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Vireylda Saharn
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The Knight Is Young (Indefinite)

When Vireylda first retrieved the notes from the ruined Temple in Har'ololth, scribbled meanderings about fairytales had caught her studious eye. Specifically how the Turtian's had mentioned ones possibly relating to immortality. As an elf Vireylda wasn't particularly involved in worrying about that - the lifespan of an elf could last far longer than any human's- but it had intrigued her all the same.

However, her contacts at the Guild Of Questions weren't particularly helpful in that regard. Ariny was irritating, and Yloes only seemed halfway hospitable drunk off her arse.

So that left her with another avenue. One that started with an inquiry to her good friend Governer Sliucha Sindosa, and ended with the shadow elf currently awaiting to meet with one of the Knights under her employ. Of the Valorous Heart, or something or other?

She kept herself from grinning. It seemed fitting, almost comical. Who else but a knight to help her in discerning fairy tales?

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Would Ariny have minded if she knew that Vireylda had taken some of the notes for herself? Perhaps it was better not to say anything. Or maybe the dark elf wouldn't care - one imagined that the vast majority of what the Turtians had been working on, that Vireylda had retrieved from the Temple, would eventually amount to nothing. There were many possible ways to achieve immortality, but whether or not any of them actually arrived at that goal?

Well, it was entirely possible that all those years of work were all totally pointless. How sad. Such was the pursuit of immortality, however.

Regardless, there wasn't much helpfulness coming out of her usual compatriots, one way or another. Her inquiry into other areas pointed her towards a group that was most likely to be able to, if not be able to provide immediate assistance, at least work together with her in this matter. Vireylda was probably thinking of the Knights of the Valorous Heart, led by one Lord Links Kha'Serith - a different chapter of knights entirely! They were the ones tasked with adventuring throughout the province with the aim of improving general order and public safety where appropriate.

No no, Vireylda was instead directed towards the Knights of the Argent Shield, led by a female saurid: Lady Skaeve. They were tasked with defending ancient lore, exotic creatures, and powerful artifacts where appropriate. Fairy tales seemed related enough to what Vireylda was trying to accomplish, and seemed a fitting task for the Argent Shield.

A meeting had been set up at Club Vibrato. It was a good time for something like this - the Club was undergoing some renovations, so there weren't really any customers around. Which meant that, soon enough, the shadow elf would be joined at the bar by a rather diminutive looking saurid, really quite short, although she was certainly dressed like a warrior from the desert.

"Miss Vireylda Saharn?" she asked, puffing up her chest in introduction. "Knight-Elder Skaeve of the Knights of the Argent Shield. I'm told I'll be working together with you, at behest of the governor, to whom I owe very much."
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