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Faust Kitrye'veresi
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Metal gears turned, the locking bolt slid aside, and the door swung open.

For all of his sharpened senses, the High Lord of Har’oloth nearly jumped backward in astonishment when several shadowy forms appeared on the opposite side of the doorway. Da’nael was already reaching for the hilt of the great sword that poked over his right shoulder. Ka’ris, having sensed the strangers already, was less surprised, but her crimson eyes were wary.


The Vysstichi Lord blinked. “Ardanon? Is that you?” Pure shock lined the dark elf’s voice as the old Kitrye’veresi mage stepped forward, his wizened visage wearier than ever. “Ardanon. I can’t believe it. I thought-” Faust’s words faltered when his gaze dropped to the familiar form of his brother, who was carried on a stretcher and looked like he was on the brink of death. His heart nearly stopped beating.

I’ll explain later,” Ardanon quickly said. “Kalannar needs a healer, now. He was gravely wounded in the battle. He’s still alive, but I don’t know for how much longer . . .

Da’nael shifted to the side and motioned for the others to enter the laboratory. “The infirmary. Hurry. There was a man there who saved Ka’ris and me.” The huge warrior nodded, and then, without any further bidding, looped his arm around Ka’ris’ and prepared to guide the others back the way they had come and towards the infirmary.

Faust could only stare helplessly at his unconscious sibling before he fell into stride behind the others, praying that they were not too late. As they hurriedly backtracked, he met Ardanon’s gaze long enough to understand that Kalannar’s situation was grave. All of a sudden, his mind was no longer preoccupied with the army of orcs that might or might not be about to storm the gates of Castle Nocturna.

How bad is it?” Faust asked his ancient friend.

Ardanon sighed, but his frown spoke volumes of his thoughts. “It sounds like there’s internal bleeding, a lot of it. He’s breathing on his own, but someone with abilities far beyond our own are needed if he’s going to survive.” The wizard had always been blunt, and his message was clearer than ever.

They had to hurry.

Grandmaster Swordsman"Throughout Aelyria's history, there have been tales and stories of mythological warriors sometimes mistaken for blessed or divine entities. Godlike fighters, the Grandmasters are forever remembered for their valor and are known to break the physical limitations seemingly at will, capable of Masteries that lesser fighters can scarcely comprehend, let alone attempt. Often called one-man armies, Grandmasters are able to defeat countless lower-proficient fighters without much difficulty. Their physique is a testament to their life-long struggle to achieve this near-perfection; through enough conditioning and practice, a Grandmaster can withstand amazing amounts of physical pain and anguish. Incredibly fast and strong, their courage and valor enable them to seemingly perform miracles." - Arms Primer | Defender of MagicFaust can now sense any mage and their specific sphere within 100 yards. They do not have to cast or have any active spells/magic for this ability. - Charybdis | Glory of the Conqueror"The Aspect of Constantine infuses your words and actions; when you are engaged in armed or magical combat, commanding armies on the tactical battlefield, or planning a military stratagem for warfare, you will have a decisive advantage against a character of the same relative skill, all other influences being equal, and will be able to out-maneuver them." - Kaelon
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