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It seemed that the blacksmith had fallen behind. Dalia looked back for him once or twice, but then her attention was caught by the prints. Peering at them, she could tell that they'd been made with a man with a severe limp. Was the person who'd left the prints also responsible for the moaning?

Dalia had thought it was made by an animal, but perhaps she'd misheard - the darkness could do that sometimes, turn a person's head about. And it had been a while now since she'd heard the sound.

There didn't seem to be any blood, however, which rather spoke counter to the legionnaire's initial thought that the man might be injured. Perhaps this was another traveller or a hunter also following the groans? Dalia shook her head.

There was only one way to find out for sure. She hesitated; the sun was almost up and it might have been better to pause and wait for it to rise before penetrating under the thick canopy, but if she was mistaken and the man was truly badly injured then he might not have that time.

Gripping the hilt of her sword more firmly and hunkering down low, both to stay out of sight and to be able to peer at the footprints, Dalia pressed onward. She'd follow them at least until she really was in danger of losing sight of them entirely. Perhaps she'd heard moans or some other noises, too, that would help her navigate.

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