't already alerted enough undead to start with, at least. Rhystlin cut at the closest arm, and it dropped on this side of the window with a satisfying thud. Like the undead she and the others had already encountered, though, it didn't stop moving; the half-elf could see the forearm wriggling in the dirt, the fingers still trying to grasp at something.

"Can' da thi' oursel'!" Spar shouted angrily - desperately - from the opposite side of the door, where he was busy fending off another undead who had already managed to push halfway through the window. "There be ta many.. an' I ga' only th' a' terch!" He shoved the torch he held at the undead and the thing writhed soundlessly, it's skin sizzling and its limbs curling in on itself, like a dead spider.

There was the sound of more glass shattering further down the side aisle. All along the sides of the church Rhystlin could see more of the creatures outside the windows or already forcing their way in. They couldn't cover all the openings at once, even if Spar seemed to have kept his head about his shoulders.

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