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Ketoshi is an upstanding Citizen

Gender: Female
Race: Human/ elf

Smaller than most women, Ketoshi 's meek and almost frail appearance can be deceiving for though small, she is quite hardy and spry. Her skin is smooth and surprisingly quite fair for spending as much time outdoors as she does.

Ketoshi 's most striking feature is her eyes -- Wide set on a delicate face, they are very light blue with a tinge of pale violet... Her mouth is almost too broad for such fine narrow bone structure, giving her a quizzical, ethereal impression. Ketoshi most often shows an honest, open expression, warm, friendly and even serene, calm and pleasant expression. Though she can often spear someone with her direct gaze, she is never confrontational. She often gives the impression of someone a few years younger than herself but age in her eyes belies that. Predictably, her voice is soft and warm and she has cultivated a soothing tone over years as a healer.

Ketoshi will always dress in a manner that allows her to go unnoticed with the common people of the countryside. Calf-length skirt with handy pockets for various herbs and medicinals of her trade, she'll top that with a layered shirt and tunic of homespun cloth, a long sleeveless vest that contains more pockets. Sturdy soft boots come over her knees. She'll be carrying several cloth or leather bags strapped across her chest and back. She wears her hair loose and bears no jewelry.


Ketoshi does not have anything remarkable about her personality -- she'll present herself as an ordinary commoner. She's a steady and calm, peaceful to a fault, unobtrusive and gentle. She is a careful observer of those around her and is more likely to be found at the fringes of a room rather than at the center. To the sick and wounded, she is kindness itself, tireless in her work to ease suffering. She's a peacemaker, attempting to get along with others she's around and highly adaptable. Ketoshi will have the most trouble within the confines of larger towns and certainly in cities where she feels wary and nervous in such unnatural conditions.

As a healer, she can be quite fussy about cleanliness, and though some of her duties as a healer may involve copious amounts of blood and other nastiness having to do with sickness, she'll do all in her power to clean up afterward. As a peaceful individual, she abhors violence but is realistic enough to know it often comes as part of life -- especially in these new and unstable times. An important thing to remember -- it is utterly impossible for Ketoshi to raise a hand in violence against another even if her own life or those of others are being threatened. It's simply not in her nature to fight back.

Ketoshi has a special love for wide open spaces, especially the prairies, farmlands and long lonely hills like those surrounding her childhood home. She'll travel mostly by foot or hire herself on with a caravan as a way to move around the country. Ketoshi had never imagined herself as either adventurous or a traveler, but, she now wanders the roads and byways.


Ketoshi was born in an idyllic community. As was the custom there, she was raised by the community as a whole rather than by a single set of parents. Intellectual pursuits, attention to the land and horticulture were prized. From the time she could walk, Ketoshi has been working in the gardens or in the communal buildings, performing a set of assigned tasks in a loving, peaceful atmosphere. Conflict and ill feelings are almost unheard of here, and even outsiders were welcome and accepted. Gold or possessions mean little -- value is measured by one's skills, the effort with which they contribute to the community and a general evenness of temperament.

From an early age, Ketoshi showed a real aptitude for both the healing arts and the cultivation of healing plants. The villager's farms were renowned for their herbal gardens and produced much of the supply of medicines. Ketoshi was always happiest outdoors and began studying herbalism almost from the time she could toddle after her elders. Healing came sometime after once she was made aware she had a soothing and calm effect on others.

It was sometime in early adolescence that Denn began having dreams of a shining beautiful lady, a being who spoke to her of possibilities, of other lands and of duty to others. It became clear to her over time that it was what she thought was a local goddess , and on Cerrinea 's fifteenth birthday, the deity of the Holy Light presented Ketoshi with a choice -- become bonded and become more than herself, or refuse and be simply 'normal'. Wholly flattered and pleased at being singled out, Ketoshi accepted the offer with both humbleness and excitement and became Chosen. Only a few of the elders were made aware of this extraordinary occurrence -- secrecy was paramount to protect Ketoshi from evil zealots bent on murdering a god. For three more years, she continued her training but the curriculum was intensified and geared toward preparing her for the rigors of travel. Several times during the year, she was compelled by what she thought was a goddess to attend festivals and holy days at nearby temples, again incognito. It is sometimes quietly amusing to Ketoshi to wonder what the ordinary worshipers standing next to her would think if they realized they stood next to the embodiment of their beloved goddess.

During her eighteenth year, "the goddess" decided her bonded had enough training and they set out in the galaxy together. In the years since, Ketoshi has traveled much of the realm, helping where she can on an individual level, bestowing the goddess's blessings where it is earned and at the command of her. Some of the deity's edicts still mystify Ketoshi -- why one farmer should be blessed with twin lambs from every ewe while another is left with fallow fields and herds dying of a wasting sickness. Ketoshi has personally attended hundreds of births, easing the mother's labor and blessing the health of the newborn. While most feel something a little odd or 'off' or "just plain wrong" about Ketoshi. On the occasion which suspicions do arise, Ketoshi is quick to leave the area immediately.

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